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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PREVENTS

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Astrology, 365:death of the hindering factors and of all that prevents synthesis. Pluto, as it affects Gemini,Bethlehem, 226:have each to prove for himself. Frequently fear prevents us from being truthful and from facingDiscipleship1, 48:and the refusal to criticize, in no way prevents service to each other or constructive groupDiscipleship1, 97:it comes between the disciple and the Master and prevents contact with his co-disciples, thusDiscipleship1, 389:whom and what is this Presence? What is it that prevents contact with that Presence and hinders youDiscipleship1, 397:to go through their experiences together (which prevents the development of an unwholesome andDiscipleship1, 454:of an illumined mind. You ask me at times: "What prevents fuller light and understanding?" I reply:Discipleship1, 518:with clarity; this, as you may well surmise, prevents your being as spiritually useful to them asDiscipleship1, 634:years slip away, by initiation. Only one thing prevents your rapid integration into your trueDiscipleship1, 637:stated in January 1938 that "only one thing prevents your rapid integration into your true placeDiscipleship2, 8:these two lines. What is it therefore which prevents a disciple, as an individual, from havingDiscipleship2, 8:disciple as an intermediary? What is it that prevents you from having such direct relation toDiscipleship2, 231:may shatter the impasse which [231] at present prevents adequate funds pouring into the work whichDiscipleship2, 531:consciousness even when not imposed on others) prevents understanding, and he is so busy upholdingDiscipleship2, 638:of habit and of established character, and prevents the undertaking of any new spiritual adventure.Discipleship2, 725:service, that which engrosses your attention and prevents you from concentrating on the realitiesDiscipleship2, 754:speaking, to break through the wall which prevents the inner radiation extending into the outerExternalisation, 251:of this inevitable return. This loose thinking prevents much intelligent and cooperative work. IFire, 154:and is the basis of that separation which prevents the contact of any atom with any other atom,Fire, 840:aeons. They send forth breath. Something prevents the passage of the breath. They call for aid. OneFire, 1003:die owing to the incapacity of the man, which prevents him holding a meditation long enough, andGlamour, 37:science of the intelligence inherent in matter prevents oft the entrance of the true wisdom of theGlamour, 78:that phrase) a rich glamor is created which prevents Them ever reaching the disciple or hisGlamour, 218:tension and inaudibly: "The power of the light prevents the appearance of the glamor (Naming it).Glamour, 233:of dissipation. "The power of our united light prevents the appearance of the glamor of... (namingGlamour, 236:with tension inaudibly: "The power of the light prevents the appearance of the glamor (naming it).Glamour, 239:are uttered: "The power of our united light prevents the appearance of the glamor of... (namingHealing, 22:present. The world illusion and glamor, which prevents the average and ignorant man from seeingHealing, 315:more prone to heart trouble. A full active life prevents such a disease as cancer, but not always.Healing, 633:medicine. Surety of knowledge and experience prevents a similar attitude in the orthodox group,Hercules, 45:through its medium. All that at present prevents the glory, which is the soul, and the radianceHercules, 160:to be found that cloud of thought forms that prevents us from seeing it. We talk about spiritualMagic, 66:always that lack of calm in the daily life prevents the teachers on egoic levels from reaching you.Magic, 343:the form side, and slows down his vibration. It prevents achievement and his service to the worldMagic, 559:word to say and that is, persist. Failure never prevents success. Difficulties develop the strengthMagic, 626:builds towards future strength of character, and prevents the coming in of any new fears. TheyMeditation, 273:on egoic levels who are his own. This in no way prevents his being one with his Master and group,Patanjali, 66:that slothfulness of the entire lower man which prevents him from measuring up to the intellectualPatanjali, 131:holds a man upon the wheel of rebirth and which prevents him unfolding the true powers of the soul.Patanjali, 340:sutra. One refers to the veil or covering which prevents the illumination of the mind, and theRays, 29:limitation. [29] What is it, therefore, which prevents a disciple - as an individual - from havingRays, 195:and his physical brain. They are that which prevents brain registration of the world of causes andRays, 305:desire. The deliberate destruction of all that prevents contact with the soul. The destroying ofRays, 361:within the planetary life - as He knows it - prevents Him from registering this energy of pureRays, 752:first ray energy must work to destroy all that prevents integration and all that is hindering a
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