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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROCESS

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Externalisation, 539:influence humanity in the coming large scale process of reorientation. In studying this, you mustExternalisation, 540:demonstration of the success of the evolutionary process up to the present time. This success hasExternalisation, 556:nucleus and a devoted band of believers is in process of being gathered together (though only asExternalisation, 558:when used by men of all faiths can aid in the process of averting war. I ask you also to makeExternalisation, 559:Christ down to the humblest initiate - are in process of steady and increasing hierarchicalExternalisation, 568:planet will become [568] a sacred planet. This process, as it unfolds and develops, will have aExternalisation, 568:the Externalization Steps in the Externalization Process For some time, ever since 1425 A.D., (aExternalisation, 575:must not proceed on the assumption that in the process of externalization there is a general movingExternalisation, 582:humanity is involved - this is regarded as a process of education, leading to an expansion ofExternalisation, 582:in the hands of disciples who are undergoing the process themselves, and it is not in the hands ofExternalisation, 589:and reasonable. It will not be a slower process, but the reverse. The results of the old andExternalisation, 591:God Immanent. It is the clue to the evolutionary process, and the eternal hope of all forms in allExternalisation, 601:effective results. Of the factual nature of this process the vociferous demands of men of goodwill,Externalisation, 612:they will fail to recognize the Christ Who is in process of returning. The Christ has no religiousExternalisation, 616:when the principle of sharing is at least in process of controlling economic affairs, and when theExternalisation, 617:advancement and the success of the evolutionary process. To enable Him today to walk among menExternalisation, 645:will be the result of an intensified educational process. Humanity, as yet, does not know how toExternalisation, 654:specimens of the natural types - in a selective process - in order to bring in something new,Externalisation, 656:of religious formulations; these are [656] in process of creating great changes in the minds of menExternalisation, 656:of human executive work; in every educational process and in all political regimes. I would mostExternalisation, 665:to service. It is this controlling, subduing process which is going on now, and it is vociferouslyExternalisation, 666:towards material living, and the entire process of right distribution are among the many problemsExternalisation, 671:if it involves trial and error and a much slower process? Would you have mankind standing on itsExternalisation, 675:energies can pass to carry out the creative process, are five in number: New York, London, Geneva,Externalisation, 675:themselves is a general part of this training process. Until a man can do his own thinking andExternalisation, 675:and controlling and directing the creative process. If the new heavens and the new earth are to beExternalisation, 675:and in reality, it means a great recreating process must get under way, and this is the conceptExternalisation, 677:to offset it; it led to an increased forcing process by means of which many earnest and willingExternalisation, 685:which is animating the entire evolutionary process - a process in which humanity (again for theExternalisation, 685:is animating the entire evolutionary process - a process in which humanity (again for the firstExternalisation, 686:turn of the spiral) submitting to a forcing process which will make great demands upon Them, butExternalisation, 687:of Their activities. An intensive training process, therefore, is being carried out in every ashramExternalisation, 688:- for the Members of the Hierarchy - a definite process of testing out and of trial, prior to andExternalisation, 691:the problem to be faced on their behalf, and a process of directing the needed energy of love inExternalisation, 692:world for the reappearance. This purificatory process falls into the following stages: The stageExternalisation, 692:This is a point of danger for the disciple. The process of discovering the magnetic areas,Externalisation, 692:energized and aided. It is this fundamental process which will guide the disciples and theExternalisation, 694:medium of human beings, and this can be seen in process at this time. This present activity,Externalisation, 694:people, Their next step is to subject them to a process of training in telepathic susceptibility,Externalisation, 697:or other of the methods mentioned above. This process has been going on for some time and beganExternalisation, 699:life (the normal product of the evolutionary process) can be lived divinely; They will express theExternalisation, 701:defeat of Communism, but the defeat of that evil process which involves the imposition of ideas,Fire, vi:which might best help to make the telepathic process more successful. But during the latter yearsFire, vi:skillfully attuned and adjusted that the whole process was practically effortless, and the realityFire, viii:The age-old method of arriving at truth by the process of accepting new authorities and comparingFire, xiv:is hoped that this treatise may form part of the process through which equilibrium is attained. Fire, 39:implies possession of name and form. The World-process (as embodied in our world-system) is