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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRINCIPAL

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Astrology, 262:give birth to the Christ child. There are three principal signs connected with the Christ principleAtom, 13:fall into three main groups, and that three principal solutions are held out for the considerationBethlehem, 169:the light which Christ can throw upon them. The principal difficulty has been that our intellectualDiscipleship1, 279:and your intense love of beauty have been the principal training elements in your life. Oft youDiscipleship2, 185:approached and correctly employed. One of the principal tasks of the combined Hierarchy is theFire, 326:of men are made. The fourth ether is largely the principal sphere of influence of the "devas of theFire, 352:manipulates electrical force through three principal vehicles or globes in atmic, buddhic, andFire, 519:are found the seven Heavenly Men, Who are His principal centers of force. There are others, but weFire, 604:I may observe in passing, constitute the three principal deities spoken of in the Veda, namely,Fire, 605:His fifth major Initiation. The 5th chain - Principal evolution - fire devas. The 5th Hierarchy -Fire, 617:It is these seven groups that form the principal divisions of the Dwellers of the subjective worldFire, 662:no principle. The astral plane is man's principal battleground and the area of his most intenseFire, 676:man and the Logos, we will briefly enumerate the principal groups of Agnisuryans on the systemicFire, 924:group of transmitters are responsible for three principal results, and are active along three mainFire, 1244:group) responsible for the vitalization of the principal units in any of these organizations doingHealing, 326:Answered On the Vital Body "What are the principal factors that can be complied with in order toHealing, 326:but have little resistance to fatigue. The principal factors in re-establishing or making a betterHercules, 85:"Jesus gives to Peter ... the keys to the two principal gates of the zodiac, which are the twoInitiation, 107:through the medium of the Buddha. To hold the principal of the quarterly conferences. To admit toInitiation, 189:fivefold, so in the above we have enumerated the principal five Paths from which a Master has toMagic, 372:you arrive at the realization that one of the principal objects of endeavor at the present time onMeditation, 14:are six in number, if we deal only with the principal ones. They are as follows: [15] The Ray ofMeditation, 243:ordinary topics of conversation? What are his principal interests? What literature does he study?Meditation, 336:bodies, especially just now of the etheric. The principal use the sun has is the vitalizing of thePatanjali, 120:and thus cultivate his discrimination. The principal yogas are three in number, the various otherProblems, 119:and the evocation of this attitude which is the principal work of the men of goodwill and not thePsychology2, 197:of the New Group of World Servers, which is the principal group at this time definitely workingRays, 231:adjustments within the Hierarchy itself. The principal type of energy hitherto used by theSoul, 109:from the metaphysical point of view, it is the principal and unconditioned 'Self.' It is,Soul, 112:of life and corresponds truly with the principal vital activity, it must by no means be concluded
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