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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRIMITIVE

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Astrology, 474:to liberation, from the stage of primitive man to the emergence upon the stage of world affairs ofAstrology, 635:astrolatry for the profane. (S.D. Vol. III, 337) Primitive astrology is as far above modernAtom, 38:every atom is possessed by a certain amount of primitive intelligence. Look at the thousands ofAutobiography, 154:the Theosophists call it. In the early days of primitive man, men were the victims of the animalBethlehem, 113:as unquestioned truth. The psychology of the primitive compels him to regard things in this wayBethlehem, 113:still operative, is the normal psychology of the primitive, a state of 'natural somnambulism' withBethlehem, 138:produced an acute problem for the world. The primitive and the transcendental; the outer consciousBethlehem, 182:the qualities for which each sign stood. Even primitive man, unevolved and ignorant, was aware ofBethlehem, 187:that "...modern thought does not clash with primitive Christian ideas; but in regard to theBethlehem, 205:sacrifice of worldly goods upon the altar, for primitive man seemed to feel that by making anDiscipleship2, 292:of the curious creature which antedated the most primitive animal man. Things unknown can now beDiscipleship2, 303:to their slow-moving brains absolutely nothing. Primitive man had not the mechanism wherebyEducation, xii:Knowledge. The Evolution of Value Systems from Primitive Culture to Modern Industrial Civilization.Externalisation, 409:man appeared on Earth. Aeons passed away whilst primitive man continued to evolve, and then theFire, 147:spheres. 65 "The Hindus place their seven primitive Rishis in the Great Bear. The prototypes or theFire, 479:might be tabulated as follows: The life takes primitive form. The form is subjected to outer heat.Fire, 734:astral and mental, reducing the form to its primitive substance, and dissipating its atomicGlamour, 134:the race in its child state, in its primitive condition. Then, under the wise guidance and theGlamour, 185:of the ages which has led men from the primitive state of human existence to the complex state ofHealing, 139:for control and use. The objective before the primitive or undeveloped man (again unconsciouslyHealing, 227:beautiful idea in the minds of the ignorant that primitive races are free from that type ofHealing, 228:other schemes and spheres to aid animal-man and primitive humanity. Healing, 231:response to animal physical urges and to the primitive instincts, but was directed to objects andHealing, 290:these stages: Elementary group karma - of the primitive man, Individual karma of the self-consciousHealing, 578:hierarchical effort in those days was to teach primitive man the uses and purpose of the physicalHealing, 579:began slowly to show itself. The early and the primitive Lemurian was not in the least magnetic asHercules, 45:the standpoint of the esotericist, and among primitive agricultural peoples, been regarded as theHercules, 217:which is not from 'zoon' 'to live', but from a primitive root, through the Hebrew 'sodi', which inMagic, 326:from the fetishism and degraded idol worship of primitive man we have built up a structure of truthMagic, 393:selfish. Let it not be forgotten that the primitive step on the way to selfhood of necessity isProblems, 5:of the distinction obviously existing between primitive men and our modern intelligent humanity lieProblems, 5:of men. The slow and restricted movements of the primitive races of mankind have given place to theProblems, 5:of the present nations; the various modes of primitive communication by means of drums or bonfiresProblems, 105:countless tribes, living in a state of nature, primitive, warlike, totally uneducated from theProblems, 107:ranging all the way from nature worship and a primitive animism to a deep occult knowledge and anProblems, 107:has lifted the Negroes of Africa out of their primitive state into a more modern one; education andPsychology1, 29:"group-consciousness" would carry, for early primitive man, no significance whatsoever, and wouldPsychology1, 101:difficult to recognize homo sapiens in the early primitive races of the far distant past. ThisPsychology2, 255:forward from the densest point of concrete, primitive life into the 'world of sensitive perception.Psychology2, 286:coordinating and becoming aware of both these primitive urges and impulses, plus the sentient andPsychology2, 336:as far removed in effectiveness from those of primitive man as are the vehicles of the averagePsychology2, 336:but in which he finds himself. This is the primitive and so-called savage state of consciousnessPsychology2, 336:us today, in a distant racial history. This primitive stage saw the birth of that religiousPsychology2, 336:we give the name of animism. That of a vital, primitive being into that state of consciousnessPsychology2, 584:lower forms are constituted; it can attract the primitive substance of a low grade which can beRays, 364:of the organs of sensory perception in primitive man or in the awakening infant are just as surelyRays, 369:status (when compared with primordial and primitive man) can be seen in the quality of theRays, 380:such as we now know it, but only something so primitive that it is well-nigh impossible for you toRays, 381:as is now the case. Their task was to bring the primitive intelligence of humanity to the pointRays, 384:sequentially into being as the invocation of primitive man reached such a point of intensity ofRays, 431:These form a triangle, practically unrelated in primitive man, occasionally related in average man,Rays, 559:know it and as it expresses the emergence from primitive and primeval times - does not exist. FromRays, 559:but unknown cycles of human living wherein primitive man roamed the earth; or positing sometimesRays, 704:develops. This is true of all men from the most primitive to the advanced initiate, the differenceRays, 710:Deity which has driven man forward from the most primitive experiences and physical adventures toSoul, 80:We have already stressed the fact that in all primitive cultures the 'soul' is by no meansSoul, 80:reservation. As a matter of fact, what primitive man understands by 'soul' is what we today call
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