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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROBLEM

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Healing, 269:Jews; who are not preoccupied with the Jewish problem to the exclusion of all else, and who areHealing, 275:the psychological field and posits the entire problem of karmic effects and of ray types. ThatHealing, 278:mechanism, is today to be found a major world problem - the problem of the over-population of theHealing, 278:is today to be found a major world problem - the problem of the over-population of the planet,Healing, 278:life of humanity and the consequent economic problem - to mention only one of the incidentalHealing, 278:intent of the planetary Logos. With this vast problem, I cannot here deal. I can only indicate it.Healing, 279:to take place first. The fact, however, that the problem is recognized and that speculation andHealing, 279:enthusiasm for their particular approach to the problem of healing, they ignore the beneficentHealing, 289:nothing profitable would eventuate. The whole problem of the recovery [290] of past incarnations isHealing, 298:not yet as divinely developed as They are. The problem of humanity in respect to imperfection isHealing, 303:sexual disease. A clue to this whole worldwide problem lies in the words of an ancient writingHealing, 307:or non-rhythmic vibration hardly makes sense. My problem is lack of words and of correct terms inHealing, 318:to prolonged suffering. To them I would say: The problem which a consideration of the proposedHealing, 322:I cannot explain more fully than this, for the problem of origin and method remains an insolubleHealing, 322:of origin and method remains an insoluble problem just a long as man remains equipped with hisHealing, 336:to the created world, and to the whole problem of light? The eyes and the soul are closely relatedHealing, 343:our stage of development in connection with this problem of distribution? Has the fact of bloodHealing, 345:nature in its implications and too complicated a problem for me to deal with in this place. TheHealing, 358:the more potent members in the group is ever a problem. I point this out because, in this comingHealing, 364:and personality contact, there is then little problem. But this is rare to find. Nevertheless IHealing, 387:opportunity to bring a new attitude to the whole problem of disease and healing and to trainHealing, 391:considering, in this second section, the problem of death or the art of dying. This is somethingHealing, 400:IV - The Basic Requirements for Healing The problem of death, needless to say, is founded upon theHealing, 427:from her domination. As maturity is reached, the problem intensifies, and the "pull" of the FatherHealing, 480:some cult or some of the newer approaches to the problem of health. The reason that these newerHealing, 487:dual physical body, they are faced with the problem of elimination of the astral body, but theyHealing, 554:[554] Another point should here be noted. One problem which the healer will have to face withHealing, 565:that you have here another clue - a clue to a problem which has caused so much concern in theHealing, 565:who have taken the second initiation; their problem of ill health is otherwise developed. Healing, 581:difficulties which greatly enhance the problem with which the patient is faced. Healers would doHealing, 584:In these last two words you have the key to the problem of the relationship of energies. FreeHealing, 584:the three worlds. In a way, this simplifies the problem of the healer, because the first thing heHealing, 588:the relationship established has produced the problem. If this sentence is studied it will beHealing, 592:this point is to give indication of the type of problem which is related to one or other of theseHealing, 595:emerge, and this will clarify the entire complex problem; the time, however, is not yet. AtHealing, 607:macrocosmic situation. It deals with the entire problem of evil, or pain and suffering (the greatHealing, 611:together and in joint conclave with the problem of bettering human living conditions; everywhereHealing, 613:kingdoms have an analogous but less difficult problem; I am here, however, considering only theHealing, 624:cooperation with the soul purpose. The whole problem is necessarily most intricate and difficult.Healing, 639:It is these conflicting forces which present the problem of dualism - a dualism of the higher andHealing, 659:be dealing with such basic fundamentals that our problem will be to formulate the teaching in suchHealing, 669:as to make my theme somewhat clearer. The whole problem of evil is, however, too vast toHealing, 669:effects, upon humanity. The Black Lodge is the problem of the White Lodge, and not the problem ofHealing, 669:is the problem of the White Lodge, and not the problem of humanity; for aeons the Hierarchy hasHealing, 669:for aeons the Hierarchy has handled this problem, and is now in process of solving it. It isHealing, 669:essentially, however, the main consideration and problem of Shamballa, for it is connected with theHealing, 680:that new ideas and a new approach to the entire problem of dying are inaugurated. Healing, 696:soul ray determines the approach to the healing problem immediately confronting the healer; thisHealing, 701:not to seek his help, but will handle his own problem, through the soul and through the Ashram, ifHealing, 702:the patient and familiarizes himself with: The problem of the disease and its