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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRINCIPLE

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Externalisation, 378:starts. Their demand is for a new governing principle in politics and in education, founded onExternalisation, 408:behind some new political ideology, or the principle of some scientific discovery of importance toExternalisation, 410:Buddha came embodying in Himself a great divine principle or quality. He was the Conveyor ofExternalisation, 411:He embodied in Himself a still greater divine principle or aspect, that of Love, whilst at the sameExternalisation, 412:the first result of the activity of the Christ Principle in the life of the individual. PersonalityExternalisation, 429:of humanity, but it is a fundamental, divine principle; and where principles are involved theExternalisation, 429:knows no compromise. There is no spiritual principle behind any of the activities of the AxisExternalisation, 432:with the ability of the mind, or of the mind principle, to react to truth or to lies; the mysteryExternalisation, 438:individualization of animal-man when the mind principle was implanted. This was the birth hour ofExternalisation, 473:was permitted to embody for us the great cosmic principle of love; He thus revealed to us, for theExternalisation, 494:owing to his selfishness and his misuse of the principle of free will. We made all preparations toExternalisation, 504:of group purpose. The work of pouring out the principle of love (which is the Christ principle) andExternalisation, 504:out the principle of love (which is the Christ principle) and of lifting the masses in theirExternalisation, 504:where they can understand and welcome that love-principle is the main work of the new age, and itExternalisation, 510:His disciples when the outpouring of the Christ principle, the true second Coming, has beenExternalisation, 537:recognize. The temporary quiescence of the love principle, as the Hierarchy waited for the resultsExternalisation, 538:developed. The task of pouring out the Love principle in a new and dynamic manner is being carriedExternalisation, 577:that of the Master M. He is the custodian of the principle of synthesis, the work of which is thatExternalisation, 580:ready for an all-over financial adjustment; the "principle of sharing" will be a recognizedExternalisation, 580:prevalent, and this to the following extent: The principle of barter and of exchange (to theExternalisation, 581:esoterically as evil because it embodies the principle of imprisonment and has, for untold aeons,Externalisation, 616:a measure of peace has been restored, when the principle of sharing is at least in process ofExternalisation, 636:told you, the Hierarchy - because of the divine principle of free will in humanity - cannotExternalisation, 636:the Hierarchy took sides against this primary principle of evil, though never against any group ofExternalisation, 637:is inflexibly against any demonstration of the principle of non-freedom, no matter what form itExternalisation, 641:and expansion must be undertaken. You have the principle of goodwill present throughout the world;Externalisation, 665:successful in preparing the intellectual principle of the masses for eventual right recognition ofExternalisation, 666:The time has come when the first and major principle governing true esotericism must be grasped asExternalisation, 673:of the creative Intelligence, embodying the principle of life or livingness because theyExternalisation, 673:in action. Forget not that dense matter is not a principle; it is only that which is responsive toExternalisation, 673:is only that which is responsive to the creative principle. When, however, the externalization ofExternalisation, 699:and have raised families) and demonstrate the principle which underlies the perpetuation of theFire, xviii:aided. I. There is one Boundless Immutable Principle; one Absolute Reality which antecedes allFire, 15:form, rosy the light, and sevenfold the eternal principle. [16] From out the greater Wheel, downFire, 38:the fires of the mental bodies and the animating principle of the evolving units of the human raceFire, 44:of the logoic quaternary, plus the logoic fifth principle, cosmic mind. The divine spark does notFire, 47:by self-engendered fire, or by the fifth principle, and therefore part of the sphere, or system ofFire, 69:see that the Higher Manas is the most important principle or the central pivot of the humanFire, 69:may be objected that Atma represents the seventh principle of the theosophical septenary and thatFire, 69:scale. But the plain answer is that the seventh principle is the ultimate state attainable by theFire, 81:expressed it. 35, 36 34 "Prana, or the vital principle, is the special relation of the Atma with aFire, 116:in Heaven via the ego, the mediating middle principle. Upon it are found those focal points ofFire, 119:Parabrahmic root, the abstract deific feminine principle - undifferentiated substance. Akasha.Fire, 121:liquid and gaseous - is not recognized as a principle, so in the cosmic sense the physical (dense)Fire, 122:cosmic ether. This will not be then counted as a principle any more than the threefold lowerFire, 122:body of present day man is recognized as a principle. The present solar system will see theFire, 143:Logos, Vishnu, the divine Wisdom Ray, the great principle of Buddhi seeking to blend with theFire, 143:principle of Buddhi seeking to blend with the principle of Intelligence, is