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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRINCIPLES

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Intellect, 254:in the life of the soul, which is governed by principles and love to all beings. If these thingsIntellect, 259:cooperation and understanding, and in which the principles of spiritual living are emphasized, isIntellect, 267:all presentations and are only interested in the principles of brotherhood, in the emphasizing ofMagic, 18:cosmic processes, and the nature of the cosmic principles are indicated in the functions,Magic, 20:at an understanding of some of the laws and principles which direct the activities of "God inMagic, 40:of will with love and intelligence as secondary principles, and the body nature, the personality,Magic, 109: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Three - Principles and Personalities Principles and PersonalitiesMagic, 109:- Rule Three - Principles and Personalities Principles and Personalities There is, however, a pointMagic, 112: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Three - Principles and Personalities With average advanced men,Magic, 113: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Three - Principles and Personalities As regards the action ofMagic, 114:the old mistakes. Also bear in mind that principles are eternal, personalities temporal. PrinciplesMagic, 114:principles are eternal, personalities temporal. Principles are to be viewed in the light ofMagic, 114:The trouble is that, in many situations, two principles are involved, one of which is secondary.Magic, 114:The difficulty lies in the fact that (both being principles) both are right. It is a rule for safeMagic, 114:guidance always to remember that usually basic principles (for their wise comprehension andMagic, 114:for the play of the intuition whilst secondary principles are more purely mental. The methods henceMagic, 114:necessarily differ. When holding to the basic principles, the wisest methods are [115] silence andMagic, 115:e'en if on an opposing side. In secondary principles, which all opposing forces are at presentMagic, 115:less than that of those who adhere to basic principles, seen in the light of the intuition. AMagic, 116: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Three - Principles and Personalities A principle is that whichMagic, 116:principle that a man must love his fellow men. Principles are of three kinds and the higher must beMagic, 116:and the higher must be reached via the lower: a. Principles governing the lower personal self,Magic, 116:life, with the building up of character. b. Principles governing the higher Self and dealing withMagic, 117:at present arise from the fact that these higher principles, having to do with love or wisdom inMagic, 117:and warfare between those actuated by the principles governing the personality and those governingMagic, 117:come universal comprehension. The first set of principles is learnt by the man through grasping,Magic, 117:but brings sorrow. Thus in time they learn the principles. The second set of principles is learntMagic, 117:they learn the principles. The second set of principles is learnt through renunciation and service.Magic, 117:service. A man looks away (having learnt first principles) from the things of the personality andMagic, 117:himself and is the richest man on earth. First principles deal with the differentiated unit andMagic, 117:unit and with evolution through heterogeneity. Principles such as the race is learning now have toMagic, 118:with vision of the many as one, can state these principles satisfactorily. They are the mostMagic, 118:are the most important, for they are the basic principles of this love system. The trouble today isMagic, 118:today is that men are confused. Certain first principles, the lower activity fundamentals areMagic, 118:now, and a few of the higher egoic or love principles are seeping through into their bewilderedMagic, 118:If they will but remember that the higher principles deal with the good of the group and the lowerMagic, 118:closer to the ideal and approximating the higher principles. In thinking out these ideas may comeMagic, 119: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Three - Principles and Personalities c. Still higher principlesMagic, 119:- Principles and Personalities c. Still higher principles are those comprehended by the Spirit andMagic, 119:power. Just as the personality deals with the principles governing the life of activity of theMagic, 129:As seen on the surface, many apparently diverse principles emerge and the surge of battle appearsMagic, 260:to the Plan. An ability to recognize principles, governing conduct and administration. [261] AMagic, 379:the planetary Logos of the earth, one of Whose principles is working in Sanat Kumara, making HimMagic, 379:earth chain who have embodied four of the divine principles. The letters I B E Z are not the trueMagic, 477:is on the verge of real creative work, [477] the principles of which are not yet understood norMagic, 485:with the forms which embody Their enunciated principles, as with the souls who have evolved throughMagic, 485:have evolved through the application of those principles. With the aspirant, however, who is stillMagic, 490:fact. A man can have grasped some of the lesser principles of the Ageless Wisdom so clearly and beMagic, 534:and self-realization. To these principles of Limitation and of Cycles is added another principle,Magic, 534:in the living unit. We have therefore