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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROBLEMS

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Discipleship1, 198:as a personality and turn the light upon the problems of my daily life? [199] or what reason do IDiscipleship1, 200:does mind control signify to me? [200] By what problems and on what occasions is the light in meDiscipleship1, 201:where your personality finds itself. Your problems come far more from your circumstances and yourDiscipleship1, 202:all is well. You have two major physical plane problems which are well recognized by you and areDiscipleship1, 204:brings with it its own difficulties and problems. These are not yet particularly apparent as theDiscipleship1, 204:in process of integrating and the true group problems (to which I am here referring) can onlyDiscipleship1, 204:worked together for some little time. They are problems of temperament and occasionally ofDiscipleship1, 204:and occasionally of injudicious action, problems of understanding and of interpretation, and alsoDiscipleship1, 204:of understanding and of interpretation, and also problems of application of the peculiar New AgeDiscipleship1, 232:group achievement in your next life. One of the problems which we, the teachers upon the innerDiscipleship1, 255:and the soul are on the same ray, then the problems of the right balancing of forces emerges andDiscipleship1, 257:my brother. I seek today to deal with the mental problems of the disciples in this group. I toldDiscipleship1, 258:exterior. Hamony within and without. Environal problems. Environal peace. Imposition of theDiscipleship1, 267:integrated and the life of each disciple, the problems of each and the achievement of each becomeDiscipleship1, 289:the less you will be concerned with the problems of isolation and of freedom. Feel free, but beDiscipleship1, 296:of individuals and a growing awareness of group problems. Later it produces definite groupDiscipleship1, 297:So the task is hard, my brother, and the problems have - as you well know - to be solved alone.Discipleship1, 299:own point of view, one's own dharma, one's own problems and one's own unfoldment are followed soDiscipleship1, 300:demand: "How can I do this? Questions and problems of various kinds fill my mind, and how -Discipleship1, 301:and hence your retreat. Thus, you work out your problems in solitude away from your esoteric groupDiscipleship1, 305:path. Bring into that [305] light your group problems which you may have to solve and face, andDiscipleship1, 310:would further aid you towards your goal. Your problems are, however, known to me and this extensionDiscipleship1, 330:by them. Even now I can only just touch upon the problems. It is peculiarly yours and that of R. S.Discipleship1, 337:that which is of beauty rare. One of the problems with which all disciples are faced as they becomeDiscipleship1, 341:of the world disciples at this time, great world problems are being worked out. Their response toDiscipleship1, 349:of the intuition and for the solution of group problems. To this use of meditation I seek to directDiscipleship1, 352:determined the nature of your mental approach to problems and to people; but you lack certainDiscipleship1, 356:with the task of bringing solutions into life problems; you have the gift of strength to offer toDiscipleship1, 376:(as it is applied to the personality and its problems and as it acts as the directing agency in theDiscipleship1, 395:is formed by the sumtotal of the needs and the problems of all its members) may stand revealed andDiscipleship1, 395:her correspondence shews, has had deeper inner problems to solve, based on her immediate point ofDiscipleship1, 396:all this brief resume of the immediate and basic problems which confront each of you is that theseDiscipleship1, 397:an unwholesome and selfish introversion) and the problems of one will become the problems of all.Discipleship1, 397:and the problems of one will become the problems of all. Not idly have you all been broughtDiscipleship1, 400:to be negated; this tendency is one of the problems which the Hierarchy has to face, as it seeksDiscipleship1, 400:I am referring to this because (in the midst of problems and tests) you are discovering the Way ofDiscipleship1, 414:the group work, your daily life, and your home problems, plus all your life interests, with tooDiscipleship1, 416:sensitivity, but this necessarily brings its own problems and difficulties. One of the firstDiscipleship1, 428:the personnel of the group and their individual problems. In spite of changes and difficulties, aDiscipleship1, 429:lies, for you, the solution of many of your problems. This insulation is brought about by emotionalDiscipleship1, 433:to the goal which has been set you. One of the problems which all sincere disciples have to solveDiscipleship1, 437:handling of force and present their own unique problems. Your mental body is on the fifth Ray ofDiscipleship1, 451:as we see it and so to answer some of the problems of your rightly questioning mind. There is aDiscipleship1, 456:for the group. Freedom from personality problems does not interest you basically. Such problemsDiscipleship1, 456:problems does not interest you basically. Such problems provide not for you sufficient or adequateDiscipleship1, 459:the process of discipline - if you approach your problems in the right spirit and consecrate yourDiscipleship1, 464:of pain, of the heart-searching and the problems and - lifting your face to the light - for theDiscipleship1, 468:of "lifting" individuals and clearing away the problems which confront them. Increasingly, you mustDiscipleship1, 469:and all have had a most difficult time. Your problems have been psychological far more thanDiscipleship1, 470:in general. To meet world need and solve world