characterized by Love.Fire, 146:in time and space. He is the animating principle; the will-to-live aspect of the seven Hierarchies.Fire, 148:stand for Spirit, [148] for quality, for principle, and not so primarily for matter, althoughFire, 178:any more than the dense physical is counted a principle. Therefore we have: Two triangles broughtFire, 198:These are the Sons of Mind, the individual principle in man, the Ego, the solar Angel, in his ownFire, 200:adequacy. Smell - Perfected Knowledge. The principle of manas in its discriminating activity,Fire, 218:hidden in [218] the pentagon, in the fifth principle of mind, and in the five planes of humanFire, 225:the mind aspect and why is the manasic or mental principle of such importance? Who are theFire, 227:is not, and life, demonstrating as an actual principle, is not. There is Spirit-substance but in aFire, 234:Cosmically considered, the Son is developing the principle of a greater cosmic Being, thatFire, 234:the principle of a greater cosmic Being, that principle which we call love-wisdom. That is theFire, 234:therefore, embodies predominantly a subsidiary principle of the fundamental one. In like manner HeFire, 235:primary coloring, dependent upon the fundamental principle embodied by the Heavenly Man, Who is hisFire, 235:seven sacred planets each embodying a: Cosmic principle, in six differentiations by method of:Fire, 237:and in his strenuous endeavor to account for the principle of life that is seen ever to evade hisFire, 238:(S. D., I, 42-44.), The Boundless Immutable Principle and The periodicity of the Universe. TheFire, 241:in him. He is the best expression of the manasic principle and might be considered, from one veryFire, 245:The first solar system - embodied - the "I am" principle, The second solar system - is embodying -Fire, 245:solar system - is embodying - the "I am that" principle. The third solar system - will embody - theFire, 245:system - will embody - the "I am that I am" principle. THE MICROCOSM The first manifestation, theFire, 245:the Personality, embodies the "I am" principle. The second manifestation, the Ego, is embodying theFire, 245:the Ego, is embodying the "I am that" principle. The third manifestation, the Monad, will embodyFire, 245:the Monad, will embody the "I am that I am" principle. Thus the different factors play their partFire, 248:in process of developing the fifth, or manasic principle. Note how perfect is the analogy betweenFire, 248:viewed as the lower quaternary developing the principle of mind, and the atom with its fourFire, 252:Man has, of course, His primary coloring or principle as has man and the atom. Man has for hisFire, 252:the atom. Man has for his primary coloring or principle that of the Heavenly Man in Whose body heFire, 252:said. The atom has for primary coloring or principle, that of the egoic ray of the human being forFire, 253:in advance of the others, and has the fifth principle vibrating adequately, while certain othersFire, 253:of our chain is vibrating somewhat to the fifth principle, or rather is in process of awakening itFire, 253:of awakening it to life. His fourth vibration or principle in this fourth round or cycle, and onFire, 253:is transcended. The dense physical body is not a principle for a Heavenly Man, hence the Law ofFire, 257:eventually synthesized into the one perfected principle of love-wisdom. This ultimate principle isFire, 257:principle of love-wisdom. This ultimate principle is His primary coloring. Each principle isFire, 257:ultimate principle is His primary coloring. Each principle is embodied in one of the schemes, andFire, 259:VI. What is the Mind Aspect? Why is the Manasic Principle of such Importance? Who are theFire, 261:or the causal body, the shrine for the buddhic principle. This body is to be built by the power ofFire, 261:kama-manas, and lower mind. Manas or the fifth principle, forms the link between the lower and theFire, 261:higher three, and the relation between them, the principle of mind. Here we have the seven formedFire, 262:will. Second aspect - Buddhi, the Christ principle. Third aspect - Manas, or higher mind. The SonFire, 263:psychic nature of the Monad is twofold.) The principle of atma. Spiritual nature. Will. TheFire, 263:principle of atma. Spiritual nature. Will. The principle of buddhi. Love nature. Wisdom. TheFire, 263:principle of buddhi. Love nature. Wisdom. The principle of manas. Intelligence nature, Activity.Fire, 263:- S. D., III, 475. Cosmic Ideation, focused in a principle results as the consciousness of theFire, 264:regard the principles as follows: [264] First Principle - The sphere of manifestation, the monadicFire, 264:sphere of manifestation, the monadic egg. Second Principle - Atma - Will. Third Principle - BuddhiFire, 264:egg. Second Principle - Atma - Will. Third Principle - Buddhi - Pure reason, wisdom. FourthFire, 264:Principle - Buddhi - Pure reason, wisdom. Fourth Principle - Manas - Pure mind, higher mind. FifthFire, 264:- Manas - Pure mind, higher mind. Fifth Principle - Manas - Lower mind. Sixth Principle -Fire, 264:Fifth Principle - Manas - Lower mind. Sixth Principle - Kama-manas. Seventh Principle - PureFire, 264:mind. Sixth Principle - Kama-manas. Seventh Principle - Pure emotion, or feeling. These are theFire, 266:of the Principles - S. D., II, 627, 631. 1st Principle - Dense physical body. Sthula Sharira. 2ndFire, 266:- Dense physical body. Sthula Sharira. 2nd Principle - Etheric body. Linga Sharira. 3rd Principle -
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