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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROBABLE

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Astrology, 223:place the other rays in relation to him and his probable experience. The other point to which IAtom, 131:of the power within the atom itself; it is very probable that before long we shall harness theBethlehem, 81:vision of something that is possible but not probable; it is not simply a symbolic expression ofBethlehem, 92:as yet have the faintest conception? Is it not probable that our sentient apparatus is stillBethlehem, 210:interested in a possible heavenly state or a probable hell. They need to learn that the kingdom isBethlehem, 239:the premise of the unseen and invisible, it is probable that we shall eventually penetrate to itDestiny, 41:result, though They can frequently determine the probable happenings. If I say to you that theDiscipleship2, 70:to you; this, in the majority of cases is not probable, though a small minority - a very smallDiscipleship2, 70:to physical plane life. This latter is the most probable for those who are not taking initiationsDiscipleship2, 360:of the destroying aspect of the will. The probable duration of the cycle in which the Plan canDiscipleship2, 538:take action with as full an understanding of the probable following effects as you can manage toEducation, 71:then be studied from the standpoint of their probable point upon the ladder of evolution, and willExternalisation, 66:to enlarge upon this theme, owing to the probable personality reactions which those who read theseExternalisation, 117:line of action, pondering upon and deducing the probable effects before committing himself to anyExternalisation, 137:to make the future of right decision more probable than at any previous time in the history of theExternalisation, 261:the problem. It is possible, but not, perhaps, probable. The problem of a blended demand from theExternalisation, 268:They will do this is not for us to say; the most probable method will be through the over-shadowingExternalisation, 309:His Representative, to humanity - can be a probable happening if the world disciples and aspirantsExternalisation, 377:world order is possible and that it is even probable. How can we simply and clearly express theFire, 417:development of the mind in man and hint at some probable developments; we shall endeavor to showFire, 418:subheadings: The characteristics of manas. Probable developments of the human mind. Manas in theFire, 754:appropriation of this vesture, much light upon probable happenings will be thrown. The vestures actGlamour, 142:of achievement or of non-achievement, the more probable it will be that the work will proceed withHealing, 77:and this knowledge will reveal to the healer the probable condition of the centers, the order ofHealing, 235:to the non-esotericist as possible but not probable and as fanciful and too general in nature. ThisHealing, 452:determination to live persists, so will be the probable duration of the physical plane [453] life;Healing, 548:conditions in which disease becomes possible and probable. You can see, therefore, how the healingHealing, 566:the above questions will demonstrate to you how probable it is that the soul's inclination to "theHercules, 217:p. 23,by Homer Curtiss. An interesting and more probable definition of the word "Zodiac" is givenIntellect, 162:destiny of all human beings, and it seems probable that some day the mind itself will lie as muchMagic, 388:of phenomena in order to work with the Plan is probable, but he will not need to undergo theMagic, 424:of psychology and the investigation of their probable source are the first weak attempts towardsPatanjali, 397:determination to live persists so will be the probable duration of the physical plane life, butPsychology1, 166:was only five hundred years. It seems probable that Buddhism arose under the influence of thePsychology2, 712:of the personality. They are perhaps the most probable reactions for the majority. If there isReappearance, 61:consideration and spiritual speculation upon the probable lines which His work will take. Over theSoul, 61:yet fathomed; but if, as is now regarded as very probable, atomic matter is a structure in ether,Soul, 62:or other instruments; does it not appear probable that it can enter once more in itself, sinceSoul, 71:the testimony of the centuries as to the probable location of the soul consciousness. [72] Soul, 90:emphasis is no longer [90] laid on the probable location of the soul. The mind has emerged into theSoul, 122:heart are not wanting, it is true... but it is probable that physiologically the 'navel' was the
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