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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROBLEM

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Discipleship2, 706:in the postwar world, and your approach to the problem from the angle of what you would like toDiscipleship2, 713:fresh opportunity for service and for growth. My problem is how to help you to capitalize on theDiscipleship2, 722:and which constitutes your major life problem, you know that you need the steady rhythm and theDiscipleship2, 728:lies for you the immediate solution of your problem. A simple, humble life of service and ofDiscipleship2, 733:achieve, consciously at least, this life. Your problem has been due to the fact that in the pastDiscipleship2, 734:not, my brother?) you have a somewhat different problem. Your task is to use your mind for theDiscipleship2, 734:powers, leading to a later liberation. In this problem of the glamor of psychic sensitivity, youDiscipleship2, 740:that you go and talk to A.A.B. She had your problem in a worse degree, but had more experience toDiscipleship2, 749:and problems. This is possible because every problem is in reality a vital thought-form, effectiveEducationof our civilization. In the statement of the problem which our group was to study, Education in aEducation, vi:in which man is spectator and actor. Our problem is to attain the kind of overall synthesis thatEducation, ix:"UNESCO could not remain indifferent to this problem (of East and West); it was bound to face itEducation, xi:data - the time has come to take seriously the problem of finding out what all this knowledgeEducation, xi:we are consciously to design a solution to the problem. "The broad purpose of the Advancement ofEducation, 6:not only the objective, but also indicates the problem before all interested in education. ThisEducation, 6:problem before all interested in education. This problem is to gauge rightly the center or theEducation, 10:determine the life tendencies and the peculiar problem of the soul. 2. Psychologically,Education, 14:unit within the human family - hence much of our problem, and much of the present failure to meetEducation, 24:types of qualified energy, the complexity of the problem emerges clearly. If it is true that allEducation, 24:of the Macrocosm, the magnitude of the problem becomes evident, and the extent of our demandedEducation, 29:soul. The recognition of this constitutes the problem with which the modern educator is faced. ItEducation, 29:with which the modern educator is faced. It is a problem that has always existed but it hasEducation, 40:and the reactions of the higher mind. The problem before Education is to take the AtlanteanEducation, One of:them and understand clearly the nature of his problem and of the crisis with its many ramificationsEducation, 46:of peoples, religions and tongues - hence her problem. The world itself is a great fusing pot, outEducation, 66:to discover the reason why; he wrestles with the problem of happenings, events, crises andEducation, 66:he has ascertained the meaning of any specific problem, he uses it as an invitation to penetrateEducation, 66:his little personal problems into the problem of the larger Whole, thus losing sight of the littleEducation, 72:recognized, and therefore will not constitute a problem. It will be obvious to you that someEducation, 72:the human being for life, can throw upon the problem. At the same time, it is essential that suchEducation, 83:The educator of the future will approach the problem of youth from the angle of the instinctualEducation, 86:as is today the case, but as presenting a problem for investigation and as an effort to answer theEducation, 86:open up before the youth of the world the entire problem of leadership and of motive. EducationEducation, 91:types of egos who are competent to deal with the problem. Upon this fact those of you who areEducation, 108:briefly endeavored to consider the psychological problem of the various nations, its cause orEducation, 114:on our theme: "In the final analysis, the main problem of world government is the wise use ofEducation, 115:Thus thoughts play their part, and the problem of ideas will be increasingly understood, until theEducation, 116:the problems. Later, when the race sees its problem with clarity, it will act with wisdom and trainEducation, 125:This subject necessarily embodies the whole problem of individual freedom and of collectiveEducation, 131:and duties of parenthood. The entire problem is tied up with that of sex, and also with the problemEducation, 131:is tied up with that of sex, and also with the problem of the state and its control, far more thanEducation, 132:is concerned, and here again the vastness of the problem is staggering. Parenthood has also a closeEducation, 133:The interior impulse to deal with the whole problem of parenthood in a newer and better way isEducation, 143:of the Antahkarana is connected with the entire problem of energy, but peculiarly with the energyEducation, 145:Science of the Antahkarana is concerned with the problem of the continuity of consciousness andEducation, 145:of the continuity of consciousness and with the problem of life and death. Keep these two themesExternalisation, 5:educational and as constituting only a temporary problem which - as it is solved - will leadExternalisation, 6:this time to close one's eyes to the immediate problem or to endeavor to lay the blame for the sadExternalisation, 7:the newly imposed strain and some idea of the problem can be grasped. Let it not be forgotten,Externalisation, 17:Aspirants in these schools present a different problem from that of ordinary psychism andExternalisation, 17:realized by all workers in such schools and the problem carefully