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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRIMORDIAL

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Astrology, 218:which resulted in the fall of the angels in primordial times. This sixth ray influence coming fromAstrology, 637:following five statements are basic Each of the Primordial Seven, the first seven rays, forming theAstrology, 652:The seven Kumaras. The seven solar Deities. The primordial Seven. The seven Builders. The sevenAtom, 37:where the Oriental school has always put it, to primordial stuff, to that which the OrientalistAtom, 37:stuff, to that which the Orientalist calls "primordial ether," though we must ever remember thatAtom, 37:ether of science is many, many removes from the primordial ether of the Oriental occultist. We areAtom, 78:or elements, but with the concept of a primordial substance, and endeavoring to get back as far asAtom, 84:of all these earlier developments. First, the primordial stuff, essentially intelligent energy;Fire, 38:of the solar system, which are the fires of the primordial ray of active intelligent matter; theseFire, 41:Ray Aspect Expression Law Quality 1. Internal Primordial Intelligent Activity Rotary motion EconomyFire, 41:be found at the heart of all.8 Footnote 8: The Primordial is the Ray and the direct emanation ofFire, 42/43:three factors (active heat, latent heat and the primordial substance which they animate) is knownFire, 44:It is the essence of ether (S. D., I, 366) It is primordial ether (S D., I, 585) It is the thirdFire, 44:cosmic substance 1. Astral Light. 2. Primordial ether 2. Sea of fire. 3. Primordial electric entityFire, 44:Light. 2. Primordial ether 2. Sea of fire. 3. Primordial electric entity 3. Electricity. 4. AkashaFire, 44:that electricity is the manifested effect of the primordial ray of active intelligence. It would beFire, 45:or period of this solar system. [45] When the primordial ray of intelligent activity, the divineFire, 69:Fohat, or electricity, is an Entity. He is the primordial electric Entity S. D., 1, 105. He is WillFire, 69:These seven are the seven differentiations of primordial electric energy. Plane. As used inFire, 73:Here we are dealing with what H.P.B calls the primordial ray and its manifestations in matter (seeFire, 73:I, 108; II, 596). All these Rays of Cosmic Mind, Primordial Activity, and Divine Love-Wisdom areFire, 73:through the agency of some one factor. The Primordial Ray is the quality of motion, demonstratingFire, 75:interaction of the two rays, the Divine and the Primordial, producing thereby that fire by frictionFire, 83:This is one of the threefold divisions of the Primordial Ray of active intelligence. Each of theFire, 118:called when undifferentiated mulaprakriti or primordial pregenetic substance, and whenFire, 131:of the atoms of the etheric body into their primordial condition. The subjective life, theFire, 141:prime characteristic and basic quality of the Primordial Ray of Active Intelligence. To express itFire, 146:through the matter of the forms, (the Primordial Ray and the Divine Ray), and we know it as thatFire, 146:the blending of the Divine Ray of Wisdom and the Primordial Ray of intelligent matter forms theFire, 207:- S. D., I, 114; I, 228; II, 92, 257. The primordial seven - S. D., I, 116. The seven Builders - S.Fire, 227:is seen in place of passivity, and the two primordial factors are no longer neutral to each other,Fire, 237:and his seven Brothers are the totality of the Primordial Ray. - S. D., I, 100, 108, 155. Matter isFire, 237:I, 100, 108, 155. Matter is fecundated by the Primordial Ray of Intelligence. This is the animaFire, 237:is the anima mundi, the soul of the world. The Primordial Ray is the vehicle for the Divine Ray ofFire, 273:Manasaputras, the Prajapatis, the Kumaras, the Primordial Seven, the Rudras, the Heavenly Men, theFire, 449:of the present solar system is analogous to the primordial substance which lies back of our presentFire, 475:solvent which will reduce matter to its primordial substance, release energy, and thus reveal theFire, 475:enable the seeker to build for himself (from the primordial base) the desired forms. The mind ofFire, 477:and the gathering of the residue back to primordial stuff. He who ponders these formulas and whoFire, 513:with form, or as H. P. B. expresses it 'The primordial Ray becomes the Vahan for the Divine Ray.'Fire, 527:of the permanent atom of man the microcosm: "The primordial ray is the vehicle of the divine Ray."Fire, 538:of the Holy Twelve. - The Old Commentary. The Primordial is the Ray and the direct emanation of theFire, 626:highest three planes. Divine 1st Cosmic ether Primordial Fire Mental Plane Fire. Monadic 2nd CosmicFire, 721:it in such a way that in the third system, primordial substance will demonstrate a second quality.Fire, 1042:system atoms and souls are synonymous terms. The Primordial Ray plus the Divine Ray of Wisdom. InFire, 1042:probably synonymous terms. It resulted in the Primordial Ray of active intelligent matter, theFire, 1042:factor, pure spirit may be synonymous terms. The Primordial Ray and The Divine Ray plus the thirdFire, 1048:of evolution, and not the matter aspect. "The Primordial Ray is only the vehicle of the DivineFire, 1195:there is no resemblance. The "Rays" are but the primordial forms of certain Lives who "carry inHealing, 292:demonstrates in those streams of energy and of primordial substance which pour into and through theHealing, 292:and the elemental essences of all forms. This primordial karma (if I may so call it) isHealing, 420:of the atoms of the etheric body into their primordial condition. The subjective life, theInitiation, 218:man from the animals. Fohat Cosmic electricity; primordial light; the ever-present electricalMeditation, 353:man from the animals. Fohat Cosmic electricity; primordial light; the ever-present electricalPatanjali, 107:the life of God as it is found in the ultimate primordial atom, or expand his realization until hePatanjali, 281:in time and space of the one eternal primordial spirit-essence. It may [282] be suggested that thePatanjali, 333:the breath (pneuma or spirit) impinging upon primordial substance and setting up a pulsation, aPatanjali, 337:of the akasha, the first differentiation of the primordial stuff, so all these distinctions ofPatanjali, 355:and is sometimes called the root of all, primordial substance, and root matter. Rama Prasad in hisPsychology2, 381:also that we are here dealing with the primordial duality of spirit and matter and not with theRays, 369:and its evolutionary status (when compared with primordial and primitive man) can be seen in theRays, 769:the work is done, and naught is left save Flame primordial. That Flame absorbs, revolves, receives,Soul, 100:activity which are ultimately reducible to the Primordial Shakti (Adya Shakti) whence every otherSoul, 108:Aniruddha, 'is in direct connection with the primordial principle of the Universe, and inSoul, 154:immediate data of consciousness, a perception so primordial that, compared with it, the
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