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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRINCIPLE

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Patanjali, 229:is the subjugation of the senses by the thinking principle and their withdrawal from that which hasPatanjali, 229:through the medium of the mind, the thinking principle, so dominates the senses that they have noPatanjali, 231:by preventing the transformation of the thinking principle, the sense also will follow it and bePatanjali, 234:the versatile psychic nature and of the thinking principle. 16. Through concentrated meditationPatanjali, 234:freed from the modification of the thinking principle. This is the state of illumination. 44.Patanjali, 259:into activity the "modifications of the thinking principle," or stimulates the tendency of the mindPatanjali, 263:to restrain the modifications of the thinking principle has to precede this desirable state ofPatanjali, 269:the versatile psychic nature and of the thinking principle. This is a very general paraphrase ofPatanjali, 271:aspect, which concern the Christ or buddhic principle and which are the direct cause of objectivePatanjali, 272:second aspect, the soul, the middle or mediating principle is known, the nature of the form is alsoPatanjali, 273:of the lower man, the astral body, the middle principle in the lower [274] man, linking the mentalPatanjali, 281:or spiritual man and to control the thinking principle. It is an occult law that "as a manPatanjali, 282:characteristic of spirit (or energy) is the life-principle, that mysterious something which causesPatanjali, 282:or soul, and (through the use of the thinking principle and an act of the will) his withdrawal ofPatanjali, 284:in the work of gaining control of the thinking principle and setting up that direct alignment andPatanjali, 287:nature of his own ego, and through that unifying principle all hearts everywhere are open to him.Patanjali, 288:compassion and involves the kamic or astral principle, whilst compassion concerns also the physicalPatanjali, 301:restraining of the modifications of the thinking principle;" in other words, perfect one-pointedPatanjali, 306:It is therefore a correspondence of the middle principle. In man in Atlantean days the three majorPatanjali, 307:from the monad; through the second, the Christ principle, the light of the world, the soul willPatanjali, 314:In this there collects more of the luminous principle in nature than elsewhere in the body and itPatanjali, 319:the second aspect, of the conscious intelligent principle which makes a man a son of God, isPatanjali, 321:intelligent soul, the middle aspect, the Christ principle which links the Father (spirit) and thePatanjali, 329:to the five states of mind, the fifth principle and to the five modifications of the thinkingPatanjali, 329:and to the five modifications of the thinking principle. Prana in the solar system works out as thePatanjali, 339:freed from the modification of the thinking principle. This is the state of illumination. Again, wePatanjali, 342:and the modifications of the thinking principle, for mind is the fifth principle, and man is thePatanjali, 342:of the thinking principle, for mind is the fifth principle, and man is the five pointed star andPatanjali, 383:we are told earlier, by: Steady application to a principle, Sympathy with all beings, Regulation ofPatanjali, 390:control the "modifications of the thinking [390] principle," he creates no conditions which canPatanjali, 390:condition involves the severing of the highest principle (that of pure spirit from its twoPatanjali, 399:conquest of the modifications of the thinking principle, and then the work of using that mechanismPatanjali, 403:through the modifications of our own thinking principle we build our own world, and create our ownPatanjali, 404:things are but the reflections of our thinking principle, would object to such a position. ThePatanjali, 404:the existence of things apart from the thinking principle is certain. Though there is, indeed,Patanjali, 404:Hence objects exist out of the thinking principle. Though objects are similar they are notPatanjali, 407:of that fragment of the universal thinking principle which he has appropriated for his own use. ThePatanjali, 410:to "still the modifications of the thinking principle" must precede all brain activity andPatanjali, 427:one all-pervading life, the boundless immutable principle which is the cause of all manifestation.Patanjali, 428:of evolution likewise, the mind, being the fifth principle, the fifth root race must be intimatelyPatanjali, 428:2. The fifth subrace Anglo-Saxon. 3. The fifth principle manas, or mind. 4. The fifth plane theProblems, 68:citation of this intent; the fundamental principle governing British rule is justice for all; theProblems, 75:to the wealth of the rich classes. The spiritual principle of Freedom became increasinglyProblems, 81:enterprise and the constantly unfolding principle of the Christ consciousness in the hearts of men.Problems, 92:a great spiritual opportunity, based upon the principle of sharing; they will need to learn theProblems, 150:could be entered through love. To the mental principle was added - again by the force of invocationProblems, 150:evocation - another divine attribute or principle, the principle of love. These two greatProblems, 150:- another divine attribute or principle, the principle of love. These two great Approaches made itProblems, 151:He embodied in Himself a still greater divine principle - greater than the Mind, that of Love; yetProblems, 175:this and will also be forced to substitute the principle of sharing