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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROBLEM

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Autobiography, 199:my days were full of seeing people who had some problem or other and hoped I could solve it. ThereAutobiography, 200:and the mystery they aroused around the whole problem of sex was a dangerous thing in an innocentAutobiography, 200:was raised. Just what is the solution of the sex problem of the races I do not know. I do know thatAutobiography, 202:are on our way towards the solution of the sex problem. What it will be I do not know, but I trustAutobiography, 202:via the stork and similar approaches to the sex problem, and they are many, are an insult to theAutobiography, 202:the risks exist. I would like to have the sex problem approached by the physician as he talks toAutobiography, 203:years I naturally had to face the boy and girl problem. I have three most attractive daughters andAutobiography, 204:boy so they were followed everywhere. I laid the problem before a rich friend of mine and she paidAutobiography, 216:us about meditation or in connection with some problem or other. Members of the TheosophicalAutobiography, 269:further development is regarded as the personal problem of the disciple and not that of the teacherAutobiography, 284:students in the Arcane School are working at the problem of personality integration or at the taskAutobiography, 289:source of all wars. The solution of this world problem lies in the emergence of a spiritual groupAutobiography, 300:preliminary training which would help in this problem of ashramic personnel. Secondly, [301] thereAutobiography, 303:pushing forward of the program of solving the problem of the right relation of money toBethlehemand a difficult cycle in which I faced the problem of my own relation to Christ and toBethlehemwhole, carries with it the solution of our world problem. Most heartily do I endorse the words ofBethlehem, ix:concern and the supreme desire of God. The problem of God is a human problem. The problem of man isBethlehem, ix:desire of God. The problem of God is a human problem. The problem of man is a Divine problem... ManBethlehem, ix:God. The problem of God is a human problem. The problem of man is a Divine problem... Man is theBethlehem, ix:a human problem. The problem of man is a Divine problem... Man is the counterpart of God and HisBethlehem, 4:as the easiest way out of the impasse. The problem of religion and the problem of orthodoxBethlehem, 4:of the impasse. The problem of religion and the problem of orthodox Christianity are not one andBethlehem, 13:and for this specific reason: the central problem of life is to lay hold upon our divinity and toBethlehem, 68:perhaps, than we care to think it is. The world problem today is bread, and our anxieties, ourBethlehem, 68:and our struggles are based upon the economic problem of how to feed the peoples. Today the wholeBethlehem, 81:divinity, what can we do? In this question our problem is voiced. What is the next step, theBethlehem, 110:was His will [110] be ours when we meet the problem in the spirit in which He met it, turning theBethlehem, 113:Christ and the devil. In these last two the problem of the three temptations is summed up. TheseBethlehem, 116:To the man who is but a little evolved the problem of divinity as a whole does not present itself.Bethlehem, 116:be preoccupied only with the detail, with the problem in the immediate foreground of his life. ThisBethlehem, 116:Christ, or for the man nearing perfection, the problem must be handled as a whole, and the lifeBethlehem, 116:problem must be handled as a whole, and the life problem must be considered from the angle ofBethlehem, 117:attitude in temptation and our response to the problem presented by the devil. If that Word isBethlehem, 122:stands confronted with this temptation. Its problem is economic. It is concerned basically andBethlehem, 122:bread, just as, symbolically speaking, Christ's problem was the problem of food. The world is facedBethlehem, 122:symbolically speaking, Christ's problem was the problem of food. The world is faced with a materialBethlehem, 122:fed is equally true. Upon what basis shall the problem be met? Will one be regarded as tooBethlehem, 122:and reoriented as a spiritual being his problem will automatically take care of itself? One surelyBethlehem, 122:as do many today, that the solution of the problem lies in a revaluation of life and a re-educationBethlehem, 122:will so regard one. But the solving of man's problem solely in terms of his physical needs may onlyBethlehem, 128:ambition. Ambition is, par excellence, the problem of the developed aspirant and disciple -Bethlehem, 138:everywhere, and this in itself presents a problem with which psychologists are constantlyBethlehem, 138:of transcendental values have produced an acute problem for the world. The primitive and theBethlehem, 139:the divine - which education should effect. This problem of the two selves, which Christ soBethlehem, 139:synthesized in Himself, is the strictly human problem. The secondary self, in contradistinction toBethlehem, 139:and in the interaction of the two the human problem is focused. Man himself makes this clear. InBethlehem, 139:to the good; for it sets it its characteristic problem, the conquest of the bad. And the good isBethlehem, 139:by B. Bosanquet, p. 210. Here lies man's problem, and here lie his triumph and the expression ofBethlehem, 164:experience and revelation. The immediate problem for all who are seeking this new knowledge, andBethlehem, 179:He