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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRINCIPLES

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Discipleship2, 548:work in an Ashram. I refer not here to occult principles of [549] life, but to governing principlesDiscipleship2, 549:principles of [549] life, but to governing principles in training. These three are: OccultDiscipleship2, 552:When you can thus listen, the two other principles to which I earlier referred as governing theDiscipleship2, 631:me to give a general call and to state specific principles and lines of activity which shouldDiscipleship2, 650:one of the very few basic lessons, implicating principles which are inherent in the planetary lifeDiscipleship2, 686:out) any such groupings, such as the seven principles, will vary according to the point inDiscipleship2, 707:dealing with these problems so that the emerging principles of conduct may stand clear before you.Discipleship2, 708:your progress. [708] You have a recognition of principles which is vital and somewhat rare, and onDiscipleship2, 708:which is vital and somewhat rare, and on principles all true work is securely founded. You have aDiscipleship2, 711:ever given you within the limits of the School's principles and objectives. The leadership of theDiscipleship2, 712:greatly when there is a misinterpretation of principles, a sidetracking of major issues, or aEducation, vi:in their local times and places. These universal principles will then provide the norms forEducation, vi:of humanity, lies in a restoration of unity of principles upon which an integration of human valuesEducation, vii:regional cultures. While the West is seeking the principles upon which peaceful and fruitful livingEducation, viii:The next step is to test the validity of the principles in concrete applications. The testing mustEducation, x:and synthesize it into a body of integrated principles to establish the Pythagorean-Platonic-BrunoEducation, x:of the future. The implementation of the principles involved is the work of humanity itself. ThatEducation, xi:of antecedent bodies of concepts and principles, this department shall not offer degrees in its ownEducation, xi:its historic role of providing universal principles for enlightened individuals seeking theEducation, xii:steadily and as a whole.' " The Tibetan's seed-principles will find prepared soil in suchEducation, 48:related. This needs emphasizing. These two principles, when properly taught and understood, willEducation, 53:Both ages embody and express two major divine principles. Thus the new education has been madeEducation, 64:occupied in discovering and working with those principles which energize each level of the cosmicEducation, 65:form and all forms are made, and the qualified principles which are seeking expression throughEducation, 87:civilization. I have sought only to emphasize principles and I do this with the recognition thatEducation, 88:the future - under the proposed application of principles - are civilized, cultured and responsiveEducation, 126:by humanity in line [126] with the underlying principles of the entire human and planetaryEducation, 145:three periodical vehicles and unifying all seven principles. The triple personality and itsExternalisation, 139:offset. Groups who are adhering to the principles of the Forces of Light, who are bending everyExternalisation, 207:and women of goodwill in the world to study the principles of the new world order. I call uponExternalisation, 209:understanding and vision who will respond to the principles here given. To prepare these men andExternalisation, 218:exist? Do you feel that there are no issues and principles which are worth fighting for and dyingExternalisation, 299:They could act as Transmitters of certain cosmic principles which - focused in Them in anExternalisation, 317:of preparation, in indicating the needed world principles, in spreading the gospel of goodwill, andExternalisation, 318:deem it right to make known certain common principles in the national policies of their respectiveExternalisation, 341:education of the youth of all lands in the principles of the new age. This will involve theExternalisation, 347:and to embody in Themselves certain cosmic Principles and give them form. The Buddha embodied theExternalisation, 369:method and process, though clear as to goals and principles. Externalisation, 370:of the masses in every country; and the principles of freedom, and the distinction between freedomExternalisation, 380:leader, such as Hitler, or educating it in those principles which are of benefit to the whole. TheExternalisation, 393:and should also have a vision of the principles which must govern the new world religion, with itsExternalisation, 411:They embodied in Themselves certain cosmic principles, and by Their work and sacrifice certainExternalisation, 429:it is a fundamental, divine principle; and where principles are involved the Hierarchy knows noExternalisation, 484:it will be possible to establish those spiritual principles and that correct cooperativeExternalisation, 547:I gave you the blueprints. I enunciated these as principles, leaving men free - as must ever be theExternalisation, 572:task of destruction, plus the enunciation of principles. They are preparing the way for the firstExternalisation, 573:which will eventually lead to a fusion of those principles which govern a democracy and which alsoExternalisation, 585:they are concerned, thus lifting underlying principles on to higher levels. This is straightExternalisation, 634:open contact, yet they are animated by the same principles and are carrying forward - in allExternalisation, 640:the postwar period the Nations compromised with principles and admitted Russia to the UnitedExternalisation, 650:By impressing certain doctrines, certain principles and certain beliefs on their people, and byFire, xviii:Universal World-Soul. From these basic creative principles, in successive gradations there issue inFire, 45:12 The quaternary is composed of the four lower principles and the sheaths through which theyFire, 65:Doctrine) Who each embody one of the seven principles, or Who are in Themselves the seven centersFire, 86:within Himself, abstracting His three major principles. 