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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PREVISION

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Bethlehem, 54:intelligently considered; there is a moment of prevision, a foretelling of movement and activity,Bethlehem, 165:But this is accompanied by a presentiment or a prevision of the culmination of His life of serviceBethlehem, 166:The second phase of the test lay in His prevision as to His end. He knew He had to die, and He knewBethlehem, 166:upon the course assigned Him, although prevision of disaster was His. Not only had He toBethlehem, 209:must surely have been a part of [209] the prevision, as likewise the knowledge that the emphasisDestiny, 12:shape before your eyes in accordance with my prevision (as presented to your limited [13] vision)Destiny, 27:import. It takes us, moreover, into the realm of prevision. I would have you remember, at thisDestiny, 27:would have you remember, at this point, that no prevision is divorced entirely from the past butDestiny, 27:There are several ways in which such prevision can - during the next three centuries - be developedDestiny, 28:- The Influence of the Rays Today As to the prevision with which I shall deal, unorthodox as it mayDestiny, 31:the work upon which they are engaged that any prevision I may evidence will consistently deal. AllDestiny, 152:diversity of tongues. They had a touch of prevision, of prophetic insight, and foresaw a little ofDiscipleship1, XIV:and K.E.S. where the Tibetan shows definite prevision and the knowledge that both these men wouldDiscipleship1, 29:upon the possibilities which we, with our prevision, regard as already facts in manifestation.Discipleship1, 330:which has a definite bearing upon the Science of Prevision. It has been my wish to assign higherDiscipleship1, 433:suggesting and developing the innate faculty of prevision - a thing which you can easily do. ThisDiscipleship2, 324:That initiation concerns the future and involves prevision. That time is one of the majorDiscipleship2, 337:5. Initiation concerns the future and involves prevision. Again I must repeat myself and say thatDiscipleship2, 338:Why should the fact of being initiated involve prevision? That is the immediate question whichDiscipleship2, 339:of an eventual yet imminent cycle, i.e., prevision. [340] An acceptance of initiation or aDiscipleship2, 630:only worldly practical wisdom but also spiritual prevision. Your work in my Ashram must some day beEducation, 71:unfoldment. Modern ordinary astrology, with its prevision factor, its emphasis upon theExternalisation, 512:we understand better the significance of time in prevision, and of force in movement, and when weHealing, 70:and also with a developed sense of prevision, men are today adding the difficulties that belong toMagic, 198:no knowledge of the history of the past, nor any prevision as to the future. He has simply to takeMagic, 303:factor than the soul itself. b. The flashes of prevision emanating from the soul who is dwelling inMagic, 303:of the Knower is stabilized in the brain then prevision will carry with it no terror. The pictureMagic, 303:situations correctly and to the best advantage. Prevision seldom takes the form of forecastingMagic, 498:developed human beings we often find a sense of prevision as to the death period; this is incidentMagic, 532:to the throes of death but they lack memory and prevision, and possess not that mental apprehensionPatanjali, 68:Frequently these visions have a quality of prevision. These four types of vision are the cause ofPsychology1, 96:enter here into the realm of foretelling and of prevision to which many have an [97] objection onPsychology1, 104:psychologist, and this is the curious power of prevision, the ability to foresee and foretell withPsychology1, 104:evidence, and in the later substantiation of the prevision, it will begin to be seen that somePsychology1, 104:in the body is recognized and the laws of prevision are discovered, and when the power to foreseePsychology2, 559:Creativity. e. Divination. Foresight. Planning. Prevision. f. Healing through animal magnetism.Psychology2, 599:"wish-life" of the mystics to the true prevision as to the future of the race as found in thePsychology2, 662:thoughts within a given time. With care, with prevision, with forethought and with skill must theRays, 131:but realize it - with the entire phenomena of prevision. A registration of some aspect ofRays, 610:[610] immutability, inevitability and correct prevision; it is also the result of the liberation ofSoul, 137:conditions. Forms of clairvoyance, of prevision and of telepathic communication, clairaudientTelepathy, 69:in response to a Law of Imminence or of occult prevision which is almost unrecognizable and
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