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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRINCIPLE

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Fire, 266:2nd Principle - Etheric body. Linga Sharira. 3rd Principle - Prana. Vital energy. 4th Principle -Fire, 266:3rd Principle - Prana. Vital energy. 4th Principle - Kama-rupa. The energy of desire. - S. D., I,Fire, 266:136. (These are the lower four principles.) 5th Principle - Manas. The energy of thought. TheFire, 266:- Manas. The energy of thought. The middle principle. - S. D., II, 83, 84. II, 332. S. D., II, 669.Fire, 266:S. D., II, 83, 84. II, 332. S. D., II, 669. 6th Principle - Buddhi The energy of love. - S. D., II,Fire, 266:love. - S. D., II, 649, 676. S. D., III, 58. 7th Principle - Atma. The synthetic principle. - S.Fire, 266:D., III, 58. 7th Principle - Atma. The synthetic principle. - S. D., I, 357, 201. S. D., III, 142.Fire, 266:Remember also: That the physical body is not a principle. - S. D., II, 652. III, 445. III, 652.Fire, 266:II, 652. III, 445. III, 652. That atma is not a principle. See also S. D., III, 62, 63. III, 293.Fire, 271:or heat but he does not occultly count it as a principle. So the Heavenly Man is extraneous to theFire, 272:through them. The etheric is in time His lowest principle, but the dense physical is not counted.Fire, 288:The Gnosis, the hidden Knowledge, is the seventh Principle, the six schools of Indian philosophyFire, 289:the cells within His body is to develop the mind principle. When through experience in the threeFire, 291:Atlantean cycle is being perfected, the fifth principle is being developed, and the sixth is beingFire, 294:of 1 solar system. A Man 7 etheric centers a Principle 1 cosmic plane. Period of 1 planetaryFire, 294:man is bringing to perfect vibration some one principle or quality through which the subjectiveFire, 297:centers. The Heavenly Man Who embodies this principle and is the source of generative heat to HisFire, 303:it is realized that the physical body is not a principle but that the kama-manasic principle (orFire, 303:is not a principle but that the kama-manasic principle (or desire-mind principle) is one of theFire, 303:that the kama-manasic principle (or desire-mind principle) is one of the most vital to man then theFire, 306:itself [306] with the development of the principle of cosmic Will which will make Him what has beenFire, 308:of the manasic fire, which is the animating principle of consciousness itself. Let us first of allFire, 309:prove of value to us if we sought to define this principle of manas and see what is alreadyFire, 309:Mind 1. Manas, as we already know, is the Fifth principle. Here enter in certain factors andFire, 309:to us to mention at this juncture. This fifth principle embodies the basic vibration of the fifthFire, 310:as our solar Logos and His group. This fifth principle is the distinctive coloring of a particularFire, 317:factor, and must be recognized. This permeating principle of manas - coloring as it does both theFire, 317:Mind, or the divine thinker, is the intelligent Principle which makes Itself known as theFire, 317:atoms or the three spheres which embody the principle of intelligence, of desire, and of physicalFire, 318:reflection, the microcosm) through the Manasic principle, intelligently reduces matter to form, andFire, 318:and purpose of the indwelling Existence; this principle can be seen underlying all three aspects.Fire, 318:vision of a solar Logos. This developed manasic principle is the intelligent purpose that isFire, 318:logoic. On this third plane that intelligent principle demonstrates as coherent activity, eitherFire, 320:this, the buddhic plane, the plane of the Christ principle, is gradually becoming known to thoseFire, 324:planes in the three worlds. In them the fifth principle is beginning to function, but not inFire, 332:We have seen that manas or mind is the fifth principle, or the basic vibration of the cosmic mentalFire, 332:We come now to our third definition: The manasic principle is above all else that cohesiveFire, 337:two. He should ever remember that manas is a principle of the Logos, and necessarily therefore isFire, 339:existence. In the second case, the buddhic principle has for its distinctive quality love, andFire, 339:equally the limitations, of the active mental principle somewhat more clearly before the student.Fire, 339:out intelligently. The acquisitive side of this principle is showing forth. In the Hall of LearningFire, 342:a solar Logos that cosmic mind, or the fifth Principle, is His prime characteristic, and wasFire, 346:the emphasis is laid on the fact that the principle of manas is a part of the logoic character, andFire, 351:to the stage of the development of the manasic principle within Him. This basic Interpreter is theFire, 352:directing Mind in that scheme, and the animating principle of manas or the active discriminatingFire, 352:that a solar Logos is similarly the manasic principle of those large atoms we call schemes in theirFire, 352:Man, the Thinker, the Knower, the manasic principle in the center of the many spheres which formFire, 352:the Thinker and Knower, the manasic or mind principle plus the buddhic or Christ principle,Fire, 352:or mind principle plus the buddhic or Christ principle, manipulates electrical force through threeFire, 353:is the permeating