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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROBLEM

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Rays, 30:past as interceptors of the truth. This whole problem of the Shamballic will is in process ofRays, 76:a fact which cannot be gainsaid, and the problem, therefore, confronting the Custodians of theRays, 77:of that cry. I wonder if I could make the problem of invocation clearer to you if I were to suggestRays, 95:of the Christ will throw much light upon this problem. A study of Rule IV as given to disciples andRays, 126:fleshly appetites have any control over him. His problem lies elsewhere, and it is a waste of hisRays, 147:of this relationship may elucidate the problem somewhat, and the aspirant or disciple needs toRays, 153:technically understood. From then on his problem is to know himself as he truly is, to directRays, 154:issues, the initiate is confronted with the problem of work within the individual framework, for IRays, 172:when first the Door was passed. The greatest problem facing aspirants and disciples prior to theRays, 181:worlds via the mental plane. (Glamor: A World Problem.) Glamor, you are told, is the characteristicRays, 181:though in a somewhat different form, the ancient problem of duality, involving as it does theRays, 188:away, men contributed more and more both to the problem and to the solution of maya, of glamor andRays, 189:activities, and greatly complicating the problem and menacing the safety and the status of theRays, 189:men and to bring their potency to bear upon the problem of maya and glamor, doing so from belowRays, 198:thrown back upon himself. All he can see is his problem, his tiny field of experience, and his - toRays, 212:order to gain the higher initiations. The entire problem becomes increasingly difficult when anRays, 221:that which I am attempting to convey. The problem of soul contact is something which you can and doRays, 221:can and do grasp, at least theoretically. The problem of life transference from the highest pointRays, 231:will. New methods, new approaches to the human problem and new modes of work will have to be tried;Rays, 239:and success present a difficulty and pose a problem for the Masters, necessitating a reorganizationRays, 260:to think and react as personalities. I word the problem thus, so as to clarify it for you, ifRays, 278:the higher approach which is here indicated, the problem of the initiate-group and not that of theRays, 304:I am propounding for you a most difficult problem. The true understanding is, I realize, notRays, 351:door of initiation is connected with the great problem of what H.P.B. calls the "mystery ofRays, 357:to glamor and illusion, (see Glamor: a World Problem) it must be borne in mind that the reasonRays, 392:of Decision." This constitutes part of the problem facing the Masters Who are thus to move forward;Rays, 401:present, therefore, an increasingly difficult problem to all aspirants. The tormenting turmoil andRays, 410:and among them the strictly hierarchical problem of the passage of the initiate of the sixth degreeRays, 410:Lords Who rule the Hierarchy with a definite problem. To make the sixth initiation and not theRays, 410:I must state the existence of a hierarchical problem: the use of the will aspect in the unfoldmentRays, 428:This present tension constitutes a major problem for the disciple in training, and therefore ourRays, 474:a natural process - are as yet unrealizable. My problem is to present the process in such a mannerRays, 542:the divine purpose and the individual initiatory problem of Sanat Kumara Himself, as He submits toRays, 572:initiation is therefore closely related to this problem. The seventh ray governs the sacral centerRays, 576:a secondary relation, involving a most difficult problem and one which enhances the fight andRays, 576:one which enhances the fight and intensifies his problem. He discovers that his emotional nature,Rays, 595:the great heresy of separateness. There lies her problem - a problem which is refused recognitionRays, 595:of separateness. There lies her problem - a problem which is refused recognition by her rulers. TheRays, 605:Effect Here we are confronted with a basic problem, i.e., the nature of the Principle of ConflictRays, 624:any basic synthesis or harmony. There lies her problem, and unfortunately she lacks pureRays, 625:well on the way to the resolution of their problem. When the fourth Ray of Harmony through ConflictRays, 626:their various ideologies and complicating the problem. The interesting thing is that the conflictRays, 627:from the angle of its personality or material problem, is governed by the energy or Ray of Will orRays, 631:to the inner divine will. The interior problem of the U.S.S.R. is the conflict raging between theRays, 631:nations is distinguished by: A similarity of problem. A battleground which is leading to theRays, 633:of these three nations: In Great Britain, the problem of socialism is being resolved and the soundRays, 633:bridge will be built. In the U.S.A. you have the problem of the relationship between capital andRays, 633:and will be built. In the U.S.S.R. you have the problem of the leveling of the masses in allRays, 636:of