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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROCESS

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Glamour, 89:a brief interlude) they misunderstand the process and apply wrong motives to right activities. AllGlamour, 89:of children; hence also our use of a similar process under the term "alignment" when dealing withGlamour, 89:alignment. These are all attempts to express the process of "right activity [90] upon the Path ofGlamour, 90:by expressing the truth in the following manner: Process Correspondence Obstacle 1. PhysicalGlamour, 93:to be dissipated and aptitude in seeing the process of light distribution. [94] Glamour, 94:it holds the secret of disillusionment, as this process of release from glamor has been occultlyGlamour, 95:his sense of dualism should be ended and that a process of unification and an attempt to achieveGlamour, 99:It might be added that this is a long and slow process because the consciousness is - in this stageGlamour, 101:a man's life, and thus reinitiates a torturing process of bridging or of "occultly healing" [102]Glamour, 103:and deliberately, identifies himself. With this process we will later deal. This is the problemGlamour, 110:glamor and such the success of the evolutionary process, that humanity, as a whole, is wandering inGlamour, 114:apparent to the soul in incarnation and a process is then instituted whereby the soul frees itselfGlamour, 141:Hierarchy and which refers to this particular process. I am giving you a brief and somewhatGlamour, 142:plexus until such time as they have mastered the process of rapidly transferring the light of theGlamour, 162:spiritual revolution was entirely a balancing process and need cause no basic concern, for GodGlamour, 168:loving activity. The practical effects of this process will be the dissipation of glamor and theGlamour, 168:of the Christ." This is necessarily no rapid process but is an ordered and regulated procedure,Glamour, 168:slow also in its establishment and sequential process. This process was initiated upon the astralGlamour, 168:its establishment and sequential process. This process was initiated upon the astral plane [169] byGlamour, 169:the approaching maturity of humanity. The process has been slowly gathering momentum as these twoGlamour, 170:of the astral plane and the beginning of the process which will dissipate glamor; the second resultGlamour, 171:of life, the Microcosm; then, having grasped process and progress in connection with theGlamour, 172:with glamor; illusion is related to the whole process of revelation. Glamor can be and often isGlamour, 173:of those who stand on the Path and who are in process of becoming rightly oriented; it is also aGlamour, 173:The mind is the instrument which registers the process of "becoming" but it is also - during theGlamour, 174:not immediately apparent. This is the method or process of what has been called "imposedGlamour, 174:factors which determine and condition the world process. These revelations or subjective, vitalGlamour, 174:and its civilization: One is the evolutionary process itself whereby the mind of the individual hasGlamour, 175:brings about (when the mental perfecting process has reached a relatively high degree ofGlamour, 175:is, therefore, concerned primarily with: The process of revelation. This process has been and todayGlamour, 175:primarily with: The process of revelation. This process has been and today is the main testimonyGlamour, 179:This is to be expected if the evolutionary process means anything. The Western races must moveGlamour, 180:disciple's life, is not used at this time in the process of effective approach. It is the effortGlamour, 183:Transfiguration, marks the consummation of the process. Only glory then is seen: only the voice ofGlamour, 183:cycle is short. A very good instance of this process is demonstrated by one of the secondary pointsGlamour, 191:to dispel glamor. It might be stated that this process of bringing light into dark places fallsGlamour, 192:constant overlapping, a cyclic development and a process of fusion which is most confusing toGlamour, 201:(occultly speaking) have the following powers in process of rapid development: The power not onlyGlamour, 203:and the "life more abundantly" is achieved. The process followed by the disciple who is consciouslyGlamour, 204:- A World Problem - The Ending of Glamor This process of recognition, focusing, dissipation andGlamour, 204:initiation. The clue to all success in this process is, therefore, connected with meditation andGlamour, 205:I cannot here enter upon an elucidation of the process of meditation, based on the rightGlamour, 205:recognitions, leading to revelation. The whole process of evolution is initiatory in character,Glamour, 207:comes the stage (a result of this alternating process) when the pull of the soul begins to offsetGlamour, 208:from astral plane control. The balancing process then takes place. It is during this stage thatGlamour, 208:producing an effect in the brain. This focusing process falls into three stages: The attempt toGlamour, 209:either the light of matter or of the mind. This process of focusing is undertaken through alignmentGlamour, 209:to the stage of concentration in the meditation process. The second stage of the focusing processGlamour, 