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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROCESS

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Fire, 765:three topics, we can now proceed to consider the process followed by the Ego when seekingFire, 766:the earlier stages (the first three cycles) the process goes on under the Law of Economy, which isFire, 766:and though the will aspect lies back of the process, yet for a long time it is the pull ofFire, 768:an ovoid or sphere, and very small as yet. This process of forming the egoic lotus has gone onFire, 768:as we understand it is not yet effected. This process of radioactivity on the part of the lower,Fire, 771:vibration has been set up, and the whole process then proceeds under law. The solar angels haveFire, 773:of the solar and the lunar Pitris 53 in the process pursued by the reincarnating Ego is our nextFire, 778:been said in modern occult literature anent the process followed in the perfecting of those EgosFire, 787:the less evolved the man, the slower is the process. We are dealing here with the period of timeFire, 791:and Karma In resuming our consideration of the process pursued by the reincarnating Ego, it isFire, 791:so will the length of time required for the process be brief, or the reverse. In the early stages,Fire, 792:must also be remembered that as the evolutionary process proceeds, the egoic activity calls outFire, 795:studied. As the moon becomes small through the process of disintegration, its effect upon the EarthFire, 806:at this stage. The love nature of the Ego is in process of being developed, and this stage is theFire, 806:and thus repeats rapidly the evolutionary process of the preceding solar system; in the secondFire, 808:makes itself felt during the evolutionary process, and thus simultaneously "redeems" man in anFire, 816:as the aim is to make clear the rationale of the process. Fire, 828:(two groups of two each) and the fifth is in process of arousement into equal activity. TheFire, 828:the instrumentality of the curious and abnormal process of initiation - the remaining aspect willFire, 829:consummated. The fact of the abnormality of the process of initiation must here be emphasized.Fire, 829:In earlier and perhaps in later rounds the whole process will follow natural law. In this round andFire, 829:in the races under Their guidance. The whole process is optional, and a man may - if he so choose -Fire, 829:a man may - if he so choose - follow the normal process, and take aeons of time to effect what someFire, 829:a briefer period, through a self-chosen forcing process. At the termination of the 777Fire, 829:initiation and enters upon a brief synthesizing process, or a final period in which he garners theFire, 831:to convey a general idea of the evolutionary process in connection with the Ego and its progressionFire, 832:is higher even than the Ego is felt. The earlier process has then to be repeated on a higher turnFire, 834:entire constellations beyond our solar system in process of disintegration in time and space in aFire, 838:it is that is the cause of much cyclic evil. The process of decay and the evil emanations inducedFire, 843:not primarily the evolution of man, but is the process of their own development within the plan ofFire, 845:again as one group when synthesized during the process of manifestation. They are fourfold inFire, 846:vibration was the result of the evolutionary process of the entire earlier system. This entity hasFire, 853:who were produced through the individualization process in Lemurian days. They are the EarthFire, 859:that he has already transferred, or is in process of transferring, the energy of the generativeFire, 861:Path. The fact that the fifth spirilla is in process of awakening. This has to be effected beforeFire, 864:the astral plane begins to undergo a lengthy process of destruction, and the first "rents" in theFire, 864:active. This marks a definite stage in the process of transferring the fires into the higherFire, 864:is created by the aspirant himself during the process of transference. [865] The second stage isFire, 870:Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals A similar process takes place when the second circle ofFire, 876:which will eventually cause Him to repeat the process of producing, - Conception, Creation,Fire, 878:sacrifice finds them ready [878] for the final process of renunciation. The solar Lords, in theirFire, 885:brain. We have here put very briefly the process of force transmission from the Monad to man on theFire, 888:or unconsciously, recapitulates the logoic process, and becomes a creator, working in substanceFire, 900:planet, and that it is connected with the process whereby eventual perfection is demonstrated. TheFire, 904:of the Pleiades. Thus can the whole process be worked out, if man carefully studies his own nature,Fire, 904:their own bodies. The clairvoyance which is in process [905] of developing in this root-race isFire, 917:is, matter as we know and see it. The key to the process of creation upon the physical plane, andFire, 924:and planetary solar plexus, for the evolutionary process, as in all manifestation, is the result ofFire, 927:devas are active, and the archetypal form is in process of materialization. The logoic septenaryFire, 929:occupied in creation of any kind, and in the