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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROCESS

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Discipleship2, 412:unfoldment and to the development of a new process whereby the presented [413] hint was invocativeDiscipleship2, 416:hints deal with the particular initiatory process with which the disciple is faced. It [417] is forDiscipleship2, 422:preserves an habitual control over the habitual process of the form vehicles which are now usedDiscipleship2, 424:of aspirants who have taken or who were in process of taking the first initiation. Again, if youDiscipleship2, 425:seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order is active and in process of manifestation in the three worlds, andDiscipleship2, 427:picture is given of the three stages of the process, which I mentioned earlier: Penetration,Discipleship2, 427:are, therefore, three stages in the penetrating process at this particular time: The initial act ofDiscipleship2, 428:plane and there - for a brief time - an unique process of consolidation and of consequently greaterDiscipleship2, 428:humanity has passed through a great cleansing process and because in the world today there are manyDiscipleship2, 430:that we study this problem of the initiatory process from the angle of Penetration, ofDiscipleship2, 432:stage of Polarization. Then when the initiatory process is completed and "he returns from whence heDiscipleship2, 432:of penetration alone and unaided; during the process of Polarization, the Master of his Ashram isDiscipleship2, 434:stages are presented in dramatic form during the process or the recognition of initiation. As youDiscipleship2, 434:for energy distribution. Initiation is in fact a process wherein the initiate is taught how to workDiscipleship2, 436:reveals those brighter lights which usher in the process of revelation. I am, my brother, speakingDiscipleship2, 436:consciousness. There is a point in the initiate process when the initiate becomes aware - in aDiscipleship2, 439:discards limitation. The goal of all this process has been summed up, as far as planetary humanityDiscipleship2, 449:three concepts govern the needed evolutionary process for you at this time - as they do for theDiscipleship2, 451:which are, for that unit of life, the essential process for the immediate moment. In all breathingDiscipleship2, 452:life of the three worlds; you are meanwhile in process of learning them as a soul and as aDiscipleship2, 452:Path of Initiation, you will relearn this same process on the highest possible turn of the spiralDiscipleship2, 452:(I refer at this point to the meditation process, practiced daily). Let them mark also theDiscipleship2, 454:work. These are initiated in the silence of the process of abstraction, released when the interludeDiscipleship2, 455:thus establishing a three year cycle in your process of rhythmic mental building. Keep close toDiscipleship2, 460:man's next definite step forward. Watch this process with care in your life. Your extreme psychicDiscipleship2, 460:plexus to the heart. The first stage of that process is, esoterically speaking, the discovery ofDiscipleship2, 461:from the solar plexus to the heart. In this process, the group meditation should materially helpDiscipleship2, 463:force and leave "room for reception," as the process is sometimes technically called. True loveDiscipleship2, 468:full waking consciousness. In the final race the process will be repeated on a still higher spiral,Discipleship2, 469:racial "transfiguration" will take place. The process will then be carried forward and at theDiscipleship2, 481:He therefore refrains from an educational process which would otherwise be obligatory upon him.Discipleship2, 484:an outgoing spirit and an interest in the whole process of contact. It is through contacts and theDiscipleship2, 487:though somewhat dimmed by negativity. You are in process of stepping over the periphery of theDiscipleship2, 487:would find it helpful to grasp is that the process of passing over to the other side involves noDiscipleship2, 489:only going through an ordinary everyday process. If facility in doing this exercise is achieved,Discipleship2, 491:life of daily experience through a systematized process of Relationships. You assume - as aDiscipleship2, 504:the remaining years of this life, through the process of dissolution, and on into the freedom ofDiscipleship2, 514:ask myself what I can do for you and so aid the process of transmutation and release through rightDiscipleship2, 515:register either as a glamor or a purificatory process, and in the group as a force, having either aDiscipleship2, 515:the throat. It will require careful watching of process, results in the centers and consequentDiscipleship2, 521:to soul motive. The result of this entire process of thinking will be the subjugation of yourDiscipleship2, 524:with a clear and definite statement: You are in process of taking some of the final tests whichDiscipleship2, 524:which - if you will take them - may hasten the process. Yet I feel very great difficulty inDiscipleship2, 541:you, in his own place, is facing this initiatory process. I might add that every member of theDiscipleship2, 547:and knowledge. Seek simply to visualize the process, knowing that "as a man thinketh so is he."Discipleship2, 554:by ever acting "as if." Through this living process you will let loose the fires of comprehension.Discipleship2, 559:point upon the inner planes of such a meditation process, if you so desire. Will you join with me,Discipleship2, 560:own. This new book is intended to aid in this process, and it is upon this aspect that I would askDiscipleship2, 564:somewhat unbalanced, and this will require the process of obtaining equilibrium before you can moveDiscipleship2, 