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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROCESS

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Atom, 15:and identifies life with the cosmic process. It is the exact opposite of materialism, and bringsAtom, 15:been put forward as explanatory of the cosmic process; all of them are partial truths, yet none ofAtom, 16:we can know until some general idea of the process as a whole becomes clearer. We have to rememberAtom, 20:consider what we mean by the words "evolutionary process." They are constantly being used, and theAtom, 21:such as human beings. This is evolution, the process which unfolds the life within all units, theAtom, 22:is. This interpretation [22] of the evolutionary process does not look upon it as the result of anAtom, 24:The stages which distinguish the evolutionary process might be broadly divided into three,Atom, 27:and consciously further the plan? In the cosmic process we have our tiny share, and each day ofAtom, 54:we will take the subject of the evolutionary process, which, in this particular case is theAtom, 61:built up, or to enlarge upon the evolutionary process by means of which atoms [62] are combinedAtom, 63:very cursorily. We have in the first case the process of involution. This is the period in whichAtom, 63:form or sheath proceeds, and it is a long slow process, covering millions upon millions of years.Atom, 63:through an atom of chemistry. It is the great process of becoming, and that which makes existenceAtom, 64:thought in connection with the human being. The process of limitation can be seen in the taking ofAtom, 67:What, then, is the purpose back of this endless process of form building, and this combining of theAtom, 80:kingdoms of nature, and found that, in the process of evolution atoms themselves gravitate towardsAtom, 86:a little what is the method of the evolutionary process for a human being. We have seen that in himAtom, 86:of a picture to the infant mentality of man. The process of the converging of these lines is aAtom, 103:impulse within the body, and the one who is in process of becoming aware by means of these bodies.Atom, 105:Man is the gainer by that vast evolutionary process which lies behind him. He starts with all thatAtom, 129:other developments during the evolutionary process with which we might deal, and which are atAtom, 130:to happen in connection with the evolutionary process during the next few thousand years. Let usAtom, 148:through by every unit of the human family in the process of finding its place within the group, andAtom, 157:view of what is going on in the evolutionary process, is of value to us, not because theAutobiography, 23:It could be [23] explained to them that a process was working in them which was normal and right,Autobiography, 23:make its presence felt. The universality of the process should be emphasized, thus dismissing theAutobiography, 48:wisdom, achievement and understanding. It is a process of living growth. Knowledge should lead fromAutobiography, 51:the past years when my own books have been in process of translation into various languages have IAutobiography, 56:to expounding the Bible to a crowd of men. The process was painful, however. I would lie awake allAutobiography, 118:time see no way out, except through the slow process of evolution and a planned educationalAutobiography, 152:I believe firmly that when I can, through the process of evolution, fully express the divinity thatAutobiography, 153:law of sacrifice governing all the evolutionary process. The vegetable kingdom draws its sustenanceAutobiography, 179:Prayer. To me, also, meditation is a mental process whereby one can acquire clear knowledge ofAutobiography, 230:Hierarchy on our planet was that a group was in process of formation that had in it the nucleus ofAutobiography, 247:ready for publication and the final volume is in process of writing. Volumes one and two deal withAutobiography, 256:and experience in the three worlds, are still in process of training and are preparing themselvesAutobiography, 259:and adequately transcribed, a certain meditative process has to have taken place, wherein theAutobiography, 260:to Mrs. Bailey and then described by her. This process is possible only with the aid of a powerfulAutobiography, 262:Much knowledge has been imparted. The intricate process of divine creation, and the consequentAutobiography, 263:schools are no exception to the evolutionary process and ever appear in response to man's demandAutobiography, 264:Master. These preparatory schools are already in process of forming and the starting of the ArcaneAutobiography, 272:for the schools now in existence or in process of forming. They do not establish policies orAutobiography, 277:and his personal self. This leads in sequential process to the steady unfoldment of consciousnessAutobiography, 279:masters some of the techniques of the meditation process, he is enabled to place himself upon theAutobiography, 284:within himself (as a result of the evolutionary process) a series of integrations. Many of theAutobiography, 284:personality." At this point, or when it is in process of accomplishment, he can become an acceptedAutobiography, 287:as an integral part of the great evolutionary process with its order of living beings, movingAutobiography, 295:a whole through the action of the evolutionary process. This process we seek to study and toAutobiography, 295:the action of the evolutionary process. This process we seek to study and to recognize the myriadAutobiography, 295:the nature and aim