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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROCEDURE

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Astrology, 9:gone astray. It has reversed the true and right procedure and has laid the emphasis upon theAstrology, 17:from many points of view - a reversal of normal procedure. This is both wise and necessary, andAstrology, 108:Pisces, from the opposite direction to his usual procedure, having earned the right to mount theAstrology, 109:by means of which you can grasp the dual procedure of the soul around the great wheel, I wouldAstrology, 139:the exoteric influences of the ordinary mode of procedure upon the wheel of life, and in the planetAstrology, 237:subjective and oft unrealized, of all legal procedure) are the needed approach to the young. TheAstrology, 291:You may ask what is the reason for this mode of procedure? I can give you one among many which,Astrology, 345:study of the particulars, is ever a wise occult procedure. In each of the Crosses of the HeavensAstrology, 364:Hence the tests and trials of the Masonic procedure. The indirect influence of the Moon as itAstrology, 446:can be brought about without such a drastic procedure. It is, however, this Uranian influence whichAstrology, 682:purpose with more effect and fullness. The same procedure can be seen in relation to a Heavenly ManAtom, 146:the case of every self-conscious unit, the same procedure is followed, and that we have a centralAutobiography, 235:Tibetan in these pamphlets outlined a definite procedure for us to follow. He advocated theAutobiography, 237:path of return to God all ways meet and then the procedure is uniform for all subsequent stages ofDestiny, 43:is laid upon the form aspect then the wrong procedure eventuates and the work of the black magicianDestiny, 116:processes of evolution accept and study the ray procedure, definite changes in attitude and aDestiny, 121:prevalent ray activity. Let us follow the same procedure now, thus gaining some idea of theDiscipleship1, 130:your meditation is concerned follow your usual procedure, at any rate for the present, only add toDiscipleship1, 172:you will evoke a synthetic pattern, a unified procedure and a harmonious working out of the Plan.Discipleship1, 230:somewhat. For the next ten months, the following procedure will be desirable. See to it that by theDiscipleship1, 230:northward, you will have so assimilated the procedure and accustomed yourself to the form that thatDiscipleship1, 284:meditation work, I would suggest the following procedure. Bear in mind that I but make suggestion.Discipleship1, 302:For your meditation work I suggest the following procedure: First of all, do the breathingDiscipleship1, 379:Path of Discipleship) you follow not the normal procedure but complicate your problem by having aDiscipleship1, 379:however, upon the Path, your soul planned this procedure in this manner so as to bring to theDiscipleship1, 391:tendency to over-emphasize detail and points of procedure with meticulous care and so sometimesDiscipleship1, 424:newer and higher rhythms. Follow, therefore, the procedure outlined until I again tell you to makeDiscipleship1, 545:accept and act when the intuition indicates a procedure. [546] You will have to ponder deeply uponDiscipleship1, 603:and at night - four times a day - follow the procedure outlined below: Sound the Sacred Word threeDiscipleship1, 605:should follow in meditation, I would suggest the procedure outlined below: Achieve alignment andDiscipleship1, 682:ideas or by any authoritarianism, based on past procedure. Ponder on this. The disciple who is sureDiscipleship1, 693:you will sanely and wisely and as a normal procedure put the work of the Master and of serviceDiscipleship2, 5:three worlds of human endeavor. Their method and procedure is to try out the personalities of theirDiscipleship2, 6:But it is the group, as you see, which decides procedure. I have endeavored to remove out of thisDiscipleship2, 16:Then in united effort attempt the following procedure: Having linked up with all your groupDiscipleship2, 26:hour if that hour is not possible, follow the procedure outlined below: Center the consciousness inDiscipleship2, 108:leaders in any other phase of human thought and procedure. Therefore we ask: How can we createDiscipleship2, 114:The following diagrammatic form illustrates the procedure which I suggest that you follow: ThereDiscipleship2, 129:the group [129] will move forward with a uniform procedure for this will produce the greatest andDiscipleship2, Here t:year I would like you to follow a meditation procedure as outlined below, the intention of which isDiscipleship2, 257:the center; he is apt, however, to reverse this procedure in his consciousness. I have stated thatDiscipleship2, 373:points of revelation indicates to the initiate: procedure, location and objective. Each isDiscipleship2, 398:in relation to the Points of Revelation: Procedure, Location, Objective. All three of them are ofDiscipleship2, 398:two main procedures or planned processes: The procedure carried forward under the impulse of theDiscipleship2, 399:the third and the fourth initiations. The procedure carried forward at the remaining fiveDiscipleship2, 399:to protect and guard the initiate. This dual procedure in relation to the crucial moment in each ofDiscipleship2, 399:sees (in a flash of time) the great aligning procedure which will carry him from the immediateDiscipleship2, 400:objective of the initiation, and the triangle of procedure, location and objective is created,Discipleship2, 404:is, first of all, the recognition of a great procedure which must, under the Law of Assembly, beDiscipleship2, 404:forward