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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRISONER

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Astrology, 116:the situation is reversed and the soul is the prisoner of the personality. This dual bondage isAstrology, 337:awakening to satiety and death. The man is the prisoner of desire and at the moment of consummationDiscipleship1, 676:in himself, as once he was before he entered prisoner into form, he knew not pain. Sickness andDiscipleship1, 761:aspect or vehicle which can hold the disciple a prisoner or any way limited. After the thirdDiscipleship2, 172:independence. No devotee is independent; he is a prisoner of an idea or a person. When ChristDiscipleship2, 244:the material factors which have held the soul a prisoner in the womb of time. Hence, my brothers,Discipleship2, 398:episodes which produce the freeing of the prisoner of the planet" (i.e., the divine, spiritual man)Fire, 417:which he is a voluntary exile himself, to every prisoner who has succeeded in liberating himselfFire, 604:the cosmic etheric body and are no longer held prisoner by a dense material sheath (for the threeFire, 829:from all the lower forms which seek to hold him prisoner. This period of initiation itself isFire, 1126:here is that the black magician remains ever a prisoner; he cannot escape from substance and fromGlamour, 30:and those mental states which have held humanity prisoner to wrong concepts and thoughts. So manyGlamour, 46:- an ideal which he has created. He becomes the prisoner of freedom. He rejects all rule exceptGlamour, 47:gradually growing up around him as he becomes a "prisoner of the fog of freedom" and revels in whatHealing, 298:We are told that Sanat Kumara is the divine prisoner of this planet, held here until the "lastHealing, 487:of the soul seeking liberation. It still "holds prisoner" the many people who die whilst theirHealing, 515:cycle of incarnation and so held the soul a prisoner to form. To the soul, the personality connotesHealing, 599:he is; it is this principle which makes him a prisoner within the form and upon the planet, andHercules, 57:men who are the sons of God." Silent lie lay a prisoner on the altar, bound to its corners four forHercules, 126:released the savage beast, making it the prisoner of his skill. He wrestled with the boar andHercules, 146:of comfort, the spirit wilts and fades. The prisoner of comfort sinks back in apathy, forgettingMagic, 490:seen which can prove a limitation and keep him a prisoner and hold him back from progress. He is soMagic, 532:in himself, as once he was before he entered prisoner into form, he knew not pain. Sickness andMagic, 536:of history, the picture of the emerging prisoner, Man, can be seen in clear delineation. Little byMagic, 574:detachment and he would have no desire to take prisoner the mind of his brother. But if his wordsPatanjali, 153:of the world of form which has held his spirit a prisoner for so long. This Patanjali points out inPatanjali, 412:of material forces which seeks to hold the soul prisoner, and constitute the great illusion. ThePsychology2, 24:soul becomes ever more deeply hidden, the prisoner of the form nature. The entire forces of thePsychology2, 35:limitation and in no way holds the Blessed One a prisoner, because His consciousness is in no wayPsychology2, 36:'I have built and strongly built, but am a prisoner within my building. My light is hidden. Only myPsychology2, 37:destroy that which has veiled the truth. The prisoner can go free. The rending of the blindingPsychology2, 360:space of aeons, you have woven. These hold thee prisoner. Be still. Rush not from point to point,Rays, 162:developed, but it no longer holds the disciple a prisoner. Then, at a later stage upon the Path of
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