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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROBATIONERS

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Astrology, 464:and experience. [464] Aspirants and probationers express responsiveness to the pull of theAutobiography, 195:There are in the world today many schools for probationers and they are doing great and noble andAutobiography, 195:out that the E.S. was the best school for probationers in the world as it fed the fires ofDiscipleship1, 118:Path, those who are the average people or the probationers who are treading the Path for the firstDiscipleship1, 150:the intelligent masses, the aspirants and the probationers, through your ability to reach them withDiscipleship2, 87:cannot be lowered. It is not a school for probationers. It will consequently always remainDiscipleship2, 665:who are not yet in my Ashram, who are still probationers, and lead them on. Prepare them for theFire, 455:fourth Initiation) and of certain disciples and probationers, all on this Ray and all trueFire, 493:Path, 'a little child' being the name applied to probationers and disciples. In the vegetable andFire, 979:and Asia had a rule that all neophytes and probationers were not permitted to speak for two yearsMagic, 354:stand the still more advanced - the aspirants, probationers and disciples of the world. They workMagic, 402:To train the men and women who were then probationers, chelas and initiates so that in due timeMeditation, 294:with His affiliated pupils or disciples or probationers. Other groups, formed of units diverse andPatanjali, 53:to the Path are disciples of lesser disciples, Probationers on the Path are disciples of higherPatanjali, 361:who are just entering the Path. These are the probationers, the aspirants Those whose intuition isPsychology1, 106:may work intermittently with small groups of probationers to whom They offer opportunity and givePsychology1, 106:hint. Each of Them has a few, a very few, probationers in training, to take the place of chelas whoPsychology1, 113:aspiration, the meeting of the desire of the probationers and the feeding of spiritual ambitionPsychology1, 171:their ray - the Masters, Their disciples and the probationers grouped themselves into three mainPsychology2, 198:Philosophy Devotion Idealism Astral Unity - The Probationers. 3. Service Humanitarian Activity TheRays, 16:important work, is being taken by disciples and probationers. It is this truth, misinterpreted andRays, 231:or who are members of an Ashram, or who, as probationers, are upon the periphery of the greatRays, 374:upon humanity: On evolved men, aspirants, probationers and disciples, the effect is stimulating and
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