the nations to adjust and solve the Jewish problem. More I will not say; the symbolic nature ofRays, 636:not say; the symbolic nature of this basic world problem and its dynamic importance to humanityRays, 637:and of the interpretive nature of the Jewish problem as far as the whole of humanity is concerned. Rays, 637:and physically, and hence the intensity of their problem. The points of crisis in the lives ofRays, 639:leading to right choice. That is the problem confronting humanity today, leading to a crisis withinRays, 673:the world maya and thus greatly complicating the problem. Distressing as all this may be, andRays, 674:battleground between the pairs of opposites; the problem is complicated by the fact that men haveRays, 675:and it is owing to this that much of humanity's problem develops. It is because of this that theRays, 679:the same delusions presented to the public. The problem of freedom from the limitations of matterRays, 713:as a distributor of Triadal energy. The major problem confronting Him is not the distribution ofRays, 715:in these pages (Page 410) we are told that the problem which confronts the Hierarchy as it seeks toRays, 715:are several reasons why the will presents a problem. Let us list a few of them and thereby getRays, 716:you that this is regarded as presenting a problem to the Hierarchy, but if this power - impersonalRays, 717:nature of the mystery. Hence the hierarchical problem. 3. It is this energy of the will, rightlyRays, 718:of the revelation or of the vision. 4. The problem is also one that each Master has to face inRays, 737:great Lives from Sirius are dealing with the problem. The theme of the living consciousness of theRays, 750:an evidence of this, dealing as it does with the problem of the integration of the human being andRays, 751:for instance, should the U.S.A. deal with the problem of the Indonesian strife and seek to forceRays, 752:than I can tell you or put into words, for the problem of evil is too difficult a one for theRays, 752:a one for the average man to grasp. The problem of the Hierarchy (if I may put it both accuratelyReappearance, 10:race of men, which will illumine a dark world problem and give to man an expression of someReappearance, 90:life was withdrawn and death resulted. The problem of Christ and His disciples was to see that theReappearance, 102:understanding and finally enlightenment. The problem of the Hierarchy has been (and still is) howReappearance, 104:see and hearts to understand the nature of the problem to be solved upon the Path of Return to God;Reappearance, 139:word "organizations"; it holds the key to the problem. Why is there a growing emphasis upon theReappearance, 161:light and power, the more difficult is his problem, for human affairs at this time seem so far awayReappearance, 162:average man feel the futility of all effort. The problem seems too big, too terrible, and heReappearance, 171:times to be an insuperable one. It involves the problem of true financial trusteeship and theReappearance, 172:of the Christ. It is closely tied up with the problem of right human relations. The problem is,Reappearance, 172:with the problem of right human relations. The problem is, therefore, a peculiarly hard one, forReappearance, 176:financial situation - what is the answer to the problem? There are men and women to be found inSoul, 13:and its Mechanism - Introduction Chapter I The Problem of Psychology - Introduction Three desiresSoul, 45:the ability to intellectualize. Approaching the problem from a different angle, the student of theSoul, 72:Richard, Mysteries of the Soul, p. 24. 72 The problem has been well summarized for us by ProfessorSoul, 144:p. 31. Does this throw any light on our problem, provided the hypothesis of an etheric body isTelepathyof the souls concerned. The complexity of the problem is also tremendously increased when oneTelepathy, 10:party is intensively occupied with some mental problem and is encased in a wall of thought-formsTelepathy, 10:- to bring in the power of the soul. The problem which you face, as disciples learning telepathicTelepathy, 18:a measure of solar plexus reaction. Hence our problem. Frequently the communicator will send aTelepathy, 20:of life at this time and increases the mental problem of thousands. Telepathic work from heart toTelepathy, Discip:by word forms; and it is therefore a difficult problem for me to pass on any information anent thisTelepathy, 79:to be the impressing agent for the third; the problem is complicated, however, by the fact that theTelepathy, 81:intelligent, potent and evocative. The problem of the human kingdom is, however, very great.Telepathy, 89:begins and delusion ends; illusion, which is the problem of the mental types on all rays, is farTelepathy, 99:point which should be most carefully noted. The problem of the aspirant as he "engenders" hisTelepathy, 99:in the astral nature, and that therefore their problem is to achieve a different polarization andTelepathy, 104:the group of mental sensitives listed above. The problem with which I now deal is far deeper andTelepathy, 153:to be borne in mind and is the clue to the problem of creativity. The type of the etheric substance
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