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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROCEED

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Astrology, 27:which I may indicate. With this in mind, let us proceed. [28] Astrology, 43:in another solar system, but were not able to proceed beyond that owing to the coming in ofAstrology, 87:in mind that, according to the ray, so will proceed the geometric rising of the fire, and accordingAstrology, 101:place. There the man has to decide whether to proceed as usual and according to custom or,Astrology, 138:free initiate, a true Master Mason and can then proceed with world service undeterred and held backAstrology, 141:culminating sign for the majority of people who proceed from Aries to Pisces upon the Fixed Cross.Astrology, 202:and which, when stimulated, will enable them to proceed more serenely and sanely upon the [203]Astrology, 325:to further the Plan and permit that interplay to proceed between spirit and matter which makesAstrology, 423:major conditioning streams of energy, as they proceed forth from their emanating source - viaAstrology, 461:of energy (or rather one energy and two forces) proceed then with the following activities:Astrology, 518:by the planetary centers. With these we will now proceed to deal. Astrology, 602:to definite and determined forms of Being. As we proceed with our consideration of Tabulation X,Astrology, 613:creation. The initiation of the urge to evolve, proceed, progress. The initiation of theAutobiography, 32:the best bicycles to be then procured and to proceed to investigate the country side. To this day,Autobiography, 48:one a promised land to which one must inevitably proceed; but (across that promised land and awayBethlehem, 262:is divine and a son of the Father, then let us proceed to express that divinity and claim ourDestiny, 27:lines along which future investigation should proceed. Through the recurrence of "soothsaying" andDestiny, 29:This truth will emerge more clearly as we proceed with our studies. Suffice it to say that theDestiny, 60:experiment and its resultant contribution - proceed upon the way of enlightened rule by theDestiny, 71:this time comes, the searching astrologer must proceed hopefully but cannot yet expect fullDestiny, 109:world disciples can shoulder responsibility and proceed to active work. When I here speak ofDestiny, 115:- Spiritual Life in the New Age We can now proceed to consider the seventh ray in its relation toDestiny, 137:of the life of the human center will proceed apace and this is the reason why so many people (as IDiscipleship1, X:at which he can make his own decisions and proceed with rapidity, if he so chooses. Discipleship1, 6:the Hierarchy on the inner side of life must proceed amidst the devastating racket of modern lifeDiscipleship1, 54:the willingness to work impersonally and proceed with love, if you will submerge your personalitiesDiscipleship1, 67:stage is reached, you can then - as a group - proceed with the stage of direction. Having carefullyDiscipleship1, 75:so that the inner, subjective integration may proceed apace. I have three things to say to youDiscipleship1, 79:willingness to learn and your determination to proceed along the path of service at any cost. ThisDiscipleship1, 89:a most potent glamor. [89] So I beg of you to proceed with courage, joy, understanding, extremeDiscipleship1, 107:note of love should color all your meditation. Proceed therefore carefully to follow allDiscipleship1, 109:psychic unfoldment. But along that line we will proceed slowly, my brother; for the next six monthsDiscipleship1, 113:after you have finished the breathing exercise, proceed then to meditation, beginning your work atDiscipleship1, 147:close a contact with the auras of others must proceed and must be carried into the field of yourDiscipleship1, 165:Servers. Forget not, all creative processes proceed with a cyclic rhythm. The rhythm set by the NewDiscipleship1, 165:came in May, 1936. Another towards which we will proceed in a mounting crescendo of work and ofDiscipleship1, 171:significance of accomplishment will be yours. Proceed, therefore, with patience, with skill inDiscipleship1, 171:astral body of sufficiently poised control to proceed with the task and the solution of personalDiscipleship1, 172:back into the mind nature and, focused there, proceed with the work of visualization, as I haveDiscipleship1, 178:definite science and we shall deal with it as we proceed with our study. One of the things which IDiscipleship1, 184:by the subjective interplay, group fusion may proceed without hindrance and with dispatch. It isDiscipleship1, 191:you an entirely new mode of meditation, if you proceed with this as desired. I would ask you toDiscipleship1, 200:is more strongly established, we can indeed proceed to work later on. This work is, in the lastDiscipleship1, 202:the power of your illumined will behind it... Proceed with confidence, my brother, knowing that allDiscipleship1, 204:along with the other group members, and proceed with them to the next step and the next unit ofDiscipleship1, 210:responsible for this work and I would ask you to proceed as indicated and, my brother, to trust me,Discipleship1, 241:more definite work. E'en yet, however, you must proceed with care and for another few months IDiscipleship1, 246:and so run a dual line of thought and work. Proceed as follows: Inhale on 8 counts, and as you doDiscipleship1, 247:to a brevity which in no way negates lucidity. Proceed with the breathing exercises I assigned youDiscipleship1, 248:suggested; the inner work of Organization can proceed easily e'en when there is no understanding ofDiscipleship1, 251:arises as to what