process of producing forms on earth which embody anFire, 933:of the life essence into its synthesizer. The process of destruction can only be described in theFire, 933:many aeons a mystery. His etheric body is now in process of building, and only in another solarFire, 936:Microcosm Man and the Building Devas Man, in the process of evolution, as he pursues the method ofFire, 937:Angel, or Lord, upon the lunar angels, and the process whereby the solar Lord imposes a certainFire, 937:He utters his voice, and (as in the logoic process) the lesser "army of the voice" respondsFire, 937:might be called a mantric phrase. The building process definitely begins in a sequential threefoldFire, 938:double commence their activity. Again the process is repeated. When the second stage of the work ofFire, 938:point to be remembered, for it brings the entire process of human birth definitely into line withFire, 938:a half months of the gestation period. The final process of concretion carried on through theFire, 939:double. This in turn is devitalized, and so the process is carried on till one by one the sheathsFire, 939:Those who are responsible for the building process. The devas of the permanent atoms. ThisFire, 946:will force him into situations necessary for the process of awakening him to his own innateFire, 951:lower nature is immediately engaged in the dire process of feeding the dreaded "Dweller." ThisFire, 952:the building of processes of nature, A conscious process of willing creation, so that manFire, 955:under law and order of mental matter, and of the process of thought manifestation through the twoFire, 957:considered in two divisions: first, the initial process of alignment with the Ego, so that theFire, 957:upon the physical brain, and then a secondary process in which the man, using the physical brainFire, 958:to ascertain the egoic impulses in all thought process, and to utilize true egoic energy beforeFire, 958:control, and who desire to understand the process of creation with greater scientific accuracy. WeFire, 958:We will, therefore, consider two factors in the process of thought-form. building: That of aligningFire, 958:building: That of aligning with the Ego. 88 The process of impressing the egoic will, on theFire, 960:is found in the right comprehension of the process. If students will study carefully the aboveFire, 962:Ego on its own plane. When the antahkarana is in process of utilization the alta major center isFire, 962:minus that which has been gained or lost in the process. The true Adept, through knowledge,Fire, 962:through knowledge, conserves all energy while in process of transmission, and augments it with theFire, 962:therefore, it is a small résumé of the creative process of the Godhead, being the [963] energy ofFire, 964:is reached, the internal triangle is in full process of circulatory transmission, and the wholeFire, 964:the condition of the etheric centers during this process of direct solar control. Before the threeFire, 965:the throat center assumes its right place in the process of evolution, the alta major centerFire, 966:form which, through attractive energy, he is in process of constructing. 89 The Pineal Gland. TheFire, 967:and the vitalization of the force centers. This process is incident upon many things, such as theFire, 968:drawn from him the necessary response, the process of building is thereupon begun. This process ofFire, 968:the process of building is thereupon begun. This process of physical plane response is based - asFire, 968:of the solar Lord. As is apparent, this building process is divided into three parts, whichFire, 968:case with the majority of the human family) the process is an unconscious one, produced by reflexFire, 968:has two primary things to do before the creative process can be carried through: [969] To contactFire, 969:with the Ego, or solar Angel. To study the process of creation and to make it conform step by stepFire, 969:primary form. On the desire or astral plane, the process of vitalization is largely pursued, forFire, 969:On the etheric levels of the physical plane the process of physical concretion takes place; as theFire, 970:consciously to build, and will not consider the process as pursued by the adept, or the chaoticFire, 970:of the plan, and yet will have to repeat the process continuously over quite a long period beforeFire, 970:It is perhaps unnecessary to say that the entire process is greatly facilitated if the "shadow," orFire, 971:form. Students must remember that this entire process is being carried on now during this stageFire, 972:It should be carefully borne in mind that the process of building in mental matter proceedsFire, 975:and clouds of partially energized matter in process of dissolution. This produces occultly aFire, 976:the more detailed explanation of the process must necessarily be withheld. Another reason forFire, 978:further [978] advance can be made, and this process is karmic and unavoidable. Third, speech isFire, 980:of the world, we shall [980] see that the process of creation was carried on by the means of soundFire, 980:are made and at this present time He is only in process of speaking. He has not yet concluded whatFire, 982:of thought forms, and have seen that the process pursued by man is analogous to that pursued by the
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