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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRINCIPLE

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Initiation, 218:faculty in man which is the intelligent thinking principle, and which differentiates man from theInitiation, 220:of Civilization, and the flowering forth of the principle of intelligence. He is the embodiment onInitiation, 220:period of universal activity. Manas, or Manasic Principle Literally, the Mind, the mental faculty;Initiation, 220:from the mere animal. It is the individualizing principle; that which enables man to know that heInitiation, 221:seven races. Maya Sanskrit, "Illusion." Of the principle of form or limitation. The result ofInitiation, 222:the universe to manifest itself. Prana The Life Principle, the breath of Life. The occultistInitiation, 223:Emotional or kamic body. Prana, or the Life Principle. The etheric body, or the highest division ofIntellect, 26:of the mind or the modifications of the thinking principle (as the Hindu calls it) as strictlyIntellect, 53:Calcutta, as follows: "All organic beings have a principle of self-determination, to which the nameIntellect, 54:forms of energy, that which we call the vital principle or fluid, the life aspect, and the energyIntellect, 55:In the heart, therefore, is the seat of the life-principle; in the head is the seat of theIntellect, 57:matter, and acting as a conductor of the life principle of energy, or prana. This life principle isIntellect, 57:life principle of energy, or prana. This life principle is the force aspect of the soul, andIntellect, 73:lies the solution of man's problem) by the mind principle. In an ancient book of the Hindus, TheIntellect, 81:and essential union of being with the Divine Principle, or, if preferred, with the Universal. TheIntellect, 152:freed from the modification of the thinking principle. This is the state of illumination." -Intellect, 188:in every individual of a faculty... This is the principle which makes Enlightenment possible in usIntellect, 189:with Beatitude, without duality, (unconditioned) Principle of all existence, knowing (without thisIntellect, 190:and all the modifications of the thinking principle are suspended in the degree that they depend onIntellect, 204:that: "We must remember that the fundamental principle of the Vedanta-philosophy was not 'Thou artMagic, 4:there lies back of your [4] books no esoteric principle of hierarchical authority or support, suchMagic, 18:aspects of being. 1. The energy, or activating principle, which withdraws mysteriously at death,Magic, 20:these two use and unify are in reality one vital principle manifesting in diversity. These are theMagic, 29:its purpose and are so identified with the life principle that they think and speak in terms ofMagic, 30:hitherto been regarded as the body. This life principle, this basic essential of Being, and thisMagic, 30:ensemble which we call a solar system. This life principle in man manifests ill a triple manner: AsMagic, 31:and identified. This aspect of the life principle works through the etheric or vital body and, inMagic, 33:Remarks b. The Soul, the Mediator or Middle Principle There are two angles or points of view fromMagic, 35:mediator between this duality; it is the middle principle, the link between God and His form.Magic, 35:the soul is another name for the Christ principle, whether in nature or in man. The soul is theMagic, 40:the meditating souls of all men; and through the principle of buddhi, with the second aspect of theMagic, 44:love wisdom of the soul, the buddhi or Christ principle. The lungs, the analogy for the breath ofMagic, 45:in nature which is being vitalized. It is the principle of integration and the cohesive force ofMagic, 47:entity we call the Universal Soul, the middle principle from the standpoint of the planetary life.Magic, 47:the individual man, we call it the mediating principle, for the soul of mankind is not only anMagic, 47:of evolution. Of these Sanat Kumara, embodying a principle of the planetary Logos is the highest,Magic, 47:the ego or soul acts verily as the middle principle connecting [48] the Hierarchy of Monads withMagic, 48:for the individual soul likewise. This middle principle is in process of revelation now. The lowerMagic, 48:control, not only the machine, but the active principle. The great symbol of the soul in man is hisMagic, 49:purposes: To carry throughout the body the life principle, the energy which produces activity. ThisMagic, 50:some idea as to the work of the soul, the middle principle in nature, can be grasped. The symbolismMagic, 85:are working with two aspects of the universal principle of mind, and on this ground their relationMagic, 89:mind function as a unit, and the motivating principle is love. The soul, expressing love andMagic, 89:of animal-man became united with another divine principle, and so brought into [90] being theMagic, 106:working through the heart center where the life principle has its seat. The activities of the bodyMagic, 115:seen in the light of the intuition. A principle is that which embodies some aspect of the truth onMagic, 115:one and all to further expression. Hence, this principle should underlie all activity, and theMagic, 116:completeness and more satisfactory endeavor. A principle, when really fundamental, appeals at onceMagic, 116:of the ego in his relationship to others. A principle is that which governs always the action