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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROBLEM

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Discipleship1, 474:your soul and her soul then will work out the problem together. Discipleship1, 478:out to you, my brother of old, for I know the problem which you face but I also know your strengthDiscipleship1, 478:day. Keep in touch with W. D. B. and talk your problem out with him. He can and will help you fromDiscipleship1, 479:vibration is lower and slower than theirs. The problem would not be solved, however, by yourDiscipleship1, 479:and understanding. Therein, frankly, lies your problem. Get rid of hatred and self-pity and youDiscipleship1, 479:magnitude of humanity's hour, take hold of your problem; learn to love and understand and so enterDiscipleship1, 485:of the major factors in constituting your life problem. However this has been a blessing inDiscipleship1, 486:exhaustion, must in itself be considered a problem requiring solution and - in your case - promptDiscipleship1, 487:feel differently. This aptly describes you. My problem is how to help you back to happy,Discipleship1, 487:disciples to begin to deal definitely with the problem of world [488] glamor. Will you provide aDiscipleship1, 493:or trouble to help you see and wrestle with your problem. I, your Master, believe in you and inDiscipleship1, 494:aspect of your soul? That is for you the major problem at this time. By meditation, and by certainDiscipleship1, 497:orientation when situations occur. Your whole problem is tied up with your ray qualities, for youDiscipleship1, 498:with you, and hence the difficulty of your problem. You have to make your own way, then, ofDiscipleship1, 498:condition of isolation for himself has a harder problem, in some ways, and certainly a differentDiscipleship1, 498:problem, in some ways, and certainly a different problem, than the man who is disciplined by theDiscipleship1, 507:love but to talk no more to you about your problem. The reason for his silence and mine is that youDiscipleship1, 507:you now enter the stage of the solution of your problem wherein you must stand exoterically aloneDiscipleship1, 508:of these two things you will solve your problem and liberate yourself. Silence, serenity and lovingDiscipleship1, 508:I was under no illusion as to the extent of your problem or of the weakness of the agonizedDiscipleship1, 509:in this way, get a picture of your spiritual problem (and of my effort to help you solve it) thatDiscipleship1, 509:there has been real growth on your part. Your problem is not this or that circumstance in yourDiscipleship1, 509:viewed in the light of the present world problem, are good. Your health problem is rooted in yourDiscipleship1, 509:the present world problem, are good. Your health problem is rooted in your astral condition. ByDiscipleship1, 509:illusion and self-induced misery. Your personal problem is far from unique. What has constitutedDiscipleship1, 513:in the past and will in the future deal with the problem in a practical manner. For a while it willDiscipleship1, 517:your inner truthful nature will respond. Your problem, let me repeat, is detachment. You areDiscipleship1, 517:your full attention. This, however, is your problem to be solved in some way, if you, as a soul,Discipleship1, 520:BROTHER AND FAITHFUL FRIEND: How can I put your problem to you so clearly that you will accept theDiscipleship1, 521:be clear to you, therefore, that much of your problem can be summed up by the recognition of theDiscipleship1, 521:sixth and the second rays is so close that the problem of your soul is not insuperable in thisDiscipleship1, 524:you know about yourself will set you free. Your problem is difficult. It is not based upon theDiscipleship1, 524:the difficulties of your life, for your life problem is not at all unusual - though you have givenDiscipleship1, 524:through soul contact, you do know now what the problem is and your responsibility to do somethingDiscipleship1, 525:and, in another life, have to face the identical problem of family relationships and financialDiscipleship1, 526:sea of glamor. Hence the difficulty of your problem, for had you (for instance) one major glamor,Discipleship1, 541:upon a better standard of values. Part of the problem is connected with your third ray physicalDiscipleship1, 556:astral body which presents you with your major problem. As we train disciples, we seek to developDiscipleship1, 566:As you will naturally see, this complicates your problem considerably, because the line of leastDiscipleship1, 566:upon the above and later, we will deal with your problem more definitely. Your rays, therefore,Discipleship1, 572:group contribution and likewise your individual problem. Your personality polarization isDiscipleship1, 572:it) and focus your attention upon your soul problem which is to transfer your consciousness off theDiscipleship1, 573:before any major initiation can take place. My problem is, therefore, to aid you to do this - asDiscipleship1, 575:They summarize your opportunity and your problem. Please study them and ponder deeply on theirDiscipleship1, 575:When the task is clearly outlined and the problem squarely faced, it is easier then to workDiscipleship1, 575:is of such a nature that it constitutes a real problem. The consequent influence and potency of theDiscipleship1, 576:knowledge and you do realize that your major problem is the right handling of force. Perhaps IDiscipleship1, 580:immediately apparent to you. Let us look at your problem as it is: First, there must be recognizedDiscipleship1, 582:upon the sixth ray and here again lies for you a problem. Upon it I need not enlarge, beyondDiscipleship1, 590:you are facing your life task and your major problem. You are adequate to the