37 His body of manifestation - the Sun [87]Fire, 87:of the High Places" will reign supreme. 37 Principles, the basic differentiations, essentialFire, 109:for instance, contact with the higher Self or principles and its resultants, idiocy and mentalFire, 155:a study of the atom as portrayed in Babbitt's "Principles of Light and Color," and later in Mrs.Fire, 168:of all the three aspects, and of the seven principles of man, so is the head center a replica ofFire, 207:through their vehicles developing the seven principles. Fire by friction - The seven chains. TheyFire, 207:the life through the forms, developing the seven principles. He is fire by friction - The sevenFire, 207:- The seven globes. Each Heavenly Man has seven principles. A Man, the Microcosm, manifests throughFire, 207:the vehicles in order to develop the seven principles. He is fire by friction - The seven sheaths:Fire, 234:planets, each of whom embodies one of His seven principles, just as He in His totality embodies oneFire, 234:just as He in His totality embodies one of the principles of a greater cosmic Entity. A HeavenlyFire, 234:through a planet, and embodies one of the principles of the Son, the Logos. He Himself is likewiseFire, 234:He Himself is likewise developing through seven principles, which are the source of His essentialFire, 234:In like manner He Himself has six subsidiary principles, as has the Son. A Human Being, Man. HeFire, 235:[235] plane through form, and has also seven principles; in each life cycle he works at theirFire, 242:HE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID. The animating principles of allied constellations and systemsFire, 248:A man contains within himself three major principles, - will, love-wisdom, active intelligence orFire, 248:- and their differentiation into the seven principles. These, making the eventual ten of perfectedFire, 248:have not yet attained full expression. Only four principles in man are active, and he is in processFire, 249:inner economy; the development of his seven principles. [250] His eventual internal synthesis underFire, 252:Heavenly Man contains within Himself three major principles - will, love-wisdom, intelligence, andFire, 252:and their manifestation through the seven principles so often discussed in our occult literature.Fire, 252:he is a unit. He has also the other two major principles (as has the Heavenly Man), and theirFire, 253:three spirillae and the minor seven. Only four principles in the Heavenly Men are as yetFire, 255:globes, and the blending into unity of the seven principles which each globe is evolving. HisFire, 255:paths back to God - Spirit. They are the seven principles metaphysically. They are the seven racesFire, 257:Logos contains within Himself the three major principles or aspects, and their differentiation intoFire, 257:or aspects, and their differentiation into seven principles. These make the ten of His ultimateFire, 257:out through one of the Heavenly Men. Only four principles are as yet manifested to any extent, forFire, 258:of the schemes and the unification of the seven principles which they embody. By His subjection toFire, 262:by a psychic development which we call the seven principles. Man develops seven principles, whichFire, 262:we call the seven principles. Man develops seven principles, which might be enumerated as follows:Fire, 262:might be enumerated as follows: Microcosmic Principles 9 Two higher principles: ActiveFire, 262:as follows: Microcosmic Principles 9 Two higher principles: Active intelligence. LatentFire, 263:nature, Activity. Note here that the three principles in terms of the Triad with the twoFire, 263:in terms of the Triad with the two synthesizing principles on the plane of the Monad, make fiveFire, 263:principles on the plane of the Monad, make five principles and give the key to H.P.B.'s numberingFire, 263:- The Ancient Wisdom by Mrs. Besant 9 Principles: "There are two main cosmic principles in nature:Fire, 263:Besant 9 Principles: "There are two main cosmic principles in nature: Active and passive, male andFire, 263:S. D., I, 357. II, 649. III, 273. These higher principles united produce the three and the seven. -Fire, 263:I, 257. This is true cosmically and humanly. The Principles of the Logos - the seven PlanetaryFire, 263:seven Planetary Logoi. - S. D., I, 358, 365. The Principles of the planetary Logos - The vehicleFire, 263:a chain. - S. D., I, 194, 196. II, 626. The Principles of man - The different vehicles. Note also:Fire, 263:according to the plane involved. The seven principles are the manifestation of the one Flame. - S.Fire, 263:function of the Gods in furnishing man with his principles. - S. D., I. 308. Fire, 263:the three. In manifestation we might regard the principles as follows: [264] First Principle - The
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