particular nature.Healing, 702:or of the will, and then to act accordingly. The problem then is whether the relation betweenHealing, 711:the average healer and the esotericist views his problem of materialization of either physicalHercules, 3:the place of credulity and superstition. The problem of every teacher today is to discover new waysHercules, 11:expression. At the same time he knew that his problem was to express spiritual being and energy. HeHercules, 17:the glory of humanity and also constitutes the problem which every human being has to solve.Hercules, 19:how St. Paul cries out as he wrestles with the problem: "I find then a law, that, when I would doHercules, 21:the hidden forces of nature. This is the problem of all disciples. The next episode in his careerHercules, 23:psychologically stubborn and ready to attack any problem and to rush blindly into any undertaking.Hercules, 29:in a most amazing fashion) embody the disciple's problem and indicate the solution. These we shallHercules, 36:the lawgiver, and Mahomet, the warrior. The problem of Hercules, as he enters upon his labors, isHercules, 36:queen, spoke to Hercules of the magnitude of his problem, but the third constellation spoke to himHercules, 38:in the person of Hercules, had to deal with the problem of wrong thought, and only, when he becomesHercules, 42:find that this test concerns predominantly the problem of sex. There are four words in the EnglishHercules, 47:of Hercules; for in one he wrestles with the problem of sex, and in the other, he overcomes theHercules, 48:An aspirant to discipleship has in sex a real problem with which to contend. Self-indulgence andHercules, 49:[49] disease. We shall see the solution of the problem of too many children and, incidentally,Hercules, 49:and, incidentally, easement of the economic problem. Through right control of the sex function andHercules, 50:light, which is good. Everybody talks about the problem; and the rising generation are asking in noHercules, 51:unfolded, may bring new powers to bear upon this problem. But, in the meantime, what shall theHercules, 51:which means that the solution of the whole sex problem will come when the disciple subordinates hisHercules, 53:have gained possession of the sacred bull, the problem of Hercules is solved. The two Keywords ofHercules, 57:and thus retard his steps? He pondered on the problem of delay; a year had now been lost; he feltHercules, 65:He is soul and body unified. This was the problem to be wrestled with in the sign Gemini. TheHercules, 65:immortal aspects, is the objective. It was this problem that created the devious and prolongedHercules, 71:nor will he find a careful elucidation of his problem, nor a lengthy outline of the work that heHercules, 88:part of the great whole, and therein lies the problem; for the average Cancer person, as well asHercules, 92:finds himself again in Cancer, faced with the problem of finding that elusive, sensitive, andHercules, 94:Both goddess claimants have a point and the problem of all disciples is to use the instinctHercules, 104:announced himself as the Light of the World. The problem before Hercules, therefore, was theHercules, 104:The problem before Hercules, therefore, was the problem of the sign; the crucifixion of the lowerHercules, 105:All three sum up in their significance the problem of the man who is seeking initiation. TheyHercules, 113:to her words and as they pondered o'er the problem, again a word went forth, saying that he wasHercules, 120:and New Testaments, and today our great economic problem still remains to furnish bread, a symbolHercules, 136:of 'the elegant solution of a mathematical problem', a solution which moves on with extreme ease',Hercules, 136:tree is likewise the elegant solution of the problem contained in the seed; a perfectly easy andHercules, 143:the monster into the air; that is, translate his problem into another dimension, in order to solveHercules, 144:that the concentrated energy which creates a problem still remains, purified, redirected, andHercules, 145:of the analyzing mind. He seeks to raise his problem to a higher dimension, not to stir endlesslyHercules, 150:him in this test. This primarily is humanity's problem, but individually we are so profoundlyHercules, 153:we are up against the red star. Why? Because the problem of humanity in this great solar system ofHercules, 158:of personality; he did not work with his problem from the standpoint of the soul. In Sagittarius heHercules, 158:man-eating birds. He was back again to the same problem on the plane of the mind where heHercules, 158:down to the astral plane and came up against the problem of sex, the demonstration of the great lawHercules, 158:him that he was dual; he was engrossed with the problem of soul and body and how to coordinateHercules, 160:and whenever you have a double sign you have a problem. In Sagittarius, just as in Scorpio HerculesHercules, 162:we have eventually to be released. That is the problem, if I may use that word, of the man who hasHercules, 168:a disciple you will know to what I refer. The problem is clear: I am a Sagittarian and so are you.Hercules, 177:had to deliver them before he could meet his own problem. Always for the initiate service comesHercules, 181:Standing on the banks of one, the answer to his problem flashed upon his mind. With might and mainHercules, 190:down from the mountain top and contemplated the problem; he studied the stables. First he broke
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