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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRICE

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Astrology, 541:and will understand the implications and the price involved in a manner not hitherto possible.Autobiography, 91:have deceived and been disloyal. But we paid the price, for the great law which St. Paul statesAutobiography, 92:not do these things, because we did not like the price we paid - and pay we did. I think it isAutobiography, 130:were brought to watch me and then I paid the price of my good work and had to listen to commentsAutobiography, 155:a basic mistake for which I have since paid the price. Believing that they would be pleased and notAutobiography, 257:not go to the Master about them but pays the price and learns his lesson. He achieves success butBethlehem, 186:and if we are ready to do as He did - pay the price, and, passing through the gates of death,Bethlehem, 197:offended he must, in some form or other, pay a price. The germ of mind, even in infant humanity,Bethlehem, 197:by man against a brother, and who demanded a price for all that was given to man as a product ofBethlehem, 203:there is an inevitable penalty. We pay the price of ignorance every time, and thereby learn not toBethlehem, 203:rules; probably because we have often paid the price, and certainly because we care too much aboutBethlehem, 215:is, through experience) not to sin. We pay the price of our sins and mistakes, and cease to makeBethlehem, 216:soul's salvation, and the constant paying of the price which the ignorant pay for mistakes made andBethlehem, 266:by the things which He suffered." He paid the price, and revealed to us what God in man could beDestiny, 13:who had vision and a willingness to pay the price. Discipleship1, 486:success can sometimes be bought at too high a price and a special effort, leading to success whichDiscipleship1, 629:of the Full Moon of May, the Wesak Festival; no price is too high in order to gain the spiritualDiscipleship2, 189:Lords of Karma work, exacting from him the full price for all past misdeeds. This, in reality, isDiscipleship2, 521:one single question: Are you ready to pay the price which the taking of the next initiationExternalisation, 6:in touch with it deliberately, he pays the price of his ignorance or temerity in the physical body,Externalisation, 118:Only through pain, [118] error and consequent price-paying will this salutary stage be reached.Externalisation, 216:reasons of pride or unwillingness to pay the price. Many of them are group conscientious objectorsExternalisation, 233:benefits of a peace for which they have paid no price? It is the people who value peace above allExternalisation, 234:and for which they are ready to pay the ultimate price. Peace, when it comes, will be the result ofExternalisation, 235:and pacifist people are unwilling to pay any price for what they profess so much to cherish. AExternalisation, 240:vision. Men pray for peace but will not pay the price of peace. Calmly praying and leaving the workExternalisation, 243:upon the physical plane and to pay the required price and tender the demanded sacrifices areFire, 162:the action of the centers, but he will pay the price of ignorance in the destruction of matter, inFire, 539:of the Law and the ensuing suffering the price of ignorance is paid and knowledge is achieved. ThisGlamour, 75:will be judged as caustically and pay as high a price as does the pure materialist - the man whoseHealing, 19:He succumbs to them and pays the price of such habits, which is disease and death. These four typesHealing, 29:First, a man's past, wherein he pays the price of [30] ancient error. Second, his inheritance,Healing, 93:First, a man's past wherein he pays the price of ancient error. Second, his inheritance wherein heHealing, 133:first, a man's past, wherein he pays the price of ancient error; second, his inheritance, whereinHealing, 229:taking its toll and exacting its inexorable price. You might here ask how these early inhabitantsHealing, 264:the law is working, and the Jews are paying the price, factually and symbolically, for all theyHealing, 532:first, a man's past, wherein he pays the price of ancient error; second, his inheritance, whereinHealing, 543:first, a man's past, wherein he pays the price of ancient error; second, his inheritance, whereinHealing, 544:[544] A man's past, wherein he pays the price of ancient error. His inheritance, wherein he sharesHealing, 608:or unhealthy because it is paying the price of error. Good health is not necessarily dependent uponHercules, 38:of the working of the great law that we pay the price in our own natures of wrongly spoken wordsInitiation, viii:to make the increased effort and to pay the price which initiation demands, perhaps this book mayInitiation, 83:be equally greater. Inevitably he must pay the price before he is allowed to proceed further uponInitiation, 202:endeavor to reach the portal, and will pay the price in his body by the appearance of insanity, ofMagic, 174:which few would care to purchase at the price. Yet a door stands wide open to all who care to come,Magic, 351:and must be willing at any [351] cost to pay the price of knowledge. If proof is to be given to theMagic, 351:of nature, you will realize the need for the price paid. The spiritual unfoldment of the disciple'sMagic, 474:need be done. If otherwise, the paying of the price cannot be long delayed. The selfish words, sentMeditation, 104:exercises and similar practices; they pay the price of their rashness through the loss of theirMeditation, 108:may be the acquirement of virtue by paying the price of vice; it may be the attainment of businessMeditation, 137:and - foregoing all that might be His as the price of achievement - stays amid the fogs, theMeditation, 311:the furnace of endeavor and experiment, and the price paid will be high, but only that which isPatanjali, 149:in the adjusting of mistakes, the paying of the price of error. The settling of past obligationsProblems, 33:slowed up the process and humanity has paid the price. The day has now come when the practicalProblems, 38:of the world have paid and are paying the price of our wrongdoing. War has its roots in greed;Problems, 88:for which mankind is already paying a terrible price and which will bring humanity down in ruins ifProblems, 103:for endless persecutions and pay the price of restitution. The Jew has evoked and still evokesProblems, 176:a constant war; the man in the street pays the price and waits for justice and freedom. Psychology2, 35:result; it grips us and we feel that the price of holiness is too high. But, standing on the Way,Psychology2, 172:we strive to enter into light, let us count no price too great to pay for that revelation. We havePsychology2, 558:use if he so desires and is willing to pay the price; he recognizes another and wider sphere ofPsychology2, 597:time did He desire or seek their devotion. The price of this distortion of the truth has been paidPsychology2, 615:is the group victim and it is he who pays the price of any group weakness. The expression of theRays, 212:he shoulders the responsibility; he pays the price, either good or bad, or the karmic results ofRays, 272:is a necessary stage whereby humanity learns the price of self-interest. The personality mind. ThisRays, 626:have been assured. Germany has a bitter price to pay because her immaturity and childishRays, 674:is theirs. Today, desire for peace at any price, for adequate food, warmth and housing, for the
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