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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRIOR

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Discipleship2, 251:I would ask you to ponder on them and - prior to the Wesak Full Moon - I would ask you to writeDiscipleship2, 281:it symbolically) they form the blueprints, prior to the institution of the creative process whichDiscipleship2, 286:aspect which the initiate finally manifests, prior to entering upon the Way of the HigherDiscipleship2, 288:Kumara is non-existent. In developed humanity, prior to moving on to the Probationary Path, he isDiscipleship2, 295:them in the technique of mental polarization, prior to permitting them to enter their Ashrams. ThisDiscipleship2, 309:making in all seven initiations, and that prior to each initiation - symbolically or factuallyDiscipleship2, 309:an essential piece of knowledge in the world, prior to the externalization of the Ashrams - or, myDiscipleship2, 419:It is well to remember that the initiate, prior to and during any initiation, has attained a mentalDiscipleship2, 495:of emerging facts and relations. I. Exercise prior to Meditation: Stand erect, facing your soul.Discipleship2, 508:in the morning and the last thing at night, prior to going to sleep. It should not take you long toDiscipleship2, 512:you the battle ground, and victory must be yours prior to taking the initiation for which you areDiscipleship2, 562:unexpected and oft unknown to him. Frequently, prior to a definite step forward of a pronouncedDiscipleship2, 565:fiery determination and powerful understanding, prior to transfer into the Ashram of K.H. ThisDiscipleship2, 569:simple procedure in the morning and at night prior to sleeping, you will discover for yourself aDiscipleship2, 573:service and usefulness. Do this meditation prior to the group meditation and do it with dynamicDiscipleship2, 635:which oft constitutes the final test, prior to being allowed through the inner door. Discipleship2, 640:one of the things all disciples have to achieve (prior to initiation) is a right mental attitudeDiscipleship2, 675:out in preparation for the work they should do, prior to the reappearance of the Christ. Your wholeDiscipleship2, 677:work is held true to the original picture, given prior to World War II. There are, however, one orDiscipleship2, 689:unfoldment - an unfoldment much to be desired, prior to entering upon another incarnation. You areDiscipleship2, 693:but a disciple must have mastered much of it, prior to entering the Ashram. When he does this, theDiscipleship2, 693:undertaking. It must definitely be learned, prior to mastering the science of thought-formDiscipleship2, 694:conditioning brought about by circumstance), prior to being immersed in any ashramic thought-form.Discipleship2, 726:I seek to make. I shall not deal with your life, prior to the recognition period which enabled youDiscipleship2, 736:of Libra or have Libra as the rising sign. Prior to that particular life, the man has had littleDiscipleship2, 756:fundamental things which must be manifested, prior to that tremendous step forward upon the Path.Education, 40:anew, after he has evoked his mental nature and prior to unfolding true occult awareness orEducation, 143:be accepted by students as a working hypothesis prior to all attempted work: 1. The Science of theExternalisation, 34:the Hierarchy and constitutes the sine qua non prior to with that Hierarchy. It wasExternalisation, 156:- Section II - The General World Picture Prior to taking up the Great Invocation sentence byExternalisation, 177:II - The General World Picture The Goodwill Work Prior to September, 1939, the objectives of ourExternalisation, 205:aims and goodwill who lay the emphasis upon the prior need of establishing right human relationsExternalisation, 206:Let them be found. The message to be taught prior to any future peace consists of the followingExternalisation, 219:of this underlying dualism is necessary prior to the shifting of humanity's consciousness away fromExternalisation, 226:where you personally stand. For the entire week prior to the May Full Moon and the June Full MoonExternalisation, 226:adequate temporary discipline. For the two days prior to the Full Moon, on the day of the Full MoonExternalisation, 227:for three days each and every month - the day prior to the Full Moon, the day of the Full Moon, andExternalisation, 236:stands the Hierarchy of Light. In this interlude prior to the final struggle I write to those [237]Externalisation, 243:the demanded sacrifices are essential attitudes, prior to the elimination of the hindrances whichExternalisation, 263:One other thought I would like to touch upon prior to an analysis of the phrases of the Invocation.Externalisation, 275:has made its appearance and must be dealt with prior to the future externalization of the lodge ofExternalisation, 299:of God Himself, the Love principle of the Deity. Prior to the advent of the Buddha, light,Externalisation, 304:on the White Horse. This refers to the time prior to the phrase so well-known in the ChristianExternalisation, 315:Process Suggested Meditation Each morning, prior to starting the day's activities, achieve an innerExternalisation, 329:[329] readjustment. These two must receive prior attention by all men and women of goodwill. ThisExternalisation, 330:they are in touch - some of which were formed prior to the war and are perforce inactive. The UnitsExternalisation, 331:New Age groups in the future. Work done by you prior to the war is thus to be continued, and alongExternalisation, 359:keynote for the interim period after the war, prior to the inauguration of the New Age. Externalisation, 369:at