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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRIDE

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Astrology, 205:the tests of the lower critical mind which are: Pride, separativeness and cruelty. Remember thatAstrology, 206:Ambition - conditioning objectives. Category III Pride - which is intellectual satisfaction, makingAstrology, 215:with its longings, desires, ambitions and pride. In Pisces there is the death of all attachmentsAutobiography, 5:others, the same sins and weaknesses, the same pride and selfishness, the same aspiration andAutobiography, 56:come in and comfort me. But I stuck it out; my pride would not permit me to refuse to speak on theAutobiography, 109:them I was not happy and had made a mistake. My pride would not let me, but they undoubtedlyAutobiography, 115:me. I was, however, deeply humiliated and my pride was very sorely wounded. One morning a friendAutobiography, 120:or undesirable, and much that was left fed the pride and nationalism of the people. That whichAutobiography, 146:I'm not a bit proud. I have a reputation of pride but I think it is largely due to posture. I walkBethlehem, 3:to the intelligent men and women of today, who pride themselves on their reasoning powers and uponBethlehem, 119:His divine powers. The sin of the mind, which is pride, was called into activity by the devil inBethlehem, 241:because there is nothing else they can do. Their pride helps them to encounter the event. StillBethlehem, 255:of means, the glory of infinite enterprise, the pride of creativity and self-possession. The modernDestiny, 26:be - a focal point for hate, separation, fear, pride and other characteristics which feed the firesDestiny, 62:cruelty, the fervent idealism, the arrogant pride and the religious and mystical quality of theDestiny, 64:it is separate in effect and normally feeds pride in the individual and the nation; it runs counterDestiny, 82:a superior culture to any other race, the sure pride of the British which leads them to regardDiscipleship1, 26:he must speak and work as destined. This feeds a pride which has no foundation in fact. The glamorDiscipleship1, 27:of view is entirely right. This again feeds pride and tends to make the disciple believe himself toDiscipleship1, 27:of truth. It feeds fanaticism and spiritual pride. The glamor of desire with its reflex action uponDiscipleship1, 34:in the personality life is based usually on pride, on a fear of criticism, on terror of beingDiscipleship1, 47:dislike of your environing conditions, your hurt pride and qualities of this kind. These all causeDiscipleship1, 78:that my love for him was in reality based upon pride in myself and a profound satisfaction withDiscipleship1, 95:By that I mean that you are so afraid of pride and bombast and an over-estimation of yourDiscipleship1, 233:which is apt to bring with it the sense of pride of intellect. This latter you have mostDiscipleship1, 236:intention to waste my time or yours in feeding pride with flattery or in holding out to you aDiscipleship1, 242:in the ordinary sense of the word because your pride refuses to permit the usual form of jealousy.Discipleship1, 254:govern your life expression, if the ambition and pride of the first ray, and the fanaticism of theDiscipleship1, 289:your personality to rhythmic living hurts your pride. The more your soul grips you, the moreDiscipleship1, 300:with facility drove you behind this wall in hurt pride and resentment [301] that your brothersDiscipleship1, 331:lower nature in disgust, self-pity or hurt [331] pride. All this leads to loss of time and producesDiscipleship1, 372:away from you, your sense of isolation and of pride will dominate. The difficulty is enhanced forDiscipleship1, 373:love and devotion. The first you accept with pride and understanding; the second you reject withDiscipleship1, 373:and understanding; the second you reject with pride and no understanding. Before you can claim theDiscipleship1, 378:clearly held. I am not here referring to any pride, brother of mine, but to the absorbing,Discipleship1, 425:Five years ago you evidenced much spiritual pride; you had a strong sense of separateness, and aDiscipleship1, 426:what I say and let not any reaction to spiritual pride negate the import of my words. In my lastDiscipleship1, 427:by you) an emergence of the spiritual pride which you were so fast overcoming? Certain knowledgesDiscipleship1, 427:come to you from me might tend to foster that pride if exceeding watchfulness were not your majorDiscipleship1, 466:inexperienced, provided [466] that there is no pride and no desired selfishness, but only longingDiscipleship1, 471:out of the present experience is the inordinate pride of the Taurus individual, who is on the firstDiscipleship1, 503:could easily prove to you) is that the glamor of pride holds you in its grip, working out usuallyDiscipleship1, 504:crisis now upon it. Note, if you will, how this pride controls so much of your physical planeDiscipleship1, 504:this tendency in you. Here, in the overcoming of pride, lies your major life task and the crux ofDiscipleship1, 504:have the first indication that the glamor of pride is disappearing. I have confidence and trust inDiscipleship1, 562:warrants recognition. There is no false pride in knowing that one is a disciple. This I point outDiscipleship1, 626:One suffers from fear. The other from pride. You exact frankness, my brother, and give it in fullDiscipleship1, 744:the self-engrossed mind." It is a form of veiled pride which beginners find it difficult to avoid.Discipleship2, 92:or expected, but certain personality faults of pride, temper and an undisciplined nature must atDiscipleship2, 108:also point out to