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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROBLEM

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Discipleship1, 6:cities. Such is your problem and such is my problem as I seek to aid you. Discipleship1, 6:to Disciples - Part I For me, there is also the problem of excessive expenditure of force as IDiscipleship1, 6:your auras. This has not hitherto been the problem of the Eastern Teachers, except in very rareDiscipleship1, 7:Forget not, therefore, that I also have a problem which I am willing to undertake for the sake of aDiscipleship1, 14:come to you, throwing a flood of light upon a problem and revealing the way that you or the groupDiscipleship1, 26:hitherto held him on the astral plane, so the problem before the Hierarchy today is to bring aboutDiscipleship1, 27:and its capacity to deal with any or every problem. This leads inevitably to isolation andDiscipleship1, 39:main initial work will be concerned with the problem of reincarnation. That problem deals with theDiscipleship1, 39:with the problem of reincarnation. That problem deals with the taking of an outer garment or formDiscipleship1, 49:member (and perhaps several) who constitute a problem to themselves and to their group brothers.Discipleship1, 56:and mental lucidity. How must he deal with this problem? Physical fatigue need not necessarilyDiscipleship1, 56:maintains its usual high level. The emotional problem may be the hardest. But only the disciple canDiscipleship1, 69:their disciples and advanced humanity; it is the problem of humanity itself, as a whole, to work inDiscipleship1, 77:by your personal glamors, by your individual problem or by your slow reactions to known truth. TheDiscipleship1, 87:synthesis, relation - indicate the goal and the problem of the disciple, plus the resultant effectDiscipleship1, 88:of those limits which constitutes their main problem at this time; they have to learn that it isDiscipleship1, 88:is responsible. This definitely complicates your problem and that of all disciples: it tends toDiscipleship1, 92:to do nothing because it is the disciple's own problem. He can only endeavor to enhance the desireDiscipleship1, 94:initiation, what would you say was the Master's problem? I am assuming that the Master knows hisDiscipleship1, 94:definite measure of soul contact. The Master's problem is to teach him the stabilization of theDiscipleship1, 96:and set apart and thereby complicate his problem and his effort; they might lose a sense ofDiscipleship1, 107:in the head and remember that for you the problem is to become an "extrovert of the heart type"Discipleship1, 112:which should receive immediate attention. Our problem is to awaken it and set its two majorDiscipleship1, 117:[117] are related. A great deal of your problem in this life (where your esoteric unfoldment isDiscipleship1, 119:sentences in which I would like to state your problem and its solution are as follows: "The magnetDiscipleship1, 121:This analysis should throw much light upon your problem for you will note the dominance of theDiscipleship1, 122:remains to be made and one major sacrifice. Your problem is, as you know, to effect thisDiscipleship1, 124:was hard for you to identify yourself with the problem of the hour, so occupied were you with theDiscipleship1, 126:can I convey to this disciple the nature of his problem? I will put it in this form. Your egoicDiscipleship1, 126:your devoted personality. There lies your problem. The need of every disciple is ever to develop aDiscipleship1, 126:and personality and that is, therefore, your problem, even if it seems to you an elementaryDiscipleship1, 126:problem, even if it seems to you an elementary problem. What you need to do is to focus the energyDiscipleship1, 127:without my further elaborating. Such is your problem. How shall we change your egoic focus and, atDiscipleship1, 129:will and can achieve much in this life. Your problem is that of a versatile, advanced second rayDiscipleship1, 135:energies upon which they can draw at will. Your problem is predominantly the establishing of aDiscipleship1, 135:wisdom. So it is with you. Be occupied with the problem of sensitive response and not with theDiscipleship1, 138:second ray type, I would say the following: Your problem is twofold and when it yields to solutionDiscipleship1, 138:- already large - will increase. You have the problem of a devitalized etheric body and also of aDiscipleship1, 141:not with clarity understand, ask A. A. B. whose problem was in some points yours. I have told herDiscipleship1, 141:to acquire and this, for you, is an immediate problem. The will of persistence you have. TheDiscipleship1, 143:I again make reference to this matter. Your problem is a very real one, but by no means an unusualDiscipleship1, 143:two methods of solution, once the nature of the problem is seen and realized. There is the methodDiscipleship1, 147:I see in you a better comprehension of this problem and an increased facility in application. YouDiscipleship1, 148:has been great. But it is now over and your problem must be to relax, not so much in the physicalDiscipleship1, 149:body and how to strengthen it is your great problem and your immediate task. I mean not to inferDiscipleship1, 149:become World Saviors, because the psychological problem with themselves is faced and solved - andDiscipleship1, 149:to aid you. One thing only I will say: Your problem has far less to do with your own individualDiscipleship1, 149:- as I earlier pointed out - is the clue to your problem. You need thus to stand and with greaterDiscipleship1, 152:ray, there is presented always an engrossing problem of balance. There will be, in such cases, aDiscipleship1, 152:extent and this again constitutes a definite problem. Your rays, therefore, are: