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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROBLEMS

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Externalisation, 327:thinkers working at this time upon these problems; they are actively molding public opinion; [328]Externalisation, 334:the work but brings with it also great problems. Much of the work done hitherto has been second rayExternalisation, 334:they present, when brought together, no great problems of cohesion and of group integration. OfExternalisation, 336:the work itself? The need has been great and the problems many. The expansion of the work may seemExternalisation, 336:it will register differently and bring different problems, but you are equal to it and to the taskExternalisation, 365:This article is an attempt to indicate the problems, and perhaps some of the solutions, which mustExternalisation, 371:and the restoration of the "scorched earth." The problems of hate and revenge will require theExternalisation, 377:spite of the almost overwhelming psychological problems confronting humanity, in spite of politicalExternalisation, 379:which would enable him really to grasp the problems or contribute to their solution. What,Externalisation, 383:many countries and try to understand the diverse problems of those countries. Many know people inExternalisation, 384:the races and conditions are varied, and the problems to be solved will call for innumerable waysExternalisation, 385:the recipients of loving goodwill instead. The problems of economic rehabilitation, of territorialExternalisation, 385:for world rebuilding, is greater than all other problems, is above all racial and nationalExternalisation, 390:whom I happen to be one is faced with two major problems: the problem of the war itself with itsExternalisation, 411:"let in" a flood of light upon life and world problems. He formulated this revelation into the FourExternalisation, 437:How can this be done? Such are some of the problems with which the Christ is wrestling. He mustExternalisation, 462:mind that is concentrated upon personal or group problems (their group, expressing their ideas andExternalisation, 506:or understands so fully and wisely as He the problems of the Western culture, nor the needs of theExternalisation, 507:of the world and the right handling of world problems in the field of economics and of education.Externalisation, 518:They hold in Their hands the solution of many problems, and apply the solution when the battle goesExternalisation, 521:mutual understanding, discussion of group problems as these affect group service, and - above all -Externalisation, 526:express Itself, and this greatly complicates the problems which have to be faced as It contemplatesExternalisation, 540:to understand, even in a small measure, Their problems. There are other problems of which you canExternalisation, 540:a small measure, Their problems. There are other problems of which you can know nothing - problemsExternalisation, 540:other problems of which you can know nothing - problems related to the new energies pouring intoExternalisation, 540:into our planet, impersonally and dynamically; problems of fresh tensions, incident to stronger andExternalisation, 540:incident to stronger and new alignments; problems concerned with human enlightenments and reactionsExternalisation, 540:the face of the darkness which evil initiated; problems of increased personnel, disturbing theExternalisation, 540:but necessitated by the demand for workers; problems connected with the growth and training of theExternalisation, 540:upon the Way of the Higher Evolution; other problems incident to the planetary crisis, to theExternalisation, 549:general public through my interpretation of the Problems of Humanity and bring it to the pointExternalisation, 550:in the past few years with world abuses and the problems with which humanity is faced in thisExternalisation, 558:possible the wide distribution of the book The Problems of Humanity which I have written, for theyExternalisation, 558:those who are already seeking to deal with these problems and they bring the need to the attentionExternalisation, 566:6. The recognition by humanity of its major problems, and the increasing ability of the generalExternalisation, 566:ability of the general public to view these problems in terms of One Humanity, of the whole. ThisExternalisation, 616:the effort to expose the truth and clarify the problems which must be solved. The opposing forcesExternalisation, 665:His Ashram is occupied with the [665] problems of industry, and the goal of all the thinking, allExternalisation, 666:is therefore occupied with worldwide economic problems, and also with a direct attack upon theExternalisation, 666:materialism to be found in the modern world. The problems of barter and exchange, the significanceExternalisation, 666:process of right distribution are among the many problems dealt with in this Ashram; the work doneExternalisation, 682:subject: This concerns one of the most difficult problems confronting the Masters at this time; itExternalisation, 690:that light." As all disciples know, one of the problems with which they are constantly confrontedFire, viii:and its practical usefulness in solving the problems of humanity. Heretofore, advanced esotericFire, 79:and much that will serve to elucidate problems both macrocosmic and microcosmic. We will begin withFire, 147:will come some faint light upon the same problems raised to Deity, or expanded from microcosmic toFire, 237:question involves one of the most difficult problems in metaphysics, and covers in itsFire, 238:that geometrizing [238] identity