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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRIMARILY

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Fire, 843:solar Pitris from their point of view, is not primarily the evolution of man, but is the process ofFire, 854:descend into dense physical incarnation but work primarily on mental and astral levels, returningFire, 857:and of physical plane development. Its effect is primarily upon the atoms of the physical body andFire, 868:which I have rendered "fervent aspiration" means primarily "fire"; and in the Eastern teaching, itFire, 870:less important character, and they involve primarily the display (within the personal life of theFire, 899:to itself eventually all those Egos who attain primarily through the manipulation of the sixth typeFire, 916:originating therefrom, are the factors that primarily are responsible on the physical [917] planeFire, 945:man is the outcome of force of some kind - egoic primarily, but also [946] planetary, and evenFire, 986:in the three worlds, and he therefore works primarily on the astral and physical planes, only inFire, 987:throat center almost entirely, and manipulates primarily the forces of the physical sun. This isFire, 1019:which he may choose to work. All these concern primarily the will aspect, as far as the thoughtFire, 1032:I would here remind the student that we are primarily considering the force of the second aspect asFire, 1037:force out of seven possible and that it concerns primarily that group of adepts who are on thatFire, 1052:astrology concerns itself. This type of force is primarily concerned with planetary stimulation,Fire, 1091:that the stanzas and their Commentary deal primarily with our particular planetary Logos. This isFire, 1093:cycles of periodic manifestation are concerned primarily with the appearance, or the manifesting ofFire, 1140:in the department of the Manu, as it concerns primarily the initial stages of form building. ItFire, 1173:student that this Law of the Schools is primarily applicable to all units of divine life who haveFire, 1218:only apparent to pledged disciples. They concern primarily the astral and the mental planes, and,Fire, 1231:fragments found scattered through the pages, primarily centering his attention upon the followingFire, 1236:concerned ourselves in the other two sections primarily with effects, with the results producedFire, 1244:for the pairs of opposites; therefore they are primarily concerned with that which lies outside theFire, 1247:of cosmic unfoldments is one who has worked primarily upon the second ray path prior to the fifthFire, 1253:the psyche or the soul of manifestation and are primarily concerned with the subjective side ofFire, 1254:and spiritual hearing. The sense of touch has primarily to do with the objectivity of the denseFire, 1255:work that adepts on this path have to accomplish primarily is to make possible the manifestation ofFire, 1259:suggestion. The initiates who tread this way are primarily those of the fourth and the sixth order.Fire, 1262:to that of a compass upon a ship. They respond primarily to a basic vibration, not throughGlamour, 26:illusion and glamor. We found that: Illusion is primarily of a mental quality and wasGlamour, 35:the issue in the light of your soul: Do I suffer primarily from glamor or from illusion? Do I knowGlamour, 63:Through wrong Embodiment of Ideas. This refers primarily to the difficulties encountered by thoseGlamour, 69:and briefly, pointing out that it is not primarily the major problem of this group of aspirants butGlamour, 69:- along with the world aspirant, humanity - are primarily occupied with glamor. Those aspirants whoGlamour, 77:of sentiment. It is this pseudo-love, based primarily on a theory of love and service, whichGlamour, 77:around in the world of desire. This is primarily a glamor which affects sixth ray persons and isGlamour, 80:path of discipleship, in the academic sense) is primarily that of [81] glamor. That is the majorGlamour, 94:with care) that the cause of glamor is primarily based upon the sense of duality. If such a dualityGlamour, 107:are little more than active animals, governed primarily by the instincts, are apt to deal veryGlamour, 172:but it must be borne in mind that illusion is primarily concerned with the reaction of the mind toGlamour, 175:theme of this technique is, therefore, concerned primarily with: The process of revelation. ThisGlamour, 180:process of effective approach. It is the effort primarily to see in the light which the AngelGlamour, 199:by the world aspirants; it will, however, be primarily the work of those whose ray focus makesGlamour, 223:ray people suffer the least from glamor but are primarily the victims of illusion, and for them theGlamour, 256:and hold the due to needed work. This science is primarily and fundamentally concerned with ideasHealing, 6:the effects are discernible. I am not interested primarily in training individuals in order to makeHealing, 24:diseases which have fastened upon the race, work primarily through the etheric body and find theirHealing, 31:of undernourishment. The last named cause is primarily an evil of civilization; it is the result ofHealing, 31:out, these latter causes of disease are not primarily the result of inner subtle forces, but areHealing, 38:bodies of the masses of humanity are governed primarily and swept into activity through the actionHealing, 53:A positive analysis of the personality forces, primarily of the