The soul or egoicDiscipleship1, 153:department of your being. In connection with the problem of service and the finding of rightDiscipleship1, 153:the beginning of your training. Always has your problem been that of the true second ray disciple.Discipleship1, 155:You will note, my brother, how you reverse the problem of B. S. D. because your personality ray,Discipleship1, 155:pointed out to you the difficult nature of your problem which is that most subtle one of the rightDiscipleship1, 155:or differences and on soul levels no problem of any kind exists - except the problem ofDiscipleship1, 155:no problem of any kind exists - except the problem of understanding love. Of this you know much.Discipleship1, 155:your personality ray does the same. Hence your problem and hence the facility with which you canDiscipleship1, 162:day's routine... This has for years been your problem. Yet this scant twenty minutes, taken eachDiscipleship1, 167:will give. It is not for me to deal with this problem, as we shoulder not the responsibilities ofDiscipleship1, 167:three sentences may aid you in handling your problem and help your progress as a worker: The senseDiscipleship1, 168:so rapidly. At the same time it provides a problem that unending problem of the balancing of forcesDiscipleship1, 168:same time it provides a problem that unending problem of the balancing of forces which is the majorDiscipleship1, 169:in that brooding meditation in relation to the problem which I gave you a while ago. You are comingDiscipleship1, 178:meditation which will aid you in balancing your problem of interior ray interrelation and, in thisDiscipleship1, 179:diligence to the task involved. Your whole life problem is, therefore, that of relationships, bothDiscipleship1, 179:a paramount balancing factor in your life. Your problem will appear more clearly to you when I tellDiscipleship1, 179:done? And along what line of difficulty will the problem, which this situation brings about, [180]Discipleship1, 183:have discovered; yet it constitutes for you a problem. In teaching you, I seek to do three things:Discipleship1, 184:in the life of the disciple - a major life problem. The interrelation between a disciple and theDiscipleship1, 185:the part of the soul which then shifts the whole problem of relations to a higher level of contactDiscipleship1, 185:in your brain consciousness, for it is your problem in connection with the group of which you are aDiscipleship1, 197:antahkarana should constitute for you no real problem. Your astral body is on the sixth ray. ThisDiscipleship1, 200:so that you can realize your individual problem more easily and, therefore, more quickly fitDiscipleship1, 201:to mental impression, and why your life problem is tied in with the physical plane location orDiscipleship1, 204:Age teachings to the present time. This latter problem involves also the problem of rightDiscipleship1, 204:time. This latter problem involves also the problem of right compromise, and a true sense of theDiscipleship1, 207:time which is your main hindrance. Work at this problem during the coming year and, as you work,Discipleship1, 211:has been your task. For all such souls, it is a problem to be faced when the time comes for theirDiscipleship1, 212:diaphragm to the higher centers (which is the problem of all disciples in training) your physicalDiscipleship1, 215:only in process of finding full expression. Your problem is summed up in the word which I earlierDiscipleship1, 218:suggest, however, that you center it around the problem of group life, in its pure, essentialDiscipleship1, 219:to humanity as well as to yourself. Your problem of personality emphasis has changed from that ofDiscipleship1, 220:for service, if you can truly comprehend your problem and work with a sense of synthesis. It is notDiscipleship1, 221:first ray energy and this presents a very real problem because it predisposes you to the followingDiscipleship1, 222:physical plane. It provides both an asset and a problem. You came into incarnation this life toDiscipleship1, 233:and of separation. This I think you know. Your problem is further complicated by the fact that yourDiscipleship1, 233:and constitutes for you the crux of your life problem. It enables you also to bring certainDiscipleship1, 234:coming to life and that in itself constitutes a problem. The combination of a trained mind and anDiscipleship1, 236:becomes an established habit, a very real problem is presented. You ask: What shall, therefore, beDiscipleship1, 240:the way of the soul. In the last analysis, your problem is not which of these two lines of teachingDiscipleship1, 240:personalities are my representatives. Your problem is whether your intuition can discern between aDiscipleship1, 242:in thought and life! In the last analysis, your problem is the subjection of your sixth rayDiscipleship1, 245:service. Here, therefore, lies your immediate problem. You have to learn to be decentralized and toDiscipleship1, 245:and work simply, quietly and happily at your problem. You are facing strange and new contacts andDiscipleship1, 250:group. In saying this, I state to you your [250] problem. I realize that you love your co-disciplesDiscipleship1, 251:now are. In the above sentences your whole life problem is summed up. It is I. B. S. who loves andDiscipleship1, 254:achieved. This relationship is your major problem. Let us further complicate that problem by theDiscipleship1, 254:major problem. Let us further complicate that problem by the recognition of the ray qualities ofDiscipleship1, 255:influence of glamor. Your astral body is a real problem because it emphasizes the ray of theDiscipleship1, 257:facts will make clear to you wherein your life problem consists. It has been the problem of fusing
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