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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRIMARY

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Psychology1, 168:seven rays, and this may be spoken of as a man's primary ray. It will be remembered that the firstPsychology1, 169:the one modifies the other, the former being the primary (called by Mrs. Besant the monadic ray),Psychology1, 169:the entity has become the reincarnating ego, the primary ray becomes and remains the dominantPsychology1, 169:and probably all of us - whatever our primary or individual rays - have passed lifetimes again andPsychology1, 173:establishing of a state of mind which was the primary objective, and not the establishing of somePsychology1, 390:septenates of nature, having their roots in the primary septenate of rays, can be dealt with underPsychology2, 217:somewhat elaborate them: The first aim and the primary aim is to establish, through the medium ofPsychology2, 245:it all the seven elements which constitute the primary differentiation to which the One Life, asPsychology2, 249:forms. True creative art is a soul function; the primary task, therefore, of the artist isPsychology2, 251:to weave the web of life is indicative of this primary differentiation of the One into the two, andPsychology2, 327:this Treatise with which we are now engaged, our primary aim is to point out the effect upon thePsychology2, 555:for the awakening of the centers are many. The primary one is the force of evolution itself, plusRays, 31:astral, or emotional body. It [31] is one of the primary and most elementary of the initialRays, 150:capable at any moment of being absorbed into the primary Ashram. The perfect or complete group isRays, 306:of death. But the death of that form was not a primary objective and was not even considered,Rays, 362:this relation is secondary to the Master Whose primary preoccupation is the unfoldment of theRays, 387:which is the essential and - at this time - the primary quality of the Lord of the World, SanatRays, 459:working involves not only soul contact as its primary objective (for that has to some measure beenRays, 615:This over-shadowing or influencing will be His primary work upon the mental plane. This willRays, 660:ability of the planetary Logos to carry out His primary intention and bring His "project" to aSoul, 52:individual, are glands and glandular functions primary causes, or are they merely effects orSoul, 66:terms: "It seems plain that the need of a primary intelligent and coordinative creative medium suchTelepathy, 96:warranting careful consideration. They involve a primary recognition of points of tension and theirTelepathy, 126:that for which humanity stands is probably the primary and major aspect of the divine purpose.Telepathy, 128:subhuman kingdoms in nature; that is humanity's primary responsibility. This work of relationship
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