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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRINCIPALLY

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Astrology, 65:combination and it is with these that I shall principally deal. That is why the three charts hereAtom, 54:seek to lay the emphasis in our future talks principally upon what we might call the psychicalAtom, 105:that cycle in which the man is principally concerned with his own affairs, with that whichAtom, 127:that which is bad and coarse, and are cognizant principally of our brother's faults. We areDiscipleship1, 223:Again I would ask you to watch your health but principally - in these days of strain and ofDiscipleship2, 312:to the intelligentsia with whom all initiates principally work. I wanted to make this clear becauseDiscipleship2, 483:every aspect of your being. The disciple teaches principally by what he is and by giving all ofDiscipleship2, 692:were emotionally aroused and which were related principally to the people and the relatives withExternalisation, 84:material values and mental ideas. They are not principally occupied with the more subtle values,Fire, 61:prana and to planetary prana. This demonstrates principally in the health aura and has naught to doFire, 96:of the human radiation, they transmit it principally to the animal kingdom, thus demonstrating theFire, 98:body, via certain centers which are found principally in the upper part of the body, from whenceFire, 163:subject is not only vast but abstruse. This is principally owing to the fact that until the race isFire, 243:fundamental aspects of manifestation, viewed principally from the subjective or psychic angle. Fire, 485:A Master transmutes in the three worlds and principally concerns Himself with the process upon theFire, 498:has (during the past three root races) been principally applied to the understanding of objectiveFire, 569:the egoic body. The Law of Fixation demonstrates principally on the mental plane and has a closeFire, 585:fifth subplane of each plane, which is governed principally by the fifth Ray. All pass [586] thenFire, 635:groups of devas at present we will view them principally in their work as systemic and planetaryFire, 804:certain atoms and groups of atoms in His body, principally those composing the human and animalFire, 912:of this period of recognition, men will principally contact the violet devas, for those of theFire, 912:are of high development, and will be contacted principally along the lines of magnetization. TheFire, 918:the lower three planes. It has dealt principally with the Mother, with the negative receptiveFire, 976:in the thought form, it has to be energized principally by mob energy. When the higher substanceFire, 1003:achieve their ends through mental ability, but principally through a parrot-like capacity to repeatHealing, 26:it may be located basically, and in what body it principally arises and lies. Know where theHealing, 59:nevertheless a disease which has been generated principally in our Aryan race, and one which we areHealing, 107:related. The nervous system is controlled principally today from the astral body, via the etheric,Healing, 107:system of the physical body is controlled principally from the etheric body. When you have anHealing, 133:therefore this fourth group upon which I shall principally enlarge, dealing with the diseases ofHealing, 249:It must be apparent to you by now that I am principally concerned with indicating factors which areHealing, 384:must realize, and with which they must cope, principally along mental lines. These requirementsHealing, 546:the antahkarana and the constitution of man, principally from the angle of the "three periodicalInitiation, 64:the man is on the Probationary Path he is taught principally to know himself, to ascertain hisInitiation, 84:After this initiation the initiate is taught principally the facts of the astral plane; he has toInitiation, 158:of the three worlds, concern themselves principally with the seven syllables of the Word of theirMagic, 112:body" - you really mean a man whose ego works principally through that vehicle. Polarity indicatesMagic, 529:and away from the phenomenal world. They are principally occupied with the finding of the centerMeditation, 42:the Form in meditation (whether meditation based principally on the egoic ray or on the personalityMeditation, 46:schools for your edification, but I seek now principally to generalize. [47] Meditation, 103:us take up for a moment the three dangers that principally beset the physical vehicles. I wouldMeditation, 103:Dangers to the Physical Brain The brain suffers principally in two ways: From congestion, causing aMeditation, 125:It attacks women and men equally; it principally shows itself in childhood and is difficult toMeditation, 126:Dark Brothers as aforesaid, who avail themselves principally of the third and fourth cases alreadyMeditation, 178:used first as in the case of calling elementals. Principally for the following reason. The mantramsMeditation, 243:lines of thought? By what thought-forms is he principally surrounded? What is the predominant hueMeditation, 276:during this period works with his disciple principally: At night, when he is out of the physicalMeditation, 302:The Himalayan School and Lodge is the one that principally concerns the occident and the onlyMeditation, 332:of the race changes. Men are polarized now principally in their emotional bodies, - the feelings,Meditation, 337:that of the physical body. The method consists principally of living in the sunlight, in protectionPsychology1, 323:In this there is really good motive, but principally the man is governed by a desire for comfort -Psychology2, 595:and the brain, as well as difficulties connected principally with the pituitary body. I could giveRays, 156:and upon the Path of Discipleship. We are principally concerned at this point with the
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