three Principles: The Principle of Limitation. The PrincipleMagic, 534:The Principle of Expansion. These three Principles together constitute the factors underlying theMagic, 549:one, which ever indicates the three aspects or principles of divinity and the form through whichMagic, 550:ever the three highest planes which embody the principles and produce the dynamic purpose, andMagic, 555:in mind that such an attempt to reduce cosmic principles and concepts to words is in itselfMagic, 582:which will embody the new ideas, the emerging principles, and the new concepts which must governMagic, 638:sent out. Those who teach are occupied with principles of truth, with vibratory rates and with theMagic, 638:there is steady growth, an application to occult principles so that definite changes are producedMeditation, 14:to be followed. I but indicate the underlying principles that guide the teacher in the choice ofMeditation, 14:are fundamentals or not. These fundamentals and principles are all I seek to give. Method andMeditation, 60:intoned; I can do no more than indicate general principles. Each human being, each unit ofMeditation, 60:more than indicate basic ideas and fundamental principles, and then leave the aspirant to work outMeditation, 229:of manifestation. The seven Kumaras. The seven principles of man. The seven centers. The sevenMeditation, 353:Initiate From the Latin root meaning the first principles of any science. One who is penetratingPatanjali, 25:the tangible outcome of the activity of the real principles. The organs, occultly speaking, arePatanjali, 34:meditation upon the tattvas, the energies or principles, or upon the tanmatras or [35] elementsPatanjali, 73:the necessity of a right understanding of the principles or qualities where the truth regardingPatanjali, 74:underlying each plane. For instance, the seven principles with which man is concerned are: 1. PranaPatanjali, 74:There are other ways of enumerating the principles, for Subba Rao is correct in one respect when hePatanjali, 74:in one respect when he says there are only five principles. The two highest, atma and the lifePatanjali, 74:two highest, atma and the life monadic, are not principles at all. Through the consciousPatanjali, 75:throughout, though they are variously applied. Principles are applicable to all differentiationsPatanjali, 283:will likewise withdraw the vital and luminous principles (the qualities of sattva and of rajas) outPatanjali, 342:stated in connection with the enumeration of the principles. The above sutra therefore can bePatanjali, 390:the soul and the body, or from the six lower principles), yet the life itself remains, and afterProblemsthe irrelevant factors ignored. The spiritual principles to be applied to the problems of humanityProblems, 13:also from the purely selfish angle. Some day the principles of cooperation and of sharing will beProblems, 14:and these ideals finally become the governing principles [15] of the masses. This is the trueProblems, 42:particular ideology upon them. Naturally, the principles of Nazism and of Fascism must be sweptProblems, 46:related. This needs emphasizing. These two principles, when properly taught and understood, willProblems, 49:right atmosphere, the imparting of a few correct principles, and much loving understanding are theProblems, 60:the new civilization. We seek here to emphasize principles with the recognition that many of themProblems, 62:the future - under the proposed application of principles - are civilized, cultured and responsiveProblems, 82:is non-spectacular but surely founded on right principles and it is one of the main agencies forProblems, 86:often based solely upon a good heart, Christian principles and a sense of justice; these fineProblems, 95:only be possible when certain broad and general principles have been enforced by the weight ofProblems, 127:power of Comparative Religion. Only those principles and truths which are universally recognizedProblems, 169:will be a new world order, built upon different principles to those in the past, and one in whichProblems, 172:maturity - is the abolition of those two principles which have wrought so much evil in the worldProblems, 173:and they are educating ceaselessly in the principles of the new age. It is these men who are ofProblems, 179:goodwill and who possess clear insight into the principles which should govern human relations inProblems, 179:in the world today. To educate the masses in the principles and the practice of goodwill. The wordProblems, 180:goodwill in the world who will recognize these principles as their personal directing ideal, andPsychology1, xxi:and archaic phrases it veiled the truths and principles which lie at the root of the creativePsychology1, 45:into its higher correspondence - love of principles - if they realized that they were onlyPsychology1, 60:states of consciousness, expressive of the seven principles or basic qualities which enable him toPsychology1, 118:with the Plan and not with personalities; with principles and not with individual purposes; andPsychology1, 153:general outline of the system, and the basic principles governing the law of evolution, can bePsychology1, 173:Group of World Servers, is to enunciate those principles of national relations which underlie aPsychology1, 175:towards an outer Brotherhood, these great principles are being widely distorted, selfishly applied,Psychology1, 187:help, just in so far, and only so far, as the principles upon which they are founded and the
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