them the dangers of mental pride, detail to them their personality limitationsDiscipleship2, 235:because in so doing they satisfy their spiritual pride. You must learn to give a wider connotationDiscipleship2, 430:its appeal, but serves only to feed individual pride and the sense of personality achievement, itDiscipleship2, 514:be trapped and misled sometimes by personality pride; you love deeply and sincerely but are apt toDiscipleship2, 531:general effects. Ideals, as usually held, feed pride, lead to stubbornness, and engender a separateDiscipleship2, 536:the means of a breaking down of a wall of pride, and a conversation - and in that order. The threadDiscipleship2, 570:is sharp and glamor-producing) is not based on pride in fancied achievement but is more a fierceDiscipleship2, 601:in her personality attitudes and with her pride of race, heritage, ancient lineage and caste, withDiscipleship2, 621:out through pain, failure, suffering and hurt pride which will bring you to liberation and the endDiscipleship2, 696:is delusion. In your case, it is the delusion of pride - social pride - and of this you must ridDiscipleship2, 696:your case, it is the delusion of pride - social pride - and of this you must rid yourself. It isDiscipleship2, 696:thinking would soon show the futility of social pride. In the eyes of the Masters of the Wisdom,Discipleship2, 740:them with exactitude. There are certain forms of pride from which every one suffers more or less,Discipleship2, 740:heart is what you need. L.F.U. has a form of pride also and makes a fetish of his personal liberty,Discipleship2, 763:more intelligence and sounds out no call to pride. Few too dare trust themselves to see theirEducation, 38:that every other nation is secondary; it has fed pride and fostered the belief that he, his groupEducation, 45:discovered lands. Greed, ambition, cruelty and pride are the keynotes of our teaching of historyEducation, 130:position and situation, right or wrong; family pride, tradition, pedigree are over-emphasized,Externalisation, 63:or race, or by the materialism, aggression and pride of any particular nation. It is not basicallyExternalisation, 76:and directed hate, of separation, of fear and pride. With them we who are connected directly withExternalisation, 137:people. Intolerance and an intense national pride and self-satisfaction can blind men to the factsExternalisation, 173:been and many still are materialistic, full of pride and the desire to gain that which is not theirExternalisation, 196:interrelations unhandicapped by prejudice, by pride of race, or by instilled historicalExternalisation, 216:in the processes of adjustment, from reasons of pride or unwillingness to pay the price. Many ofExternalisation, 233:of nations, forgetting that fear and false pride will make this argument of importance to you. AreExternalisation, 244:following things: Eliminate prejudice, national pride, and religious antipathies out of yourExternalisation, 245:its crushing of all humanity, its emphasis upon pride of race and its cult of cruelty? Can you thenExternalisation, 372:has been exempt from this spirit of national pride and from a nationalistic, separative outlook.Externalisation, 695:thin and could easily be "rent in twain," if his pride would permit and if he would descend to aExternalisation, 700:the persecution of minorities, materialism and pride. The public inauguration of the system ofGlamour, 6:Many first ray people have the tendency to pride themselves on this and hide behind a plea that,Glamour, 20:of the present time, and has its roots in human pride and satisfaction. Maya is oft regarded asGlamour, 60:The sin, par excellence, of the mental type is pride, and that colors all activities in the earlyGlamour, 62:and is one of the first ways in which the mental pride of the disciple can be broken. It isGlamour, 80:world; study the failures of disciples through pride, the world savior complex, the serviceGlamour, 82:awaken and call forth criticism, separateness or pride, is of value. The qualities enumerated aboveGlamour, 84:the place or the duty of the man to criticize. Pride in achievement or satisfaction that one is aGlamour, 132:showing forth of the idea has been both the pride and the curse of the world. It is one of theGlamour, 145:error and to admit mistakes, and this the false pride of the mind will not permit. Again, I wouldGlamour, 223:with such satisfaction to the power of thought; pride in their mental competence is their besettingHealing, 230:upon monogamy; it has led to the western pride in family strains and pedigrees, our interest inHealing, 267:It will come by the relinquishment of pride of race and of the concept of selectivity; it will comeHercules, 15:and fine. He put it on, with triumph and with pride; exulting in his youth He had to prove himself,Hercules, 116:so inflated his ego that he stalked on ahead in pride and left the mares to Abderis, hisHercules, 144:represent the vices of the unillumined mind: pride, separativeness and cruelty. (See EsotericHercules, 148:power serves love and love glorifies power. Pride. The walls built by pride incarcerate a man moreHercules, 148:love glorifies power. Pride. The walls built by pride incarcerate a man more securely than prisonIntellect, 98:is a quality of the sensory apparatus, and pride that of the mind. The meditation process isIntellect, 247:in being patted on the back and having his pride and self-satisfaction fed in this manner, thenIntellect, 251:great Teacher is a puzzle. It probably feeds his pride - again quite unconsciously - to feel he isIntellect, 252:care to pick up mantles which are only a veil to pride; they are not interested in the good opinion
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