for the ancient principleProblems, 175:the principle of sharing for the ancient principle (which has hitherto governed them) of greedyProblems, 178:that there is as yet no systemized spread of the principle of goodwill which holds the solution toProblems, 179:i.e., politics which are based upon the principle of bringing about right human relations. BetweenProblems, 179:by all available means and the spread of the principle of goodwill will produce a powerfulProblems, 180:and goodwill be found to be a universal principle and technique. To provide in every country andPsychology1, xxii:reality is assumed, as a basic and proven principle. Those who do not admit this assumption can,Psychology1, 5:we shall lay upon the nature of the integrating principle found within all coherent forms and onPsychology1, 6:a better word) be called the soul or self. This principle, which informs the body nature andPsychology1, 12:thus a creation of beauty, embodying a divine principle, can be built. Ponder on this, seek to fitPsychology1, 14:of a growing expansion of the "becoming-aware" principle, so that from the microscopic interest ofPsychology1, 16:is in the realm of so-called mind that the great principle of separateness is found. It is also inPsychology1, 19:also - as do few of the sons of God - a basic principle of the ray of the Solar Logos Himself, thePsychology1, 23:manifestation of desire, and is the attractive principle in nature and the custodian of the Law ofPsychology1, 38:their Answers B. The soul can be regarded as the principle of intelligence - an intelligence whosePsychology1, 38:with the appearance, these aspects of the mental principle produce in him the "great heresy ofPsychology1, 40:and intellect are terms expressing the cosmic principle of intelligent [41] love, - a love whichPsychology1, 45:loved. It is the bond of coherence, and is that principle of magnetic cohesion which lies behindPsychology1, 47:appearance, donate quality and, through the life principle which is the underlying aspect of unity,Psychology1, 49:septenate of rays embodies in itself the principle of harmony, and this fourth Ray of Harmony givesPsychology1, 51:the higher and the lower mind. It embodies the principle of knowledge, and because of its activityPsychology1, 52:The sixth Ray of Devotion embodies the principle of recognition. By this I mean the capacity to seePsychology1, 52:Life which ensoul this ray. It is the quality or principle which is the coordinating factorPsychology1, 53:the main work of the seventh ray, and it is this principle of fusion, of coordination and ofPsychology1, 53:Questions and their Answers D. The soul is the principle of sentiency, underlying all outerPsychology1, 54:physical body. It is the true form; it is the principle of coherence in every form. The soul, inPsychology1, 54:in relation to the human being, is the mind principle [55] in two capacities, or the mindPsychology1, 55:The other, the higher aspect, is the principle of self-awareness, and when combined with the lowerPsychology1, 74:work of what in the West is called "the Christ Principle" is to build the forms for the expressionPsychology1, 90:the cells and organs of the body, plus the life principle. All, we are told, is inherent in thePsychology1, 91:of which it was originally composed. When the principle of coherence or of integration ceases toPsychology1, 94:in its turn disappear, or is there an immortal principle, a subtle intangible entity which has anPsychology1, 100:about the centers in man where the divine principle has its dwelling, and from which the ChristPsychology1, 128:strengths and weaknesses, and constitutes his principle of limitation, as well as endowing him withPsychology1, 134:Science, Who is the embodiment of the fifth principle of mind, see His work brought to aPsychology1, 168:in each one of us, comes from the highest principle of our Logos; it has therefore within it thePsychology1, 174:of Life, and saved by the same divine Christ principle. Therefore the superman has been and will bePsychology1, 192:relationships, as we well know, underlie the principle of Brotherhood, which the race is justPsychology1, 258:and directed Will, is born, and the third divine principle of purposive energy is fused with thePsychology1, 281:the form of a tremendous inflow of the Christ principle, the Christ life and love, working outPsychology1, 297:for the rare and the few. 3. The third governing principle will be the desire to provide good andPsychology1, 300:this law is admitted as a governing intellectual principle, all men will tread more carefully thePsychology1, 336:Love is not a sentiment. Love is the great principle of attraction, of desire, of magnetic pull,Psychology1, 336:pull, and (within our solar system) that principle demonstrates as the attraction and the interplayPsychology1, 338:psychologist, which recognizes the integrating principle of the ego (in many cases) but does notPsychology1, 343:ray type, and is determined also by the vital principle or spirit aspect. Thus every form isPsychology1, 343:unity, through the influence of the integrating principle, which is never absent. The ray whichPsychology1, 374:that which is needed to express the life principle. Men today are investigating such matters asPsychology1, 374:these lines during the next fifty years. The principle of coordination about which men talk hasPsychology1, 374:the vital aspect of man; the nature of the life principle is under discussion, and the need forPsychology1, 391:the ring-pass-not or destiny which the immortal principle, the solar angel, succeeds eventually and
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