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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROCESS

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Discipleship1, 717:This is an esoteric repetition of the physical process of becoming a separate individual. BetweenDiscipleship1, 718:produces an absorption, a fusion and a blending process between the disciple and the soul (andDiscipleship1, 724:difficult relationship but is a part of the new process of externalizing the hierarchical effort ofDiscipleship1, 725:with by me later. The consequent developing process of telepathic interplay is one which should beDiscipleship1, 726:"freeing karma." This is a part of the forcing process to which those who choose the more difficultDiscipleship1, 738:therefore, to more effective service. If this process, when applied by him evokes resentment andDiscipleship1, 746:and an act of spiritual will. It is in reality a process of invocation and evocation. This wholeDiscipleship1, 750:out to you before this how difficult is the process of absorbing a new disciple into an Ashram; heDiscipleship1, 753:unregistered and unrecognized. The evolutionary process is one of developing a response apparatusDiscipleship1, 757:The other has not yet made the grade. When this process of identification takes place, a movingDiscipleship1, 757:More I may not say, nor can I enlarge upon the process whereby a chela within the aura can at willDiscipleship1, 759:the aura in his daily physical plane life. This process necessarily falls into five stages: He isDiscipleship1, 762:they assume temporary importance in the training process because it is through them that theDiscipleship1, 762:being one of the last stages in the training process. The constitution of the ego, or Soul, is theDiscipleship1, 763:higher centers. This is the broad and general process, reaching from the universal (as far as theDiscipleship1, 763:The detail of the descent of energy or of the process of spiritual inspiration (both these phrasesDiscipleship1, 763:The knowledge petals or the mind aspect. This process will be affected by the ray type of theDiscipleship1, 763:The Six Stages of Discipleship - Part VIII This process going on in the egoic vehicle andDiscipleship1, 764:word symbols of an inevitable evolutionary process. They describe the divine inspiration to whichDiscipleship1, 764:and evocation which underlies the entire process, you have a hint as to the structure and activityDiscipleship1, 764:evolution which is found in the universal life process. Discipleship1, 765:the nature of the gastric juices which make the process of living on the physical plane aDiscipleship1, 779:ready for publication and the final volume is in process of writing. Volumes one and two deal withDiscipleship1, 788:and experience in the three worlds, are still in process of training and are preparing themselvesDiscipleship2flowers emerge. It was a new age group forcing process, tested in operation by the use of thisDiscipleship2, 13:producing a chemicalisation, an interior process of upheaval and probably outer behavior which mayDiscipleship2, 14:of the Dweller on the Threshold. Through this process, full consciousness is achieved. The work ofDiscipleship2, 15:that I speak to you in this manner, but in the process of freeing you for increased service I haveDiscipleship2, 20:to the Hierarchy (which is "entered" through the process of initiation) and to each other. ThisDiscipleship2, 20:tension, of crisis, and an interlude, prior to a process of transmission. [21] Ponder on theseDiscipleship2, 21:physical plane, precipitates energy through a process of appropriation. A study of these thingsDiscipleship2, 22:that the points of crisis in the evolutionary process have accomplished their intent and haveDiscipleship2, 24:Service, I would remind you, is a scientific process, calling forth all the soul powers into fullDiscipleship2, 26:poise as fully as may be during the following process which is carried forward silently by theDiscipleship2, 27:of information and knowledge is often a slow process, owing to the inadequate alignment of theDiscipleship2, 28:Ashram, upon the mental plane. C.D.P. is now in process of freeing herself from astral limitations,Discipleship2, 50:They are in reality occupied with the [50] process of anchoring upon earth a new religious idea orDiscipleship2, 54:and dedication, which was the intelligent process, motivated by free will and involving mentalDiscipleship2, 58:I am going to ask you to go over the whole process in these first three major stages, studying withDiscipleship2, 59:winning the day. This great cleavage is now in process of settlement. On the other hand, a deeplyDiscipleship2, 60:referred to has relation to a mysterious process which is going on in the thinking (if one dare useDiscipleship2, 60:dare use such a word for such a comprehensive process) of the planetary Logos. He is deciding atDiscipleship2, 60:the Hierarchy shall take shape; he is timing the process of its externalization; he is decidingDiscipleship2, 64:upon the Probationary Path. Passing through a process of reorganization. This involves theDiscipleship2, 64:needs. Senior disciples are undergoing a forcing process to enable them more rapidly to take theDiscipleship2, 74:because their training and testing is only in process. He does know what the accepted disciple,Discipleship2, 82:applied self-discipline, to a purifying process, and to effect those reforms within their ownDiscipleship2, 88:underlies the various aspects of the work now in process of expansion. A brief diagram should makeDiscipleship2, 90:of the Ashram; sometimes the spiritual forcing process brings him to that [91] point prematurely.Discipleship2, 96:and incentive energies constitute a vast process of many interrelations and this, most