explained to the enteringExternalisation, 17:good and also evil. Herein lies much of the problem and much of the danger. Hence also the stressExternalisation, 30:on in the new seed groups. Looking at the whole problem from another angle, it might be stated thatExternalisation, 33:world and the world of spiritual realities. The problem before the Hierarchy at the beginning ofExternalisation, 38:It is not my intention here to deal with the problem of glamor. With that I have concerned myselfExternalisation, 38:the instructions to this group (Glamor: A World Problem). The task of this group of disciples isExternalisation, 38:of the world illusion. That has been its problem since Atlantean times, and the climaxing of itsExternalisation, 41:and no registered awareness, there is no problem of responsibility, as far as the soul isExternalisation, 41:times, this condition was evoked and hence the problem facing the race today; hence the task of theExternalisation, 44:thus in training are oft a difficulty and a problem both to themselves and to their friends andExternalisation, 45:this third group can be the custodian and their problem is therefore: To establish that state ofExternalisation, 51:right national and interior group activity. The problem resolves itself into a dual one. First ofExternalisation, 51:into a dual one. First of all, we have the problem of the type of authority which should beExternalisation, 51:by the peoples; and secondly, we have the problem of the methods which should be employed, so thatExternalisation, 56:the Technique of Service (See Glamor: A World Problem). As we study the divine Approaches, we shallExternalisation, 57:of disciples will make a close study of the problem of evil, and they will bring about a betterExternalisation, 60:to deal with money as the Hierarchy sees the problem, and to consider it as a form of energy,Externalisation, 70:them and understand clearly the nature of his problem and of the crisis with its many ramificationsExternalisation, 72:of its major cyclic approaches to the earth. The problem before the Hierarchy at this time is so toExternalisation, 74:to any individual; I am considering the world problem, centering around the Jews as a whole. TheseExternalisation, 74:a whole. These two forces greatly complicate the problem by which humanity and the Hierarchy areExternalisation, 77:upon racial purity, for that was his major problem in early Lemurian times when the race came intoExternalisation, 77:and thus bring to a crisis the basic human problem of separation. When humanity has solved theExternalisation, 77:separation. When humanity has solved the Jewish problem (with the understanding cooperation of theExternalisation, 77:and hatreds, it will do so by fusing the problem in one vast humanitarian situation. When thatExternalisation, 77:humanitarian situation. When that happens, the problem will be rapidly solved and one of the majorExternalisation, 78:as I said, when the races regard the Jewish problem as a humanitarian problem but also when the JewExternalisation, 78:regard the Jewish problem as a humanitarian problem but also when the Jew does his share ofExternalisation, 87:the solar plexus of the planetary Logos; their problem is being used today to focus, qualify andExternalisation, 87:humanity will have solved correctly the Jewish problem, and when it has been resolved in aExternalisation, 88:that the fourth energy, focused in the Jewish problem, is definitely producing cleavage as a partExternalisation, 88:effort of the Dark Forces will change and the problem of the Jews will disappear. Mankind is notExternalisation, 94:side, are today asking ourselves as we study the problem of the best way of helping the humanExternalisation, 113:situations and indicating the solution of a problem, but further than this the Hierarchy cannot go.Externalisation, 118:I find it possible to make anent this complex problem. With broad generalities I cover the past,Externalisation, 120:The past few hundred years have seen a major problem arise in the present tendency of humanity toExternalisation, 120:eyes this rhythm is today changing and a serious problem is being solved; cities are beingExternalisation, 135:liberation or to find a solution of the world problem. That is for humanity itself to do. HumanityExternalisation, 136:the stage of discipleship and is faced with the problem of the pairs of opposites. This conflict isExternalisation, 137:and light and inclusive understanding. The great problem today is which of these two will emergeExternalisation, 141:this with an understanding appreciation of the problem of those who are bewildered by the emphasisExternalisation, 175:stress their particular solutions of the world problem. It is necessary, therefore, to speak withExternalisation, 182:own sowing. The recognition of the cause of the problem provides humanity with the opportunity toExternalisation, 187:the Mediterranean; Japan, to handle the Asiatic problem which is too large for Germany to handleExternalisation, 193:possession, upon things and upon money. The problem of money will have to be faced; the problem ofExternalisation, 193:The problem of money will have to be faced; the problem of the distribution of wealth - whetherExternalisation, 193:resources and those who have few or none; the problem of the varying forms of national governmentExternalisation, 194:fall roughly into four categories: the racial problem, the economic problem, the problem ofExternalisation, 194:categories: the racial problem, the economic problem, the problem of government, and the religiousExternalisation, 194:the racial problem, the economic problem, the problem of government, and the religious problem. The
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