may be. So the problems persist, and all the many lines ofFire, 305:evolving, but he is not occupied with the same problems in exact detail as are the perfectedFire, 316:brings us to that most difficult of metaphysical problems, the distinction between will and desire.Fire, 353:within His sphere of radiatory activity. Certain problems of real interest are prone to enter ourFire, 496:power and force to the solution of the problems of existence. Only when atomic energy is betterFire, 512:care these five facts, he will get a clue to the problems of existence as realized around us, toFire, 527:in the light of knowledge being shed upon the problems of manifestation. It concerns the secret ofFire, 547:and to a more adequate solution of group problems. [548] The study of occult psychology involves aFire, 548:in group evolution, and thus some of the world problems will find solution. Finally, the laws ofFire, 556:and His body of manifestation is grasped, many problems become elucidated, and two pointsFire, 673:that which He has to surmount and many of the problems which face the occultist, including the "sinFire, 798:groups, we shall have the clearing up of many problems and a simplification of life. Men will beFire, 810:"knowledge, love, and sacrifice" of all present problems. This will bring about emancipation fromFire, 815:false, will have the chance to solve the world problems from within. Thus will the Christ principleFire, 848:and see if it is not capable of solution. Two problems come before the mind of the thoughtfulFire, 848:to the direction in which the solution of these problems may be sought. The mental plane is, as H.Fire, 892:and thus give indication of the solution of two problems which have oft disturbed the averageFire, 909:further upon this, for in working out their own problems men learn, and all that those upon theFire, 915:learn much which will enable him to comprehend problems hitherto considered insoluble, and willFire, 1070:only can here be given. Light upon these dark problems will come along two lines. First, it willFire, 1105:centers, each group will have its own "activity" problems, will spiral through the round of BeingFire, 1170:kingdom during this Cycle or chain. One of the problems of the next chain will be the bringing inFire, 1175:vast opportunity for those who can surmount its problems and withstand its temptations. This innerFire, 1176:the solar center and have their own evolutionary problems and are functioning as part of the solarFire, 1212:for they may be regarded as working out two main problems: The problem of establishing a consciousGlamour, 2:people can usually sum up with facility the problems and dispositions of others, provided they areGlamour, 33:of the masses. This constitutes one of the major problems with which the Hierarchy today has toGlamour, 34:thought - not only as regards your own personal problems (for all of you are subject to theseGlamour, 36:glamor. Wrestle therefore with your personal problems along these lines, my brothers, for in thisGlamour, 44:instructions to clarify this issue. One of the problems which confronts the aspirant is the problemGlamour, 45:in its turn however, carries with it its own problems, so unable is the average disciple to freeGlamour, 69:of his nature and who is also wrestling with the problems that result from mental polarization andGlamour, 99:you can make to this most stupendous of world problems. Solve your glamor by dwelling in the lightGlamour, 112:to the expanding life. The realization of the problems of illusion lies centuries ahead when theGlamour, 119:astral body, leading to a vast number of problems and psychological difficulties based upon undueGlamour, 119:plane, both groups fail to deal with the problems of physical plane living in a clear andGlamour, 153:Such a time has now come, and in the two books, Problems of Humanity and The Reappearance of theGlamour, 182:is never concerned [182] with individual problems or enquiries, as so many self-centered aspirantsGlamour, 188:who together are searching for light on the problems of manifestation or for some means toGlamour, 208:with uneven success to turn that light upon the problems of his particular glamor. It is also atGlamour, 227:by the individual in dealing with his personal problems of glamor will greatly facilitate theGlamour, 261:link the monad and the personality. One of the problems which disciples have to solve is the sourceGlamour, 267:upon the physical plane of all unresolved problems, all undeclared desires, all latentHealing, 7:some real idea and give some real light on the problems which confront a healing group. That whichHealing, 44:connection, only consider the average man. The problems of the disciple will be dealt with underHealing, 57:that again (in the domain of health) all problems resolve themselves into the right use and theHealing, 62:a vitally prophylactic effect. One of the major problems today to the psychologist and in a lesserHealing, 68:yet I believe suggestively, considered those problems which arise from the over-activity and wrongHealing, 69:reasons: The world situation is such, the problems and uncertainty are such, that scarcely a personHealing, 70:may be. It is not sure that they will be. These problems will demonstrate to you how intenselyHealing, 70:to face up to life. It will be obvious that the problems of worry and irritation (called by theHealing, 72:we accept. I am here considering the diseases, problems and physical difficulties which arise inHealing, 73:of the nervous system, with all the attendant problems. These forces, seeking inlet into the dense
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