aspirantsDiscipleship2, 103:are some of them fully active; some are in process of formation, and some are, as yet, in a totallyDiscipleship2, 106:The members of an Ashram are all in the process of demonstrating love and pure reason, and they areDiscipleship2, 116:regularity. The second part is a reflective process or cultivated recognition which will serve toDiscipleship2, 116:recollection of purpose and objective, and a process of what has been called "intentional living."Discipleship2, 116:potent. In the furtherance of this process, leading to radiatory and magnetic living, the methodDiscipleship2, 116:using the creative imagination in the process. This is a "feeling" or astral activity. AssumedDiscipleship2, 118:succeeded in familiarizing yourself with the process; firm foundations will thus be laid for theDiscipleship2, 119:and come to fruition. [119] Keep the whole process, my brother, very simple and uncomplicated inDiscipleship2, 119:The completed meditation involves the process of relating heart and head and then - by an act ofDiscipleship2, 120:above stages are completed, then comes a lengthy process of transference. The solar plexus is theDiscipleship2, 120:between the lower energies and the higher. This process is in itself dual: The two points withinDiscipleship2, 121:are an argument for the factual nature of the process and they also enable the aspirant to graspDiscipleship2, 123:the head to the solar plexus. To facilitate this process, you can use the following formula: I amDiscipleship2, 123:disciples' manual) vision pictorially the process of focusing - demanding - descending andDiscipleship2, 125:but carried out as a [125] visualization process for some months - consistently and consciously -Discipleship2, 125:upon one's duty. OM OM OM This meditation process is relatively simple if you familiarize yourselfDiscipleship2, 125:can be dispensed with when you can follow the process automatically. I will now proceed to give youDiscipleship2, 126:you strive afresh, and together, at the daily process outlined by me. This meditation is one of theDiscipleship2, 126:of you and not by me. There may be times in the process of training you and preparing you forDiscipleship2, 126:with your Full Moon work, I seek to change the process which has been followed by you for so long -Discipleship2, 126:which has been followed by you for so long - the process of entering my study and there contactingDiscipleship2, 126:contacting me. I will give you another symbolic process which will follow five stages: [127] At theDiscipleship2, 131:the solar plexus center. A definite and planned process of alignment. I found, as you know, thatDiscipleship2, 134:active thought." You will note that the entire process is therefore kept in the realm of the nonDiscipleship2, 134:has - as oft I have told you - to master the process of carrying on a dual thinking process,Discipleship2, 134:the process of carrying on a dual thinking process, wherein he is preserving a continuity of mentalDiscipleship2, 136:Therefore, as you prepare for the meditation process which you will undertake during this comingDiscipleship2, 136:still basically too potent) will be a gradual process, but it will in time restore the Mysteries,Discipleship2, 152:been apt to think of alignment in terms of the process whereby the personality is brought intoDiscipleship2, 154:Mind of God, the Universal Mind, or the thinking process of the planetary Logos, can be recordedDiscipleship2, 185:of fusion, and then a training given and a process instituted which create a still greater fusion.Discipleship2, 192:levels of activity simultaneously, and is in the process of demonstrating - as far as in him liesDiscipleship2, 193:is symbolic of) the man who has built (or is in process of building) the antahkarana. Where thatDiscipleship2, 194:during untold hundreds of lives, the entire process is simply one of expanding consciousness and ofDiscipleship2, 195:the coming year. As this thought-projection process or exercise becomes a part of your normal stateDiscipleship2, 195:Few of you took my advice or have adhered to the process or followed the rhythm set up by theDiscipleship2, 197:of Plan or Purpose and, in fact, the entire process of evolutionary unfoldment. It is a techniqueDiscipleship2, 197:in purpose and in intention, and this meditative process is better formulated and has (if you thinkDiscipleship2, 199:is an instinctual habit and needs no forced process: Meditation is that which sets in motionDiscipleship2, 200:who were instrumental in the amazing and occult process of implementing the mental principle uponDiscipleship2, 202:well know, your best agent; but the meditation process must be accompanied by creative work, orDiscipleship2, 207:advanced and, in them, mental energy may be in process of unfolding or expressing itself - in theDiscipleship2, 208:theme of meditation as the agent of the creative process Now, and with the part meditation mustDiscipleship2, 208:seven phases of the creative meditative process; all of them are productive of the requiredDiscipleship2, 211:but this aspect of their activity is only in process of being learnt and applied. The entireDiscipleship2, 213:and Beings have come; in humanity the creative process is constantly working; and into humanity allDiscipleship2, 213:proceed. As regards the meditative creative process, the diagram on the following page may serveDiscipleship2, 219:bottles." The war (1914-1945) started the needed process of destruction, and the postwar period isDiscipleship2, 222:the powerful seventh ray Ashram - now already in process of externalization. The effect of humanDiscipleship2, 223:of his directed and controlled thought - a process of sustained thinking which sweeps all the
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