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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROBATIONARY

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Glamour, 148:bulk of humanity, until a man stands upon the Probationary Path, are under the control of maya, forGlamour, 162:and maya. Advanced thinkers, those upon the Probationary Path, upon the Path of Discipleship, andGlamour, 172:and bringing men in large numbers on to the Probationary Path. Where there is "divine indifference"Glamour, 207:reacts. The time, however, comes when the probationary disciple becomes aware of these instinctualGlamour, 251:available for the use of the aspirant and the probationary disciple. The inner or divine eye isHealing, 34:aspirant (those ready for, or already on, the probationary path) [35] we find the above threeHealing, 138:The objective before the aspirant or the probationary disciple is to transfer the forces from theHealing, 152:men who are at this time the aspirants and the probationary disciples of the world. (Forget notHealing, 152:man. The throat center for the aspirant and probationary disciple. The ajna center for disciplesHealing, 170:personality for all humanity below the grade of probationary disciple. At that point the mindHealing, 193:steps out of the general mass and steps upon the probationary path, and thus becomes a candidateHealing, 344:in this arrangement in the subtle bodies of the probationary disciple and of the acceptingHealing, 497:and dynamic until it reaches the state where the probationary disciple - under steadily growingHealing, 507:primarily the phase of the final stages of the Probationary Path (where the work consciouslyHealing, 514:these factors produce violent conflict upon the Probationary Path, which increases as the man stepsHercules, 102:sign that we have the last of the tests on the probationary path. When the labor of this sign ends,Hercules, 121:arms. It is the common cross of those who have probationary status. Its description is as follows:Hercules, 209:and to regard the race as standing upon the probationary path, the path of purification. IfHercules, 227:interesting to note that the first labor on the probationary path started with a partial failure,Initiation, viii:for the condition of discipleship and tread the Probationary Path. Hundreds in the East and in theInitiation, viii:felt in advanced men, and increasingly on the Probationary Path until by the third initiation theInitiation, 9:Initiation, of wisdom, of knowledge, or of the probationary Path, what do we mean? We use the wordsInitiation, 63: Initiation, Human and Solar - Chapter VII - The Probationary Path THE PROBATIONARY PATHInitiation, 63:Solar - Chapter VII - The Probationary Path THE PROBATIONARY PATH Preparation for Initiation TheInitiation, 63:PROBATIONARY PATH Preparation for Initiation The Probationary Path precedes the Path of InitiationInitiation, 63:initiation, corresponding to the birth hour. The Probationary Path corresponds to the latter periodInitiation, 64:initiation is attained. Whilst the man is on the Probationary Path he is taught principally to knowInitiation, 65:tests are passed. A number of the Egos on the Probationary Path are in the department that isInitiation, 65:the spiritually inclined, who are not yet on the Probationary Path, attend instructions fromInitiation, 65:Egos. The very advanced, and those on the Probationary Path and nearing initiation, work moreInitiation, 65: Initiation, Human and Solar - Chapter VII - The Probationary Path Methods of Teaching ThreeInitiation, 66: Initiation, Human and Solar - Chapter VII - The Probationary Path Masters and Disciples DisciplesInitiation, 66:and Disciples Disciples and advanced Egos on the Probationary Path receive instruction at thisInitiation, 79:tests as to the position of a man upon the Probationary Path is that which concerns his attitude toInitiation, 82:this sacrifice be voluntary. He who treads the Probationary Path and the Path of Holiness is he whoInitiation, 85:on all the three bodies now, as we tread the Probationary Path. At this initiation, should theInitiation, 110:relationship with a man until he stands upon the probationary path. When he has, through his ownInitiation, 185:or developed those required for traversing the Probationary Path, not to mention the Path ofInitiation, 185:the Path of Initiation, by the discipline of the Probationary Path, by the careful direction of theInitiation, 192:as long as he desires in the treading of the Probationary Path. The man who seeks initiation is inMagic, 38:the way from that tiny group recognition of the probationary disciple up to the completed groupMagic, 119:time speeds by and the man nears the goal of the probationary path. Magic, 129:endurance, and an ability to proceed along the probationary path toward the portal of initiation,Magic, 164:verge of acceptance, and thousands are upon the probationary path. [165] In all truly esotericMagic, 165:of discipleship, and the final stages of the probationary path. The disciple becomes aware ofMagic, 182:of Teachers with whom the average aspirants and probationary disciples may be in touch on theMagic, 231:that he can stand. Later, it is the experienced probationary disciple who wrestles in the vale ofMagic, 236:their application to the average life of the probationary disciple, and to gain a wiseMagic, 237:of his physical plane life. The student on the probationary path is learning a similar lesson inMagic, 264:in their entirety. As a man nears the Path, the Probationary Path becomes strewn with manyMagic, 276:physical