of the evolutionary process, the existence of the Spiritual Hierarchy, theBethlehemWeigall, p. 16 The kingdom of God is now in process of rapid formation, as all those withBethlehem, 3:by Karl Pfleger, p. 236. [3] I. We are in process of passing from one religious age into another.Bethlehem, 7:this but also a perpetual cosmic and personal process." Scholars spend their lives in proving thatBethlehem, 8:Keyserling points this out in these words: "The process of shifting levels from the letter to theBethlehem, 15:would endlessly recur; the evolutionary process would do its work. Let mankind therefore drift as aBethlehem, 17:great Individuality, the Christ, through the process of the five great Initiations, gave to us aBethlehem, 19:the Aquarian age into which our sun is now in process of transiting. These are astronomical facts,Bethlehem, 21:into the kingdom of God through the process of initiation. The fact that the historical ChristBethlehem, 22:Christ gives us a definite picture of the entire process in His own life story, built around thoseBethlehem, 23:is being trodden by the masses, and we are in process of purging ourselves from evil andBethlehem, 23:ourselves from evil and materialism. When this process is completed, many will find themselvesBethlehem, 25:experiment. There was perhaps a time, when this process of unfoldment was instituted, that itBethlehem, 25:Son of God, the Christ. Initiation is a living process, and through that process all who dulyBethlehem, 25:Initiation is a living process, and through that process all who duly discipline themselves andBethlehem, 25:books seem to claim. Initiation is not a process which a man undergoes when he joins certainBethlehem, 25:prepare men for that stage in the evolutionary process which is called "discipleship." The reasonBethlehem, 27:yet within themselves they know nothing of the process whereby they can pass (as Masonry teaches)Bethlehem, 29:yet be generally perceived. It is through the process of initiation that this world standsBethlehem, 36:confusion and blind upheaval. It is rather a process of temporary destruction for furtherBethlehem, 43:inescapable as birth into the human family. The process is a sequential proceeding from gestationBethlehem, 44:of that kingdom, and this is as much a natural process connected with his inner life as are theBethlehem, 45:the [45] same experience, and through the process of initiation he gives birth to the Christ. TheBethlehem, 47:some the initiating of humanity may seem a slow process. Old truths enunciated by the worldBethlehem, 47:by the world Teachers and Saviors are in process of reinterpretation, to meet the ancient needs inBethlehem, 48:its service always accompanies the initiation process; the individual learns to subordinate hisBethlehem, 48:- the servant of that Will. The initiation process itself is only a part of the general Plan forBethlehem, 50:the door of opportunity, and, because he is in process of discovering his own divinity, he willBethlehem, 51:through the great experiences of the initiatory process. Every initiation is preceded by a journey;Bethlehem, 51:move. Everybody is travelling and journeying - a process symbolic of an inner condition of searchBethlehem, 59:and a very interesting study of the initiatory process and of the new birth could be made if theBethlehem, 79:remember two things: First, that meditation is a process carried on secretly, silently andBethlehem, 81:event and as much a result of the evolutionary process as is the birth of a child into the world ofBethlehem, 82:entity which can and must be known through the process of bringing it to the birth upon the planeBethlehem, 83:serious practice... At a time of catastrophe, a process of ascetic purification takes place, in theBethlehem, 93:a new world of light and of being. Through the process of that initiation we became citizens of theBethlehem, 96:in the waters of Jordan. Through [96] the process of baptism, and through the temptations whichBethlehem, 101:pledged disciple or initiate, ready for that process which will be the seal of his purification;Bethlehem, 103:which come to all the sons of God who are in process of awakening to their divine opportunities:Bethlehem, 105:is through the baptism of Purification. It is a process of growth in the characteristics of theBethlehem, 116:three episodes and give the clue to the whole process. The ultimate temptation is doubt. The testBethlehem, 137:of all who are perfected. We might depict the process as follows: 1st Initiation New BirthBethlehem, 137:as we have been seeing, was to pass from one process of at-one-ment to another. One of the primeBethlehem, 140:the ages slipped away. Then Christ came, and in process of time, as a definite fulfilment of theBethlehem, 147:is the word generally used to cover the process whereby the medium of divine expression is preparedBethlehem, 147:imposed by man upon his own nature. When this process is self-initiated, then the speed with whichBethlehem, 147:the emotional-feeling nature, and through the process of transmutation converts the desires andBethlehem, 148:initiation. "Radiation is transmutation in process of accomplishment." Transmutation being theBethlehem, 148:in order that it may seek a new center, the process may be recognized as 'radio activity' as far asBethlehem, 151:Increasingly, I believe, as the evolutionary process goes forward, we shall come to a deeperBethlehem, 158:truth. Yet it is all part of the evolutionary process whereby God is revealed through humanity. The
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