ofMagic, 116:and should modify judgments. To apprehend a principle justly marks a point in evolution. Magic, 116:- Rule Three - Principles and Personalities A principle is that which ensouls a statement dealingMagic, 116:a man should love his wife is a statement of a principle governing the personality but it mustMagic, 116:but it must later be transmuted into the greater principle that a man must love his fellow men.Magic, 117:suffered the penalty and he stole no more. The principle was wrought into him by pain and he learntMagic, 118:personalities, sacrificing themselves for a principle, yes, but a principle governing theMagic, 118:themselves for a principle, yes, but a principle governing the personality life. Other, dimlyMagic, 118:and not of a person, stumble onto a higher principle, and in so doing bring in the force of theMagic, 118:the victory of the higher is sure; the lower principle must give way to the higher. One isMagic, 138:look to see who can struggle and contend for principle with personalities, and yet keep the link ofMagic, 138:than men realize and a man who can stand for principle and yet love all human beings - refusingMagic, 138:those of your brothers who choose the lesser principle and the lesser right, who sacrifice the goodMagic, 169:of the intuition, and the illumination of the principle of Light. There is much misapprehension inMagic, 212:active and dominant soul, in which the buddhic principle is potentially controlling, can begin toMagic, 226:which have their roots within him in the principle of self-consciousness, or in the ahamkaraMagic, 226:of self-consciousness, or in the ahamkara principle, as the occultist (who loves difficult phrases)Magic, 227:and, in it, the "modifications of the thinking principle" are brought about through the impacts ofMagic, 227:third activity supervenes wherein the reasoning principle acts upon the information gained in theseMagic, 250:symbol of the higher life in which the Christ principle dominates, in which freedom is experiencedMagic, 251:the "modifications of the thinking principle, the mind stuff" (as Patanjali calls it), are thrownMagic, 298:excellence, a formulation or effect of the mind principle, and a result of mental activity. TheMagic, 329:the coming world religion; they are the unifying principle which will eventually save the world. InMagic, 330:organism through which the spiritual energy and principle of spiritual life can make their presenceMagic, 332:such as: The soul is the form-building principle, producing attraction and cohesion. This soul isMagic, 332:in all the kingdoms of nature is not the life principle. The life principle will remainMagic, 332:of nature is not the life principle. The life principle will remain undiscovered and unrecognizedMagic, 333:until such time as [333] the soul or qualifying principle, the builder of the forms is studied,Magic, 333:and formulates it in such way by theory, principle, experiment and mechanical contrivance that itMagic, 361:Mind on the mental plane. Hence it is the mind principle in humanity which brings into [362]Magic, 384:and are due to the modifications of the thinking principle, and to the control of form by mentalMagic, 385:kingdom of the soul. It is the great mediating principle, in this interim of dual recognition.Magic, 390:will be ushered in. More and more as the buddhic principle manifests and at-one-ment is achievedMagic, 392:integral part of the Universal Mind, and as the principle of mind is inherent in all forms, theMagic, 451:its purpose and are so identified with the life principle that they think and speak in terms ofMagic, 451:hitherto been regarded as the body. This life principle, this basic essential of being and thisMagic, 452:ensemble which we call a solar system. This life principle in man manifests in a triple manner: AsMagic, 452:and identified. This aspect of the life principle works through [453] the etheric or vital body andMagic, 460:the revelation of the presented idea, of the principle which underlies the outer manifestation. ItMagic, 473:and learn its dual use. Concentrate the thinking principle, and be the master of thy mental world.Magic, 493:is beginning to understand something of the principle of life which is animating the personality,Magic, 495:dense physical body and that body, lacking the principle of coherence, then disintegrates. ItMagic, 495:every atom of the body and which constitutes the principle of coherence or of integration, findsMagic, 496:two. The soul, seated in the heart, is the life principle, the principle of self-determination, theMagic, 496:seated in the heart, is the life principle, the principle of self-determination, the centralMagic, 496:to the "will-to-be" of the soul. This principle of life utilizes the blood stream as its mode ofMagic, 526:energy which makes man a [526] soul. It is the principle of awareness, the faculty ofMagic, 529:and when a man has found his soul and the principle of unity is sufficiently revealed to him heMagic, 530:of the entire evolutionary scheme is that of the Principle of Limitation. This is the primaryMagic, 530:the powerful intent of that primary force. The Principle of Limitation therefore is the outcome ofMagic, 530:process of all incarnated lives. This Principle of Limitation controls the scope of an incarnation,Magic, 531:the One Life. Those lives who constitute the Principle of Limitation in a kingdom of nature. The
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