by the second divine aspect. Of this procedure I can tell you naught. The place or theDiscipleship2, 404:you naught. The place or the location of the procedure of assembly is made clear. It is in theDiscipleship2, 425:- they are beautifully clear and simple. The Procedure required for the manifestation of "lightDiscipleship2, 435:in the form of revelation is accorded him. This procedure and sequence of events has been theDiscipleship2, 449:and knowing that they are, for you, the correct procedure because these three concepts govern theDiscipleship2, 552:basis of the following suggested exercise, the procedure of which is as follows: Picture toDiscipleship2, 557:the "as a man thinketh - and the as if modes of procedure? How do they differ in application? WhatDiscipleship2, 569:If you follow this apparently very simple procedure in the morning and at night prior to sleeping,Discipleship2, 596:Morya; the reason for this is that the whole procedure is projected from Shamballa and the AshramDiscipleship2, 613:than a rigidly outlined and forcefully demanded procedure and life of physical sacrifice, whichDiscipleship2, 630:therefore do the following things and follow the procedure outlined below: Summarize in your ownDiscipleship2, 638:one's declining years and the regular procedure with the great majority. See that it is not yoursDiscipleship2, 722:and I would like to indicate to you the wise procedure for the future. You are a dedicated discipleDiscipleship2, 760:of your life to follow for three days a definite procedure... I ask this because I believe you haveDiscipleship2, 760:personalities are on the ray which is yours. The procedure will involve putting yourself en rapportDiscipleship2, 763:I would have you adhere to the Full Moon procedure outlined earlier by me, and I would ask you toDiscipleship2, 764:leaving you to work out the form [764] or procedure to suit yourself, or to do without any form ifEducation, 18:to limitation. The human monad followed the same procedure and - in time and space - limited itselfEducation, 99:upon the emerging ideas which will govern future procedure in the next generation and carry theEducation, 137:becomes possible. To impart the scientific procedure whereby. bodies "built in the dark" mayExternalisation, 11:in service of some kind or another. But this procedure will never be followed in order to satisfyExternalisation, 94:the kingdom of heaven upon earth, the same procedure is being followed as was used in the earlierExternalisation, 132:and the will to just and legal procedure. It is the force of the Hierarchy which can express itselfExternalisation, 151:implications or the scientific nature of their procedure but is, for that very reason, potent.Externalisation, 156:I would like briefly to touch upon the needed procedure as you attempt to say it correctly andExternalisation, 320:that there is little that I can say as to exact procedure until such time as humanity itself hasExternalisation, 324:been made. This is a potent and workable mode of procedure, once it is given an opportunity toExternalisation, 324:is the point of major importance. This is a new procedure and something to which you can applyExternalisation, 361:no rapid process but is an ordered and regulated procedure, sure in its eventual success butExternalisation, 420:the spiritual unfoldment of the world and in the procedure followed in writing the worldExternalisation, 553:for the direct current of energy. The same procedure will be followed at the time of the Full MoonExternalisation, 556:not only become more closely linked, but the procedure has been changed and the effect on humanityExternalisation, 644:Master Morya and His Ashram, because the whole procedure is projected from Shamballa, and He is inFire, 86:has been gained it will be found that the same procedure on a larger scale, takes place inFire, 310:Raja Lord of the mental plane. Exactly the same procedure ensued on cosmic levels, when a stillFire, 322:but one will be left. In man a similar procedure can be seen in connection with his [323] sevenFire, 348:stages, all the lesser, and repeats the earlier procedure. This is a recognized fact, for instance,Fire, 366:purpose with more effect and fullness. The same procedure can be seen in relation to a Heavenly ManFire, 479:atom, called man who pursues the same general procedure being governed by the same laws; and to allFire, 491:the most important and lengthy stage of the procedure) through the subsequent reaction within theFire, 514:repeat on their tiny scale the microcosmic procedure as seen in the synthesis of electric fire,Fire, 555:will work as a Creator and will follow a similar procedure. [556] His thought forms will beFire, 685:kingdoms, so in the solar system a similar procedure can be seen. When a certain point is reachedFire, 733:vehicle. In order to get an idea of what the procedure is, it might be of value if we consideredFire, 778:of evolving self-consciousness. The general procedure on the mental levels is the same, but as eachFire, 804:line. He does, on a miniature scale, repeat the procedure of the Logos on a vaster scale, and thusFire, 832:again be seen. It is necessary to emphasize this procedure because it is important that allFire, 836:is of many kinds and perhaps the consequent procedure can be more clearly understood if we say thatFire, 999:to students of meditation to ponder upon this procedure, and to study the correspondence between itGlamour, 2:specific instructions as to a useful mode of procedure. Should you, therefore, find these articlesGlamour, 168:no rapid process but is an ordered and regulated procedure, sure in its eventual success but
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