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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRINCIPLE

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Rays, 165:speak from Shamballa, will abstract the life principle from the Hierarchy, and all life andRays, 186:substance (and, therefore, not related to a principle), but it embodied a new type of energy andRays, 204:distinction between the two and the mediating principle (or that which relates or unites the twoRays, 204:and limited manifestation of that fusing linking principle. His great achievement, unrealized [205]Rays, 216:Will, working through the mind or the manasic principle, was the sustaining factor in the longRays, 216:cycle of personality development; it was the principle of intelligent synthesis, holding the lifeRays, 216:of intelligent synthesis, holding the life principle intact and individualized through the longRays, 216:the abstract mind or higher mind (the manasic principle, sublimated and purified), and graduallyRays, 219:so as by fire" has been completed and the life principle in the group heart can shine forth withRays, 223:midway point" is no longer needed. No mediating principle or intermediary between man and theRays, 243:has necessitated the calling into activity the Principle of Pain. Suffering and Pain are essentialRays, 251:due to the rapid unfoldment of the mind principle and the growth of the principle of "free will."Rays, 251:of the mind principle and the growth of the principle of "free will." This changed techniqueRays, 264:of love nor through the application of the principle of economy. The fulfilment of these laws isRays, 266:to which he has been subjected for aeons. The principle of intelligence controls him and theRays, 266:principle of intelligence controls him and the principle of love motivates him, and he hasRays, 267:Logoi of three planets in which the mind principle reached its [268] highest stage of development;Rays, 272:(using a technical, occult term) the ahamkara principle - the mind as it serves the selfishRays, 279:imply to Those for Whom the soul, the mediating principle, no longer has any factual significance?Rays, 299:diminished, for it is constructed around a major principle of evolutionary growth which - whenRays, 299:functioning unity through the medium of the life principle; it is an incontrovertible fact in theRays, 303:world of symbols. The five senses and the mind principle are adequate to bring that about. It isRays, 333:which can be attained only by the mind principle in man [334] and by those who are beginning to beRays, 358:the astral plane is the reflection of the cosmic principle of love. However, being essentially aRays, 359:of the cosmic physical plane), that it is not a principle, and this holds good also for the greaterRays, 362:emotional body becomes responsive to the principle of buddhi, reaching him via the love petals ofRays, 377:for the dense physical substance is not a principle. This you have oft been told. The cosmic astralRays, 387:was deemed worthy of embodying in Himself a new principle in evolution and of revealing to theRays, 387:the nature of the second ray aspect - the divine principle of love (as humanity calls it) or ofRays, 414:is to the spiritual man; it carries the life principle of our planet and centers itself inRays, 414:it Life. It must be remembered that this life principle embodies or is impregnated with the willRays, 415:into the Hierarchy and carries with it the principle of buddhi, of cosmic love. This, in aRays, 415:cosmic love. This, in a mysterious way, is the principle found at the heart of every atom. The lifeRays, 415:found at the heart of every atom. The life principle follows the line of, whilst theRays, 415:are taken under its stimulation, for the principle of buddhi, of pure love (i.e., love-wisdom) mustRays, 416:again beyond the power of man to comprehend. The principle of freedom is a leavening energy whichRays, 416:substance in a unique manner; this divine principle represents an aspect of the influence whichRays, 416:system and particularly on our planet. This principle of freedom is one of the attributes of DeityRays, 416:and the Mysteries of Initiation It is the principle of freedom which enables Sanat Kumara to dwellRays, 422:way Venus was the custodian of what we call the principle of Mind and brought it as a pure gift toRays, 426:lack as yet the full development of the manasic principle. This being the solar system ofRays, 428:It has survived aeons of opposition from the principle of enslaving selfishness and is largelyRays, 445:of Life itself (which demonstrates as the life-principle within the world of forms), of the energyRays, 445:in the lower nature is the mind or the principle of intelligence in the form world. In these threeRays, 450:whilst the other thread, which embodies the principle of consciousness, is anchored in the head.Rays, 451:between consciousness, the soul and the life principle. The process of establishing thisRays, 461:aspect of the will of divinity or of the atmic principle; it summarizes in itself when fullyRays, 465:mind. The soul or spiritual ego. The middle principle. Buddhi-manas. The reflection in mentalRays, 478:two phases or stages: The stage wherein the mind principle is developed and unfolded and manRays, 488:now responsive to the impression of the buddhic principle or of the intuitive perception -Rays, 