plane are a large band of aspirants, probationary disciples and accepted disciples who areMagic, 281:predominant factors right up to the stage of the Probationary Path. These are the forces inherentMagic, 306:or a really big soul ready to tread the Probationary Path. He has had a touch of soul contact; heMagic, 352:You are right in your assumption that the probationary path corresponds to the later stages of theMagic, 353:and disciples, aspirants and those upon the probationary path are being gathered around Them nowMagic, 362:or wheels which in the spiritual man upon the probationary path move slowly in one direction, butMagic, 391:three-fifths perhaps, stand close to the Probationary Path, and with the coming in of the new ageMagic, 404:goal before all aspirants. With the exception of probationary disciples who are not as yetMagic, 636:point out the penalties which will overtake the probationary disciple and the trained worker shouldMeditation, 32:but towards the end of incarnation, - on the Probationary Path and on the Path of Initiation - theMeditation, 36:come into line, and the man stands on the Probationary Path. He is ignorant yet of what lies ahead,Meditation, 61:be very practical. I speak for the man on the Probationary Path, who has therefore an intellectualMeditation, 69:of people, with the guidance of persons on the probationary path, and with the development of theMeditation, 73:The three major centers for the man nearing the Probationary Path, and for the man who is aiming atMeditation, 144:It is the next step ahead for those upon the Probationary Path. It is not achieved by simply givingMeditation, 148:the mystic path might be expressed by the term, Probationary Path. Before the occultist canMeditation, 200:is more comprehended, when many people tread the Probationary Path, when the percentage ofMeditation, 251:They will approach a point of synthesis, and the Probationary Path will then be trodden. The Law ofMeditation, 268:thing he is supposed to be developing on the probationary path is the faculty of abstract thought,Meditation, 273:idea of the rights and powers acquired on the Probationary Path and on the Path of Initiation. TheMeditation, 315:those vehicles. These instructors must be on the Probationary Path and earnestly devoted to thePatanjali, 18:degree these words occur and are of value to all probationary and accepted disciples. ThePatanjali, 39:and covers the time from their entrance upon the Probationary Path until they have taken the secondPatanjali, 130:His group center. This is the stage of the probationary path or the Path of Discipleship up to thePatanjali, 168:the first incarnation up to the treading of the Probationary Path. Stage II covers the period ofPatanjali, 168:Path. Stage II covers the period of the Probationary Path up to the third initiation [169] upon thePatanjali, 208:and are the two aspects of the discipline of the Probationary Path. The old commentary which formsPatanjali, 278:of time which began when a man stepped upon the probationary path. Experiences prior to that arePatanjali, 384:the life of the aspirant in which he is upon the probationary path, the path of purification,Patanjali, 422:given and from the moment of stepping upon the probationary path until that high moment when thePsychology1, 39:appearance. He stands then on the verge of the probationary path. He enters the world of qualityPsychology1, 113:of disciples that counts, and its relation to probationary disciples on the physical plane, who arePsychology2, 72:character and the qualities developed upon the Probationary Path. The effort to draw forth thePsychology2, 131:the treading of the Path of Discipleship or the Probationary Path. These are well known. They arePsychology2, 152:he has been subjected to the discipline of the Probationary Path, or the Path of Purification. HePsychology2, 159:inevitably triumph. Once the aspirant upon the Probationary Path has a vision of this: (no matterPsychology2, 175:student the simplest achievement of the Probationary Path. It would, however, be well if we couldPsychology2, 187:groups will consist primarily of those on the Probationary Path or the Path of Discipleship)Psychology2, 206:of such an order that they can pass on to the Probationary Path. They are the mystics, conscious ofPsychology2, 210:"pralaya" till that time), entered upon the probationary Path a very short time ahead of HisPsychology2, 274:place in the personality life when upon the probationary path. Then the individual aspirant - afterPsychology2, 275:individualized itself in a human form, so the probationary aspirant, also as a result of a plannedPsychology2, 275:the life of the aspirant when he shifts off the probationary path and moves on to the path ofPsychology2, 286:the man is then definitely an aspirant upon the probationary path. 4. Aspirants are now becomingPsychology2, 292:ray and usually when the man is nearing the probationary path. This means that the mental vehiclePsychology2, 304:This stage precedes a man's passing on to the Probationary Path and is the stage whichPsychology2, 334:are beginning to use the mind, who are upon the probationary path, or who are nearing the Path ofPsychology2, 344:of the aspirant as he reorients himself upon the probationary path, and becomes increasingly awarePsychology2, 350:and thought life. Advanced humanity upon the Probationary Path is fusing these three divine aspectsPsychology2, 351:become members of the Kingdom of God. Upon the Probationary Path, though only during its later
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