theFire, 44:with the other two fires as the evolutionary process proceeds is seen the goal of logoic attainmentFire, 70:of the lower threefold man underwent a twofold process: They were first vivified in rotation, andFire, 80:lesser or not so evolved. Upon every plane this process can be seen. Thus the etheric body formsFire, 81:destruction of the world is therefore one vast process called Yagna, which takes place in the bodyFire, 81:determines mainly the character of this Yagnic process... Shri Krishna therefore calls the processFire, 81:process... Shri Krishna therefore calls the process the Yagnic life that he has been giving out toFire, 88:the furthering of the aims of the evolutionary process in the immediately coming lesser cycle. OurFire, 91:by a repetition within the planet of the same process [92] which is undergone in connection withFire, 92:planet concerned. This again repeats the process undergone in the human body. The physicalFire, 97:and the impulse behind all evolutionary process; fire, the builder, the preserver, and theFire, 97:and the constructor; fire, the originator, the process and the goal; fire the purifier and theFire, 97:applied to the first part of the evolutionary process. It covers the "path of descent," or theFire, 97:of densest concretion. The latter half of the process is called evolutionary and marks the ascentFire, 97:source, plus the gains of the evolutionary process. 43 "The Three Outpourings. In the diagram theFire, 99:Body and Prana 2. The Assimilator of Prana The process of assimilation is carried on in thisFire, 99:the etheric spleen, and is there subjected to a process of intensification or devitalization,Fire, 108:interval that has to elapse while the two are in process of blending, come those periods where,Fire, 112:hold in their keeping the present evolutionary process for Man, viewing him as the Thinker. TheseFire, 113:Their totality the Quaternary of Manas while in process of evolution, and who pass under TheirFire, 113:in the following facts that are even now in process of development: The fourth plane of Buddhi isFire, 123:the throat and the head. This is a long and slow process when left to the unaided force of nature,Fire, 123:here that (in a few cases) a quickening of the process is permitted in order to equip workers inFire, 124:according to ray) become active and a similar process is effected between them as was effected inFire, 129:This should be the result of all evolutionary process. True death, under the law, is brought aboutFire, 131:periphery of His body. In the system, the same process is followed by the solar Logos; from HisFire, 142:the seven planes. On each of these planes the process is pursued, and the matter of any planeFire, 144:an ever more adequate type of matter in the process of distinguishing the real from the unreal, andFire, 172:stage of the Path in its two divisions, for the process of producing the effect described coversFire, 175:in time and space or during the evolutionary process, but not permissible from the standpoint ofFire, 175:quo as well as globes and everything else in the process of formation." Such is the "hypothesisFire, 178:hundred years of Brahma, or the remainder of the process of manifestation. When we study,Fire, 184:of mind have begun to blend (a slow and gradual process), the web itself is [185] destroyed, and byFire, 190:of the effect of the Sacred Word as it is in process of sounding forth. As it reverberatesFire, 200:seen the awareness of the Self, and the graded process of identification, utilization, manipulationFire, 201:himself. He sees the threefold evolutionary process and by means of the development of the innerFire, 201:begins to hold sway during the discriminating process that takes place when the illusory nature ofFire, 201:place when the illusory nature of matter is in process of realization. Discrimination is theFire, 201:of realization. Discrimination is the educatory process to which the Self subjects itself in theFire, 201:process to which the Self subjects itself in the process of developing intuition - that facultyFire, 201:and is the means of their differentiation in the process of abstraction; the intuition concernsFire, 203:remembering that as the centers are awakened the process will be threefold: First. The awakening onFire, 205:development marks an equally definite process. The vivification of the inner heat of the sheaths,Fire, 205:latent in every individual atom of matter. This process proceeds in all three bodies, at firstFire, 207:correspond to the Personality) are beginning the process of translating the fire into the threeFire, 211:every world period it is subjected to a similar process as that of the lesser Rod, only this timeFire, 215:by resistance, and is a necessary phase in the process of evolution. This law of attraction is theFire, 216:by which is defined in reality the involutionary process, cosmically considered. It led to aFire, 219:has induced the latter into a crystallization process that the philosopher Plato called theFire, 220:the purposes of the Logos in the evolutionary process. [223] Fire, 224:of conception as to the broad outline of the process, and as to the gradual development ofFire, 225:immediately to be undertaken in this gradual process of attaining full consciousness. Fire, 227:about and perfected during the evolutionary process. This heat and light are produced by the unionFire, 228:or deeply hidden by a veil of matter, but in due process of evolution it will shine forth to such
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