problems is not your dharma. The world cannot beDiscipleship1, 482:personality glamor. The personal crisis and problems loom too large. You do not see things in theirDiscipleship1, 485:this has been a blessing in disguise, for the problems that it has brought and the difficultiesDiscipleship1, 487:nor for the past. Life has been hard and your problems great. All that was in you has been expendedDiscipleship1, 487:in facing up to life and to your initial problems; you believe, sometimes, that there is nothingDiscipleship1, 489:hour of strenuous world tension and of baffling problems let the light of your soul direct and theDiscipleship1, 489:be made in relation to other people and so many problems of an executive kind with which to copeDiscipleship1, 501:in the life. But upon its difficulties and problems I need not enlarge. You know them well. You areDiscipleship1, 505:Take your mind away from all your personality problems and the problems of those with whom you haveDiscipleship1, 505:away from all your personality problems and the problems of those with whom you have chosen toDiscipleship1, 506:There learn the power to organize. When your problems descend upon you, when you are swept by anDiscipleship1, 508:self-pity and suspicion are your present problems. Substitute love for these and all will be well.Discipleship1, 518:you love. You do not, therefore, see them, the problems which they face, or their individual pathsDiscipleship1, 525:At that spot within your garden, talk your problems aloud to me, pausing at intervals and listeningDiscipleship1, 552:to identify yourself with other people and their problems. Life has held for you much of difficultyDiscipleship1, 572:guidance of a Master, have their own peculiar problems. The formative first years hold in themDiscipleship1, 572:resistance; you have a one-pointed approach to problems, conditions, and situations which in manyDiscipleship1, 576:quite well, you yourself know. One of the problems that faces every Master (teaching a group ofDiscipleship1, 576:Learn to approach yourself and your life problems, your work as a disciple, your relationship withDiscipleship1, 576:of an inner stillness is the way out of all your problems? Your intensely active mind which movesDiscipleship1, 578:and the measure of your difficulties and problems. These you faced, as usual, with courage. TheDiscipleship1, 580:seek to discover what are the hindrances and the problems which you have to face. A great deal ofDiscipleship1, 583:opportunity and also certain very definite problems. For you the group meditation is essential; itDiscipleship1, 587:the failures, the difficulties and the problems. This is not, therefore, the cooperation of theDiscipleship1, 587:of one who is so closely associated with the problems and with those who are handling them thatDiscipleship1, 588:my intention to refer again to your personality problems and to your character difficulties. With aDiscipleship1, 602:to refrain from bringing your [602] personality problems of any kind into the group work. When youDiscipleship1, 627:out to you also that a recognition of those ray problems and liabilities which exist in your ownDiscipleship1, 628:is largely based upon submergence in personality problems; these hold the disciple fast in prisonDiscipleship1, 638:lives and a natural intuitive grasp of people's problems. You know people because you love them andDiscipleship1, 654:in your life. But your difficulties and problems are not phenomenal, my brother. There is nothingDiscipleship1, 664:same direction, who are occupied with the same problems, and who are motivated by the same desireDiscipleship1, 664:spite of the difficulties and oft the increased problems of the spiritual life - the results of aDiscipleship1, 669:for in them I refer to the similarity of your problems with hers and with those of D. H. B. YouDiscipleship1, 669:fear of death. Ponder also on this. One of your problems in connection with all spiritual andDiscipleship1, 680:from the facing of existent facts and approach problems from their own preconceived ideas ofDiscipleship1, 704:criticism and of being misunderstood, the many problems of character, the pressures of psychicDiscipleship1, 705:in themselves and in their reactions and problems. It might here be noted that disciples in anDiscipleship1, 709:to live consciously and always. One of the problems with which the Master is engaged in relation toDiscipleship1, 709:has been focused upon the disciple and his problems of character and personality. [710] It will notDiscipleship1, 745:the disciple is capable of handling his life and problems himself and is not likely, therefore, toDiscipleship1, 747:position as a disciple, with your own spiritual problems, and with the delusion of the terrificDiscipleship1, 770:because they are so preoccupied with their own problems as disciples, with their own characterDiscipleship1, 788:if they have transcended the usual personality problems and experience in the three worlds, areDiscipleship2, XII:Discipleship. It does not deal either with the problems incident to the Probationary Path nor ofDiscipleship2, 7:Training in Telepathy. Consideration of the Problems of Humanity. Teaching anent the Etheric Body.Discipleship2, 10:pressure and if she is occupied with urgent problems, it may be needful for me to wait until suchDiscipleship2, 20:to disciples everywhere) so that its present problems and its immediate opportunity may emergeDiscipleship2, 20:attitude of the initiate consciousness to human problems is not identical with that of the ordinaryDiscipleship2, 20:human being. I do not desire to deal with problems already considered by us in the variousDiscipleship2, 25:of their fellowmen. This constitutes one of the problems with which the Hierarchy is faced. The
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