you should do, how you should proceed and how work towards liberation from the "IDiscipleship1, 306:unreal to the real, from death to immortality." Proceed with your meditation as you yourself shallDiscipleship1, 319:release from a certain thralldom, he will again proceed upon his way. In the meantime, hisDiscipleship1, 340:very center of the sphere and from that point proceed with the rest of the work which you are doingDiscipleship1, 357:to understand not only the way a disciple must proceed, but seek to enter more deeply into theDiscipleship1, 359:last communication, pondering upon its meaning. Proceed with your usual linking up with those youDiscipleship1, 364:centering of the consciousness in the mind, then proceed as indicated below: O. M. Sound this asDiscipleship1, 376:for careful reflection during the day, as you proceed upon your life service. At the end of eachDiscipleship1, 380:not alone, and thus - for aye - I stand." Then proceed with the group meditation. Forget not alsoDiscipleship1, 406:a recognition that as we work together we must proceed with due care and real caution. We must workDiscipleship1, 409:In cases such as yours there is need to proceed with exceeding care. There is an emotional andDiscipleship1, 421:the breathing exercise as heretofore, and then proceed as follows: Withdraw your outgoingDiscipleship1, 435:which may be to you familiar and adequate then proceed as indicated... The following seed thoughtsDiscipleship1, 446:ask you, in view of the past year's events, to proceed for the next few months with a relativeDiscipleship1, 446:and the processes of spiritual assimilation to proceed, unhindered by the activity of the lowerDiscipleship1, 459:dreams can be ultimately developed, but you must proceed with care. Dreams are sometimes aDiscipleship1, 480:do commend you and, in commending, urge you to proceed with the task of purification and cleansing.Discipleship1, 544:phrases and reflect deeply upon it. Then proceed with the group meditation, for the united groupDiscipleship1, 546:eventuate as time elapses. For a year you must proceed with care in your meditation work and forDiscipleship1, 546:meditation exercise to be duly carried forward. Proceed with it carefully, and use not too great anDiscipleship1, 587:minds have no time for such acquiescence; they proceed upon their way, leaving you to follow afterDiscipleship1, 608:and the dissipation of glamor. Therefore, proceed with due care. I would have you take the Rules ofDiscipleship1, 648:I think you definitely understand and accept. Proceed with the work which we discussed and which IDiscipleship1, 670:of alignment in your consciousness as you proceed with the following meditation: Sound the SacredDiscipleship1, 685:in so doing the process of decentralization will proceed more rapidly and their love and serviceDiscipleship1, 719:many aspirants in the world today that (before I proceed with other matters) I would like to touchDiscipleship1, 766:function as form "divinely consecrated," will proceed normally and safely. I mentioned theDiscipleship2, 6:[6] these measure up with adequacy - then to proceed with the work of esoteric training. It is theDiscipleship2, 31:is the objective of your next year's work; as we proceed with the various phases of our study whichDiscipleship2, 47:of the life of the three worlds. You must then proceed upon your planned life service (WhatDiscipleship2, 60:and who, within those Ashrams, should and must proceed with the purely inner and subjective work,Discipleship2, 61:- if it is to be safely undertaken - must proceed hand in hand with consolidation. The expansionDiscipleship2, 71:these statements, so that with clarity you may proceed. One of you asked a question concerningDiscipleship2, 73:am going to change your full moon work a little. Proceed as heretofore, but as you stand with meDiscipleship2, 81:of certain mental habits, which I will proceed to discuss with you as part of the usual first themeDiscipleship2, 86:momentous. The various phases of the work will proceed as desired if all talk of executive heads,Discipleship2, 125:can follow the process automatically. I will now proceed to give you each your personal,Discipleship2, 144:point at which this new meditation starts. 'Then proceed as follows: STAGE TWO - The Center ofDiscipleship2, 151:on Meditation - Part VIII Part VIII Before we proceed further with this subject of meditation, IDiscipleship2, 154:Both of these will become clearer to you as we proceed with our consideration of our third point inDiscipleship2, 173:Hierarchy - proves its effectiveness. He cannot proceed with his assigned mission withoutDiscipleship2, 181:working through his own centers before he can proceed to direct ashramic force through them fromDiscipleship2, 213:into humanity all subhuman lives must eventually proceed. As regards the meditative creativeDiscipleship2, 319:"Here is a hint" and, having stated it, he would proceed to enjoin upon his disciple the necessityDiscipleship2, 387:on Initiation - Part IX On Hints We will now proceed to a consideration of the hints which I haveDiscipleship2, 389:living. Having done that, I leave it to you to proceed alone and unaided towards the moment ofDiscipleship2, 389:is at this point that his test lies, for he must proceed on that inner knowledge but dispense withDiscipleship2, 411:initiation, I leave the subject and will now proceed with the subsidiary themes of our study. Discipleship2, 411:to recognize it for what it was, and had then to proceed to discover its meaning and to find theDiscipleship2, 434:to the initiate because he is initiate and must proceed to carry out what has been revealed to him
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