came? The fact of Christ constitutes no problem to those who know Him. They realize, past allBethlehem, 201:These thoughts bring us directly to the central problem of sin which is (in the last analysis) theBethlehem, 201:of sin which is (in the last analysis) the problem of man's essential duality, before he has madeBethlehem, 204:interrelation everywhere. Herein lies our major problem. Our study in connection with sin and evilBethlehem, 204:main to reveal the fundamental character of our problem as resulting from a failure of faith and aBethlehem, 205:beings. The way in which we handle this daily problem demonstrates either our divinity or ourBethlehem, 212:the failure of love constitutes the outstanding problem in the agony in the Garden; it was thisBethlehem, 218:two - the mother and the Father. Therein is His problem, and therein is [219] found the problem ofBethlehem, 219:is His problem, and therein is [219] found the problem of every human being. Christ draws the twoBethlehem, 219:these two produces the son. This is humanity's problem and humanity's opportunity. The fourth WordBethlehem, 219:long hours He wrestled in the dark with the problem of the relation of God and the soul. Spirit andBethlehem, 226:facts. It is essential that today we face the problem of the relation of Christ to the modernBethlehem, 238:of His beloved Son, Jesus Christ. This whole problem of death and immortality is engrossing a greatBethlehem, 239:of immortality is closely linked with the problem of divinity and of the unseen, subjective world,Bethlehem, 245:consecutively possible, to hold the clue to the problem of immortality. The entire story of ChristBethlehem, 247:Few of us, if asked seriously to consider the problem and seriously to give an answer, would feelBethlehem, 248:thoughts are of importance in considering this problem of value, which is so amazingly evidenced byBethlehem, 262:How shall we arrive at an understanding of the problem of death, with the surmounting of theBethlehem, 262:answer and program for the solution of the problem of human perfection, the problem of a new world,Bethlehem, 262:solution of the problem of human perfection, the problem of a new world, and the problem ofBethlehem, 262:perfection, the problem of a new world, and the problem of immortality. That humanity is on its wayBethlehem, 264:expressed and inaugurated, and to deal with the problem of our individual perfecting, in order thatBethlehem, 267:Godlike in quality. This in itself constitutes a problem, for unless the divine in us is somewhatDestiny, 11:will determine the trend of world affairs. The problem before the Hierarchy at this time is so toDestiny, 18:order to make the desired application of it. The problem of the Hierarchy at this time is toDestiny, 32:of time indicates a growing awareness of the problem itself and of the need for understanding theDestiny, 34:will be solved in the next two centuries: The problem of territorial possessions which is the groupDestiny, 34:to the materiality of the individual. The problem of sex which will involve a truer understandingDestiny, 34:understanding of the law of attraction. The problem of death, which is in reality the problem ofDestiny, 34:The problem of death, which is in reality the problem of the relation between the subjective andDestiny, 34:the intangible, and between life and form. This problem will be solved in the realm of psychologyDestiny, 34:the individual or soul and of the persona. The problem of the Jews which is symbolically theDestiny, 34:problem of the Jews which is symbolically the problem of humanity as a whole. It is today for theDestiny, 34:for the first time definitely a humanitarian problem and one which is closely tied up with theDestiny, 35:we shall see a very different world. The world problem is essentially a religious problem andDestiny, 35:The world problem is essentially a religious problem and behind all strife in every department ofDestiny, 36:events. Hence the increasing difficulty of the problem and one that is equally difficult for theDestiny, 45:to and antagonistic to each other. The problem is that, owing to the developed sensitivity of theDestiny, 46:this they definitely constitute today the major problem of the Hierarchy, so much so that theyDestiny, 70:the nation or country under consideration. The problem is likewise complicated because there willDestiny, 76:of Power and the Ray of the Destroyer. The whole problem of French-German relations is tied up inDestiny, 80:of Germany. Here lies the crux of the world problem. Great Britain, with her soul ray ruled byDestiny, 91:people and basically making the soil their problem. Hence the prominence of agriculture in theDestiny, 91:government with cotton problems, the corn belt problem and many other issues of moment. Ray 6. -Destiny, 99:thing is happening to the American people. The problem of shifting idealism is great, as I haveDestiny, 108:duty lies. His point in evolution determines his problem. Thus the two groups are working inDestiny, 109:Life in the New Age To understand a little the problem involved and the differing modes of workDestiny, 130:his vision. The seventh ray disciple has no such problem. By his knowledge of ritual (which is theDiscipleship1, XIV:this fivefold relationship lies hid much of the problem of the evolving human being. The TibetanDiscipleship1, 4:the best we can. Note, therefore, the difficult problem confronting those who are guiding worldDiscipleship1, 6:of modern life in the great cities. Such is your problem and such is my problem as I seek to aid
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