567:of meditation. You know enough of the meditation process to work it out through the years into yourDiscipleship2, 573:mind into [573] practical effectiveness. The process is therefore one of a pronounced technique forDiscipleship2, 573:integration of soul and personality. The same process in the case of the average citizen producesDiscipleship2, 579:all the members of this group in my Ashram is a process of deepening, carried forward throughDiscipleship2, 580:only possible when [580] the antahkarana is in process of definite construction, as is the caseDiscipleship2, 585:it does not become a formal service but a living process animated with purpose. I would ask youDiscipleship2, 587:humanity. You are, as I feel sure you know, in process of shifting your entire Polarization inDiscipleship2, 605:imaginatively in the ajna center. Repeat the process in connection with the solar plexus. RepeatDiscipleship2, 611:in order to help you more effectively in the process of adjustment which faces you) I am impressedDiscipleship2, 626:with the form as its sound reaches us during the process of involution. We distinguish it on theDiscipleship2, 631:that a Master arrives at his goal through a process of questioning and of finding, alone andDiscipleship2, 633:immovable in his determination. I refer to the process of his moving forward (technicallyDiscipleship2, 635:to recognize the senior disciple; it is this process of recognition which oft constitutes the finalDiscipleship2, 641:of energy is not a physical matter but a mental process. This is a subject of importance. Then,Discipleship2, 642:sentences each for one month and then repeat the process of reflection twice, thus covering aDiscipleship2, 652:The crux of the lesson which you are now in process of learning is to refrain from expectation -Discipleship2, 657:the life of the disciple when he goes through a process of detaching himself esoterically (thoughDiscipleship2, 658:of depth, of detachment, of humility. This process you will never regret, and in the coming periodDiscipleship2, 664:and evoked much love, and that is a lasting process entailing responsibility which may not beDiscipleship2, 670:ray physical vehicle will greatly facilitate the process. This seventh ray is a ray of a dualDiscipleship2, 672:with the Christ was possible. That you were in process of preparation for taking a certainDiscipleship2, 687:as the Observer, see the reversal of the earlier process. The solar plexus is dimmed. The radianceDiscipleship2, 689:to think that life must be for you now largely a process of waiting; that there is little that youDiscipleship2, 691:do with these matters. I would suggest, for the process to be employed, that you approach eachDiscipleship2, 693:one of his established processes. However, the process of abstracting one's mind from all imposedDiscipleship2, 694:you to recognize the truth. The entire process is one of abstraction, involving pain. There is aDiscipleship2, 695:as that of divine identification. Please use the process outlined for disciples in The Yoga SutrasDiscipleship2, 696:realize that life for you is mainly a waiting process, you are apt to forget these two facts whichDiscipleship2, 697:your morning reflection, following a definite process of linking with me and with my Ashram. HereDiscipleship2, 706:active mind, interfere with the inner learning process which is so essential to allDiscipleship2, 715:withdrawing and escaping into the meditation process, and you do it so successfully that the resultDiscipleship2, 718:based upon love and not upon any mental process. This will be hard for you, for it involves beingDiscipleship2, 726:refuse to see the light, you will but delay the process and continue to exact the protecting careDiscipleship2, 729:no need for the profound depression and for the process of self-accusation in which you soDiscipleship2, 753:exercise and meditation may aid in this process of emergence. It is well to bear in mind that theDiscipleship2, 755:quality), thus irradiating the outer life. This process should be fairly easy as all your rays tendDiscipleship2, 755:easy as all your rays tend to facilitate it. The process is also highly scientific for it is inDiscipleship2, 756:to the outstanding quality which, given due process of experience, will radiate from your life andDiscipleship2, 760:an approach and an eagerness to stimulate "the process of absorption," as it is called. This is aDiscipleship2, 760:of absorption," as it is called. This is a process which serves to integrate the disciple regularlyDiscipleship2, 761:ray devotional nature play any part in this process or contact. Bear in mind that first rayDiscipleship2, 761:You are strong and able to take what the process requires; you can rest back on your own strengthEducation, ix:world, brought about by the increasingly rapid process of unification, the reduction of distances,Education, 7:life, then the objective of the educational process imposed upon the subject will be to make theEducation, 8:years and based on the phases of the growth process in the individual, that make for his bestEducation, 9:of meditation are needless. Meditation is the process whereby the objective tendencies and outgoingEducation, 10:until the later years of the educational process. The time is coming when all children will beEducation, 11:Answered The third question asks: "What is the process of the unfoldment of the intellect in man?Education, 11:briefly be tabulated as follows, based upon the process of unfoldment in a human being: Response toEducation, 15:and is related to the first step in the creative process, wherein Deity, governed and impelled byEducation, 15:Writing symbolizes the method whereby the process is carried on, but it is of course far more
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