499:following on a mental appreciation of the Christ principle and its deep expression in the life ofRays, 506:the mind, the sacrifice petals and the atmic principle. This may be simply the most tenuous threadRays, 513:which is found upon the physical plane is not a principle. The physical sound is not that whichRays, 519:laws of the universe, being related to the Life principle, of which we know as yet naught; itRays, 564:experience he arrives at a comprehension of the principle of limitation. Beyond this exalted stateRays, 576:has dominated him. The physical body is not a principle; his etheric body has, since AtlanteanRays, 579:contact with and expression of the mental principle. This particular group in the human family areRays, 579:mentioned above: The unfoldment of the mental principle in mankind during this Aryan Age has forcedRays, 597:transforming processes of the mind or the fifth principle. In this connection, the mind has actedRays, 600:senses something of what lies ahead. The great principle of cleavage (which the fifth ray governs)Rays, 600:great hierarchical mystery and is based upon the Principle of Privation, by means of which theRays, 604:and its initiatory effect. This concerns the Principle of Conflict as contained in the activity ofRays, 604:expression of the result of the activity of this Principle. The factor of the second Ray ofRays, 605:with a basic problem, i.e., the nature of the Principle of Conflict which is the outstandingRays, 606:men, however, will only see correctly when this Principle of Conflict is properly evaluated as aRays, 607:decision and as a result of a right use of the Principle of Conflict. It will be obvious to youRays, 607:of Conflict. It will be obvious to you that this Principle of Conflict is closely related to death.Rays, 607:angle) by life in the three worlds. It is the Principle of Conflict, latent in every atom ofRays, 607:then rejection, and finally liberation. This principle is, as you can well see, closely linked toRays, 607:linked to the law of Karma; it is to this principle that Mrs. Besant refers when she speaks in oneRays, 607:death is the great Liberator; it means that the Principle of Conflict has succeeded in bringingRays, 607:be able to interpret the working of this principle as you watch the effect, in your own lives, ofRays, 608:to humanity as a whole - are governed by the Principle of Conflict, whilst crises in the spiritualRays, 608:spiritual world are controlled by the esoteric Principle of Decision. The Principle of Conflict isRays, 608:by the esoteric Principle of Decision. The Principle of Conflict is the prime factor lying behindRays, 608:through the Initiation of Renunciation. The Principle of Decision which controls the Master governsRays, 608:of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom, just as the Principle of Conflict is based on the energy of theRays, 609:the third Ray of Active Intelligence. [609] This Principle of Decision, as a controlling factor, isRays, 609:Initiation of Renunciation - 4th Initiation The Principle of Conflict Governed by Ray IV Active inRays, 609:The Initiation of Decision - 6th Initiation The Principle of Decision Governed by Ray III Active inRays, 609:The Initiation of Refusal - 9th Initiation The Principle of liberated Being (shall we call itRays, 610:man or disciple to make free choice, once the Principle of Conflict has made him aware of the basicRays, 610:Thus the nine initiations are covered. The Principle of Conflict has a close connection with theRays, 610:the factor of timing may not prove correct. This Principle of Conflict is a familiar one to everyRays, 610:and steady progress. The activity of this principle is greatly increased [611] at this time throughRays, 611:be obvious that this ray energy, embodying the Principle of Conflict, has a unique and curiousRays, 612:[612] It might be said that the effect of the Principle of Conflict, operating under Ray IV andRays, 612:time is all in favor of such efforts, and the Principle of Conflict has worked so effectively thatRays, 612:convinced by the evidence made available by the Principle of Conflict that basic changes in man'sRays, 612:perception of the factors involved; the new Principle of Sharing, [613] inherent in the second RayRays, 613:the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict. This Principle of Sharing, though still divorced fromRays, 613:to human need upon the physical plane. This Principle of Conflict is also active in allRays, 614:power are the goal of his efforts. [614] The Principle of Conflict is working also in the churches,Rays, 617:Initiations It should be pointed out that the Principle of Conflict is motivated strongly by theseRays, 618:can persistently flow. The harmony (which the Principle of Conflict produces) causes an alignment,Rays, 619:automatically when the effectiveness of the Principle of Conflict in producing liberation isRays, 619:the invocative cry of humanity, aroused by the Principle of Conflict - must "proceed again to theRays, 620:I would remind you also that the governing principle of this ray is conditioning all the nationsRays, 620:the year 1850. Just in the same manner as this principle of conflict controls the battling life ofRays, 621:two aspects of this fourth ray - the aspect or Principle of Conflict and the aspect or Principle of
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