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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROBABLY

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Fire, 197:of the word touch is somewhat obscure, but probably means to "draw with quick motion". Herein liesFire, 711:to in the book of the same name, correspond very probably to the seven cantos of this sacred poem.Fire, 852:"mystically transplanted." These latter are probably of a high degree of unfoldment. This isFire, 882:refers: - S. D., I, 192. These four are probably those with which man has dealt the most, in thisFire, 1017:to the strength of the animal life, but more probably death would immediately ensue. 4 SeveralFire, 1042:In the previous solar system atoms and mind were probably synonymous terms. It resulted in theFire, 1131:results in service that for many lives have been probably a dream or an impossible vision. When heGlamour, 37:mind. Six months ago I felt that it was probably impossible for L.T.S-K. to free himself [38] fromGlamour, 63:be working. The over-activity of his mind is probably responsible for his so seizing upon thisGlamour, 128:with which to deal as it should (even though it probably may not) constitute the major glamor ofGlamour, 132:the ideal that the world is today suffering - probably inevitably. The imposition of these humanlyGlamour, 150:they may condition the future experience (probably in another life) in such a manner that theGlamour, 257:disciples or aspirants could use - or, more probably, misuse. Their first responsibility is toHealing, 124:to the urge of his soul or of his personality - probably the latter in the early stages.Healing, 352:healing art. Later, in a few years' time, we can probably begin to deal with specific cases. IHealing, 377:of the laws of electricity than they probably had in the physical body. There is nothing butHealing, 551:the patient, that it cannot be denied and is probably entirely correct and to be depended upon. ItHealing, 565:so frequently from physical difficulties? It is probably because they are at the stage where theHealing, 645:intrinsic parts. There is an unbreakable (though probably unrealized) relationship between theHealing, 647:who endeavored to establish rapport would probably only succeed in stimulating the lunar lords ofHealing, 708:the light of any knowledge you may have (and you probably have more than you realize), particularlyHercules, 50:and spurious, have been with us, and today is probably no worse than 5,000 years ago, except thatHercules, 133:Were he concerned about himself alone, he would probably retreat to a library, and spend his daysHercules, 168:are forceful, you are wielding power, you are probably the center of your group. If you are anHercules, 186:We are dealing entirely with forces. We shall probably have a new language, the symbolic languageInitiation, 85:will be rapid, the third and fourth following probably in the same life, or the succeeding. TheIntellect, 131:aside, and the exercise of a higher and hitherto probably unused faculty must take its place. TheIntellect, 172:of the illuminative state, we have [172] probably also the origin of the halo depicted around theIntellect, 219:to forget that we have a physical body. This is probably for the Westerner the sitting attitude;Intellect, 248:well. We see and know, etc., etc." He would probably laugh and continue with the activity or dutyIntellect, 251:or from some great Teacher is a puzzle. It probably feeds his pride - again quite unconsciously -Intellect, 258:There is nothing sinful in marriage and it is probably the way out for many who would otherwiseMagic, 188:the aspirant has the least to say and may very probably misinterpret. Spiritual ambition, theMagic, 297:the sentient body of a human being I will probably help the most if I deal with it in terms of itsMagic, 335:The third development, which will be the last probably to take place, will be more strictly in theMeditation, 178:average man, even if he knows the mantram, will probably fail in calling a deva, for it involvesMeditation, 197:reblended, resulting in certain effects having probably a physical manifestation. The alignment ofMeditation, 241:for you somewhat the trend the matter will probably take. [242] Application of Color in Healing WeMeditation, 307:will be one school for the Latin countries, probably in Italy or Southern France, but much dependsMeditation, 318:school, and graduated from all the lower grades. Probably these three will comprise the entirePatanjali, 302:meditate upon the moon." Either is correct and probably a true understanding of the Sanskrit isPsychology1, 92:and the findings of visionary people (who were probably psychopathic cases) are not enough to provePsychology1, 167:the fifth rays respectively. Christianity and probably Buddhism were the result of sixth rayPsychology1, 169:fixed in accordance with karmic necessities, and probably all of us - whatever our primary orPsychology1, 274:a realization of a worldwide condition which is probably quite different to their ordinary surmise.Psychology1, 302:humanity and rebuild our civilization. They are probably too simple to evoke an interestedPsychology2, 83:there is such a thing as electricity, that it probably accounts for all that can be seen, sensedPsychology2, 208:is purely speculative, and can be regarded probably unprofitable; it may also be interesting, butPsychology2, 242:Forces and Knowers. The above information will probably evoke much interest from those students whoPsychology2, 433:descriptions would have been omitted and probably not even perceived, and only the values -Psychology2, 488:life." This, as he is mystically inclined and probably aspires normally towards goodness and thePsychology2, 494:dreams were originally regarded as undesirable, probably because they revealed or indicated, in thePsychology2, 585:planetary connotations (which is interesting but probably quite useless to you) I would add that:Psychology2, 602:When this astral cycle is over and he later (and probably in another life) swings into a franklyPsychology2, 639:their specific loyalties and endeavors, though probably modifying their methods considerably, wherePsychology2, 708:Great Approaches In these four points there is probably indicated enough to [709] make clear, or atRays, 334:the incarnation of individual Members. This is probably a subtle point too difficult for you toRays, 395:decision. The crisis of the new step which will probably "cast Him adrift upon the shore of someRays, 415:Path but other plans confront Him now and will probably claim His choice. 6. Sanat Kumara is not onRays, 476:and my Father are one." The above is a brief and probably meaningless statement exceptRays, 566:it as outlined on page 340. This you will probably find more interesting, but you will comprehendRays, 721:before making Their final decision (which will probably remove Them from the Path of EarthReappearance, 24:of ancient date; yet the modern commentator is probably more intelligent and better educated thanReappearance, 61:He will do and also the teaching which He will probably give. The fact of the continuity of theReappearance, 167:The truth is that he is doing so little that probably one hour out of the twenty-four (or perhapsSoul, 35:the nature of man is thus accounted for! "It is probably true," continues Dr. Leary, "that, in theSoul, 49:and forests. The emotion experienced by them is probably anger with a sort of blood-lust, and noSoul, 63:in the universe, the asserters of it will probably bring for proofs several of the phenomena I amSoul, 66:no one supposes it be a psychic entity; but it probably subserves psychical purposes, just asSoul, 85:to be compiled, the very magnitude of the task probably serving as a deterrent. Speculation hasSoul, 86:certain cells, meaning cavities or ventricles, probably was to give more room for the pneuma, theSoul, 102:'in truth this is that,' of Brih. 5.4, which is probably an imitation of the other. The sameSoul, 105:Power, p. 3. These two points of view account probably for the phenomenon of the human being. AsTelepathy, 8:man or woman will learn nothing, and will probably receive no messages, unless faked. Hence,Telepathy, 18:the throat center, but the recipient will probably use the solar plexus center. The throat centerTelepathy, 118:must become sensitive." This sentence requires probably a quite serious readjustment in theTelepathy, 120:I will here make a statement which will probably convey nothing to the intelligence of the averageTelepathy, 126:and of that for which humanity stands is probably the primary and major aspect of the divineTelepathy, 141:time and for several hundred years afterwards (probably about three hundred years) the astral bodyTelepathy, 177:within a house, and that house (another form) is probably one of many similar houses, placed theTelepathy, 184:position, responsibility and relationships. This probably sounds entirely meaningless in relation
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