this time is a return to the state of affairs prior to the outbreak of war, and theExternalisation, 376:of life. Nothing really effective had been done, prior to the war, to offset the visible andExternalisation, 385:the best in every human heart. The children have prior claim upon all men. I would therefore appealExternalisation, 388:therefore, ask all of you (during the weeks prior to the Full Moon of May and that of June and forExternalisation, 434:alternative but to fight in defense of freedom. Prior to the war, the Hierarchy did what it couldExternalisation, 440:this force to Himself and will hold it steady, prior to redirecting it. The Christ will then - onExternalisation, 456:of the old order, with the state of life prior to the war, or with the renewal of the theologiesExternalisation, 457:what was and to bring back that which existed prior to the war. They will endeavor to offset twoExternalisation, 490:and considerably later for the Orient. Prior to these set points in time, the stanza can be used byExternalisation, 536:the opposing forces to the surface of existence, prior to their "sealing". To the extent that thisExternalisation, 538:earlier referred. This task of reorganization prior to moving outward, will be completed by May,Externalisation, 571:present occult groups which came into existence prior to 1919 will eventually all disappear; theExternalisation, 626:had the appalling statistics of the money spent, prior to the war in every country in the worldExternalisation, 630:or church. In the new age which is upon us, prior to the return of the Christ, the demand forExternalisation, 662:is scientifically stepped down or broken down, prior to distribution to the Ashrams of the fiveExternalisation, 679:and one for which the Hierarchy has had to wait, prior to reappearing. Had the Hierarchy comeExternalisation, 680:His ideas, creates the thought-forms needed prior to manifestation, and makes His arrangements forExternalisation, 688:a definite process of testing out and of trial, prior to and preparatory to some of the higherFire, 137:synthetic. But the purely manasic triangle prior to this merging is, The throat center, The pinealFire, 214:cycles are not given out. The Buddha held office prior to the present World Teacher and upon hisFire, 227:would be facilitated if it were realized that prior to manifestation, or to the birth of a solarFire, 263:the Absolute as He manifests in duality. This is prior to objectivity, which requires the presenceFire, 325:(which magnitude is settled by the Ego prior to incarnation) then obscuration takes place. TheFire, 364:every scheme, human units will be found either prior to physical incarnation, between differentFire, 371:in this chain correspond to the period prior to birth; and that His coming in the fourth round withFire, 372:full beauty of His completed seven cycles, and prior to His merging into His synthesizing goal,Fire, 389:and Human Factor c. A Prophecy We might now, prior to continuing with our subject, name theFire, 393:the Karana Sarira, the seed, the result of prior actions, remains effective, and asserts a strongFire, 431:evolution for the units of the fifth root-race, prior to their passing out of and into anotherFire, 458:its relation to mankind) the mother aspect, prior to the over-shadowing by the Holy Spirit, theFire, 472:that in every action of man the influence of his prior karma constitutes an important element. ForFire, 534:final differentiation of the forty-nine fires, prior to Their union with the fire of Eros. Thus isFire, 542:in a series of many lives spent by the initiate prior to his final emancipation. He becomes in hisFire, 581:to primal sources the material of those forms, prior to rebuilding them anew. On the path ofFire, 592:law governs the crystallization of all forms prior to their shattering in the process of evolution.Fire, 707:bearing in mind that the form is ever prepared prior to occupancy. From the study of this body, weFire, 738:of the unit to his group on the egoic plane, prior to the unfoldment of the fifth petal. ItFire, 741:the permanent atom. Temporarily, and just prior to destruction, it becomes a tiny sevenfold sunFire, 756:of His Feet. When the hour strikes (five years prior to the date of His descent) they will be inFire, 783:activity, for the greater the condensation prior to coordination [784] the more terrific are theFire, 807:it covers the first half of the next round, prior to the great separation. Electric fire isFire, 808:consequent demonstration of divinity upon earth, prior to liberation. As the conscious activity ofFire, 886:seven head centers, and then to focus them all prior to the final liberation in the highest centerFire, 938:devas during the three and a half months prior to the realization of life. This period sees theFire, 946:put himself on the side of evolution, or of God. Prior to that he may, and will, be driven by theFire, 963:particular Ego is embodying (relatively little prior to the third Initiation) or is able toFire, 993:In considering the factors requiring adjustment prior to undertaking the work of magic, we areFire, 998:recollectedness, his indrawing of his forces prior to sending them out concentratedly to hisFire, 1011:esoterically. It must be remembered also that prior to the final two Initiations (the sixth andFire, 1025:magician (when his "shadow" is completed, and prior to the final stages of concretion) must see toFire, 1038:through the ability of the force to destroy prior to building. Thus the cycles can be viewed fromFire, 1118:lotus. At a specific stage in evolution, prior to the opening of the central veiling bud, the three
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