astral force as that is theHealing, 54:from that plane whereon a man's consciousness is primarily centered. To the above statements shouldHealing, 56:can be a most dangerous thing. I seek to deal primarily with causes, with the inner sources ofHealing, 57:and would emphasize to you the fact that disease primarily is an effort on the part of the naturalHealing, 57:subjective inhibitions and hidden retentions. Primarily, from the point of view of esotericism, allHealing, 59:this in due time produced other evils. Cancer is primarily a disease of inhibition, just as theHealing, 86:are: That of the etheric body, which works primarily through its seven major centers but alsoHealing, 86:That of the endocrine system, which works primarily through the seven major glandular groups, butHealing, 88:body. Their origin is not basically mental but primarily due to the fact that the mental body isHealing, 91:they are not of mental origin at all, but primarily are the result of emotionalism entering in.Healing, 107:work here. The activity aspect, which manifests primarily through the organs of assimilation andHealing, 107:Up to date it has been the transmitter primarily of astral energy to the physical body. This is nowHealing, 114:the plane upon which the man's consciousness is primarily focused. [115] The five major types ofHealing, 116:can suffer (which are unique and confined primarily to advanced humanity) will be the result ofHealing, 121:into that of the soul. They [121] are primarily related to energy, its inflow, its assimilation orHealing, 130:are of a most general kind but do affect primarily second and sixth ray disciples. The one becauseHealing, 130:of all the centers, and the other because it is primarily the ray of tension - a tension which canHealing, 133:exterior contacts and relations. The reaction is primarily physical but the effects are largelyHealing, 139:to respond fully to personality force, focused primarily at the middle point, the solar plexus, andHealing, 176:The symbolism of the sacral center is concerned primarily with the gestation period prior to birth,Healing, 196:consequently the network of nerves, are related primarily to two aspects of man's physicalHealing, 201:Causes of Disease The spinal column is primarily intended to be the channel through which theHealing, 243:this nature induced by the planet itself, is due primarily, therefore, to an external impact ofHealing, 281:body in health and disease which will deal primarily with the etheric body. This should eventuallyHealing, 296:energy to the appropriate effect, dealing primarily then with the task of negating the cause by theHealing, 300:for selfish and personal ends and manifests primarily upon the sixth or astral plane. As a resultHealing, 302:He swept aside the great dualities and saw primarily the field of multiplicity. He producedHealing, 302:the activity of this energy which demonstrates primarily upon the fifth or mental plane will beHealing, 311:if I might put it so inadequately, arthritis is primarily more objective than diabetes, being theHealing, 319:of death is in order and must be worked out. Primarily, however, the will-to-die of the patient isHealing, 324:disease is being handled by modern medicine primarily in three ways: through the science ofHealing, 328:energies. If the energy in which an individual primarily lives and moves and has the focus of hisHealing, 355:expression. However, when the group members are primarily occupied with their own ideas, theirHealing, 367:and neurasthenic hallucinations have to be cured primarily through individual self-effort, throughHealing, 388:he will regard as successful treatment, but it primarily concerns the effect of the healing groupHealing, 395:plane as a point of radiant light. This concerns primarily the human soul. The Processes ofHealing, 401:thought and also by a few of the intelligentsia, primarily those of egoistic tendency. It positsHealing, 410:of itself which we call the human soul. It is primarily the work of the over-shadowing soul whichHealing, 425:which He manifests. The human fear of death is primarily caused because the orientation of theHealing, 428:in A Treatise on White Magic, focusing therein primarily upon the physical processes of dying andHealing, 442:consciousness. Clinging to form life, because primarily identified with it in consciousness. OldHealing, 466:can be seen as a dual activity and one which primarily concerns the etheric body. There is first ofHealing, 474:as a result of the two previous stages, but primarily as the result of an activity hithertoHealing, 507:Christ making "out of two, one new man." It is primarily the phase of the final stages of theHealing, 522:possible in the first solar system. They are primarily the laws inherent in the life aspect of theHealing, 548:than that. I am concerned [548] with causes, and primarily with the etheric body as the distributorHealing, 554:profound weakness, the healer will have to work primarily as soul with soul, and trust that theHealing, 557:man. It is for this that we must prepare - not primarily for the healing of the physical body, butHealing, 566:source of disease, "the Good," is one that primarily affects the mental types. The Beautiful. HereHealing, 568:and conclusions among the orthodox. It affects primarily the bony structure and is in reality theHealing, 578:physical, athletic control - muscular control primarily) were strictly emphasized. This achieved,
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