task, but only if youDiscipleship1, 592:and the limitations of the personality. Your problem is relatively simple and your service twofold.Discipleship1, 592:wherever the need is greatest. That is your problem. You have already set in to solve it and youDiscipleship1, 596:have recognized the justice of my remarks. Your problem has been complicated (as is the problem ofDiscipleship1, 596:Your problem has been complicated (as is the problem of all disciples who stand on the verge ofDiscipleship1, 597:in the great work. Second: Work steadily at the problem of entering into the pure white light ofDiscipleship1, 598:be seen as it really is. All is distorted. Your problem is the problem of understanding the glamorDiscipleship1, 598:really is. All is distorted. Your problem is the problem of understanding the glamor and illusionDiscipleship1, 600:and in clear cut action. You are faced with the problem of yourself, and you will solve it onlyDiscipleship1, 601:I refer not in this instruction to the problem of communications. Disciples are free to interestDiscipleship1, 601:of groups and communicators. I refer to the problem of this particular situation which is simplyDiscipleship1, 601:group balance and had not interjected the problem of identities into this group work. I cannotDiscipleship1, 602:between two Tibetans, will be a false one. Your problem is that of choosing between the teacherDiscipleship1, 602:which we call the higher Self. Settle this problem in the light of the soul, and not throughDiscipleship1, 602:and a mental body of such rigidity that your problem (this incarnation) was - if I could use soDiscipleship1, 604:doing no other, you will find that the whole problem of motive will clarify for you. That is whatDiscipleship1, 609:Having made your choice and decision, my problem now is how to help you to make good in the futureDiscipleship1, 626:in this connection; they have to approach the problem from differing attitudes, for the problem ofDiscipleship1, 626:the problem from differing attitudes, for the problem of attachment and of detachment is one. It isDiscipleship1, 626:attachment and of detachment is one. It is the problem of right values. The first ray type lovesDiscipleship1, 627:underlies all the differing personalities. The problem of group integration is always a difficultDiscipleship1, 628:held in your tower of isolation. For others, the problem is to be found in the powerful will-to-beDiscipleship1, 628:and with deep attachment? Such is your problem. Each of them needs what you have to give, but needsDiscipleship1, 637:not, your sixth ray astral body intensifies your problem for it leads you to be devoted to theDiscipleship1, 654:best service can at present be rendered. Your problem is not at all subtle or [655] obscure. ThisDiscipleship1, 655:grasp, to solve and to handle. It is simply the problem of self-forgetfulness. When you have forcedDiscipleship1, 655:I seek to do to bring about your release? This problem must be handled through meditation andDiscipleship1, 655:brothers adequate to enable you to face your problem? I believe that it is, and you know and mustDiscipleship1, 658:rays may serve to throw light upon your problem. You are needed in the work and have much to give.Discipleship1, 659:It is your line of least resistance. Your problem is the linking up of this triangle of forceDiscipleship1, 659:I have stated in the above few words both your problem and its solution. I would remind you,Discipleship1, 659:remind you, nevertheless, that it is a soul problem and not a personality problem. If you approachDiscipleship1, 659:that it is a soul problem and not a personality problem. If you approach this problem from theDiscipleship1, 659:not a personality problem. If you approach this problem from the angle of the personality, you willDiscipleship1, 659:from physical and emotional limitations. Your problem is not to get rid of difficulties but simplyDiscipleship1, 665:make some suggestions as to your personality problem, and I will outline for you some meditationDiscipleship1, 665:The five ray potencies which constitute your problem (and, with the soul, constitute also theDiscipleship1, 665:the way. It is right here that the fourth ray problem of your mind has its major [666] difficultyDiscipleship1, 666:The difficulty is helped, however, and the problem aided towards solution by the fact that yourDiscipleship1, 673:in work, and his appreciation of the Master's problem, the chela is taught how (in emergencies) toDiscipleship1, 686:the stage of discipleship is discussed: the problem of occult obedience and the nature of theDiscipleship1, 687:and brain reactions of the disciple. This whole problem of occult obedience would not arise at allDiscipleship1, 687:once sensed and seen? Here lies the crux of the problem. Let me explain. The vision is a symbolicDiscipleship1, 689:and the outer world of needy souls. The problem with which such disciples are occupied is not theDiscipleship1, 696:the Ashram. Such disciples constitute a definite problem. The question now arises: How does aDiscipleship1, 700:forces. From the Master's angle of the group problem, duality enters into the group expression. He,Discipleship1, 706:limitations, with an understanding of their problem, with realization of the call of their souls toDiscipleship1, 712:in work and his appreciation of the Master's problem, the disciple is taught how (in an emergency)Discipleship1, 726:These questions prove a fundamental [726] problem in all Ashrams and only the chelas themselves canDiscipleship1, 732:these right relations. At this time, the problem is threefold. These right relations must beDiscipleship1, 733:can see, therefore, how important this entire problem of questions can be and how, in a Master's
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