universal Mind, the manasic principle, plus the buddhic and the will principle,Fire, 353:manasic principle, plus the buddhic and the will principle, working in three major schemes, byFire, 353:purposeful Entity who acts as the manasic principle, and the spring of action, to all the unitsFire, 355:to his system; each, through this very manasic principle individualizes, expands gradually thisFire, 355:of the Entity through Whom the fifth principle comes to him; and each attains initiation, andFire, 355:now to consider primarily man and the manasic principle, its development in the fourth CreativeFire, 356:plays upon them, just as man, the intelligent principle of incarnation on the physical plane,Fire, 363:Creative Hierarchy - The Human. The Fourth Principle - Lower Mind. The Fourth Race - Kama-manas.Fire, 363:Heavenly Men Who definitely embody the manasic principle (or the five Rays over which the systemicFire, 371:find their analogy in the awakening of the life principle in the unborn infant at the fourth month.Fire, 376:scheme, being in the fifth round, had the fifth principle of manas coordinated and developed, theFire, 376:a paralleling point in evolution, and the fifth principle will, as stated, be no longer the objectFire, 376:mark the development and utilization of the mind principle; there are three stages of acquisition,Fire, 377:He demonstrates the possession of the manasic principle. Globes 6 and 7, are the ones through whichFire, 377:through forms built by means of the manasic principle. This can be equally predicated on a largerFire, 379:and see something of the origin of the manasic principle in the present group of incarnating egos,Fire, 383:or corporate action, (for buddhi is the unifying principle of groups) and, in the process ofFire, 393:centers. The originating source of the manasic principle in a planetary scheme is that lesserFire, 395:acts with wisdom-love or otherwise. The manasic principle actuates all that occurs within the man'sFire, 395:progress, according to the application of that principle. So, reverently may the same be said ofFire, 395:and dimly - the true position of the manasic principle in all three cases. The whole mystery ofFire, 395:in all three cases. The whole mystery of this principle is hidden in two fundamentals: The mysteryFire, 396:be thrown upon this matter of the intelligent principle; when the inner workings of the Law ofFire, 397:is better developed in the average man, the very principle of manas itself forms a barrier to itsFire, 398:One of these deductions is that by means of this principle of manas form is built. Therefore, theFire, 399:itself. He builds it: By means of the manasic principle consciously applied. By the process ofFire, 401:It should here be pointed out that the manasic principle (whether cosmic, systemic, or human)Fire, 403:are in process of transmutation, and the manasic principle in both these schemes, having reached aFire, 404:the fifth deva Hierarchy and the fifth logoic principle, and we should also bear in mind that -Fire, 405:Pitris be the flame, the Devas are the conscious principle that actuates the flame and gives to theFire, 406:can be traced as we study this fifth principle during the present round, the fourth. The manasicFire, 406:the present round, the fourth. The manasic principle is the basis of the coming into activity andFire, 407:into wisdom. By a few in this round the fifth principle will be superseded by the principle ofFire, 407:the fifth principle will be superseded by the principle of buddhi. Right on from now till theFire, 407:of the four and the five - manas and the buddhic principle - thus making the nine, or perfectedFire, 407:who have merged themselves with their divine principle, and are no longer held by the materialFire, 407:of men in the three worlds, and through manasic principle. [408] Fire, 409:or the display of purpose or manas, the fifth principle in every type of manifestation. This, asFire, 409:peculiar and perfected attribute of the fifth principle. Capacity to cohere. This is the ability ofFire, 411:itself is the result of the manasic principle, and the close cooperation between these two factorsFire, 415:the more subtle chains or globes as the manasic principle enables man to see them. The moon chainFire, 421:on the mental plane - the plane of the manasic principle. An interesting point might here beFire, 428:Aspect) sum up, in themselves, the fifth logoic principle of manas. They are, literally, theFire, 433:things. He is the embodiment of the fifth logoic principle of manas. His is the synthesizing schemeFire, 434:He is, as we know, the embodiment of the fifth principle. His influence, therefore, may ever beFire, 434:of the self-conscious units, the fifth principle linked the higher three and the lower four. ThisFire, 440:in the immediate evolution of man. The fifth principle of manas, is at this time beginning toFire, 461:latter is the sumtotal of the [461] lowest human principle, if we count the dense physical orFire, 461:the dense physical or animal body of man as a principle. In their lack of agreement lies the clueFire, 466:mental planes. On the seventh or lowest human principle: prana in the etheric body. On all MonadsFire, 497:the life of the second globe and its informing principle, has a close connection with the solar
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