209:process. The second stage of the focusing process is produced through the effort to meditate. InGlamour, 209:of the two material lights was entirely a form process and the aspirant is actuated entirely by hisGlamour, 211:the aspirant to work scientifically; it is not a process of "killing out desire" as some schools ofGlamour, 211:as some schools of thought teach, but is a process of gradually eradicating desire by sternGlamour, 211:been the slow techniques of the past. Today the process is to be changed because enough people areGlamour, 211:- A World Problem - The Ending of Glamor The process I am developing for you is one of rapid andGlamour, 212:referred to above, constitute a preparatory process. These three stages must be somewhat developedGlamour, 213:I might add, to have achieved perfection in the process before starting this work and service.Glamour, 213:achieve the desired results. They can hasten the process by their combined help. The power ofGlamour, 214:glamor or glamors. I will tabulate the process, and the aspirant would do well to follow it asGlamour, 215:matter in the mental vehicle. This is done by a process of lifting up and of blending and fusion,Glamour, 217:and not magnetic or radiatory. Next follows a process wherein the glamor to be dissipated and theGlamour, 217:must not be done in such a way that the mind process, light [218] and power will strengthen theGlamour, 218:be done in such a way that at the close of the process the glamor will be appreciably weakened andGlamour, 218:which the worker names the glamor and sees it in process of dissipation. He aids the process byGlamour, 218:sees it in process of dissipation. He aids the process by saying with tension and inaudibly: "TheGlamour, 219:disappear altogether. This is followed by a process of withdrawing wherein the aspirant consciouslyGlamour, 220:thus the searchlight of the mind. [220] A process of alignment and of recognized integration. AGlamour, 220:triple affirmation. The Act of Penetration. The Process of Withdrawing. You will see, brother ofGlamour, 221:of that vast "cloud of knowable things" in process of perception, as Patanjali calls it, and whichGlamour, 222:this formula and they would greatly hasten the process of dissipation if they would forceGlamour, 228:is that it is a pictorial representation of the process of Creation, of the relation between GodGlamour, 230:and consciously attempting to visualize the process of blending the triple light which eachGlamour, 237:soul light. Unification of the three lights. The process of alignment and of recognizedGlamour, 237:triple affirmation. The Act of Penetration. The process of Withdrawing. Glamour, 243:must be dispelled and dissipated and, in the process, discovery will be made that the form is onlyGlamour, 256:of the Spiritual Triad. Any disciple who is in process of building the antahkarana can begin toGlamour, 257:light of day. But they must follow an ordered process of gestation and of timed appearance. WhenGlamour, 257:to a point of tension. Steadily, whilst the process of inhalation and exhalation is being carriedGlamour, 257:He is usually so intensely preoccupied with the process of directing breathing and so expectant ofGlamour, 258:breath is carried to centers which should be in "process of elevation" as it is esotericallyGlamour, 259:the point of tension and involving a breathing process which draws the needed energy upon theGlamour, 259:coming schools of esotericism. Inspiration is a process of qualifying, vitalizing and stimulatingGlamour, 260:a word) and the groups which are in process of collaborating with the Hierarchy make musicGlamour, 263:he is the Self and not the not-self and by a process of projection; this projection is defined asGlamour, 264:with maya. Where the initiate is concerned, the process is carried on at first from a point ofGlamour, 265:fairly simple elucidations of a difficult [265] process but that in itself is delusion. AgelongGlamour, 268:is then free to take the final initiations. This process is not consummated in one particularGlamour, 268:the two antagonistic forces. It is a threefold process, covering each of the three periods beforeHealing, 7:the soul of the one to be healed and the healing process will be set in motion; the radiation ofHealing, 14:and illusion. From one angle, disease is a process of liberation, and the enemy of that which isHealing, 14:disease should be welcomed, and that the process of death should be cherished. Were that the case,Healing, 14:to the use of death as the organized, freeing process in order to conserve force and give to theHealing, 29:it will then disintegrate, under the natural process, and its constituent atoms will pass back intoHealing, 29:Again, on the subjective side of life, the process is repeated, but many have already learnt toHealing, 32:the result of wrong human thought. Disease is a process of liberation and the enemy of that whichHealing, 37:response apparatus, are (during the evolutionary process) subject to three types of unfoldment.Healing, 37:the awakening of these centers through the process of initiation. This of course only happens whenHealing, 41:is sometimes incident upon and part of the process of the withdrawal of the soul from itsHealing, 42:conclude that: [42] Disease is a purificatory process, carried out in order to produce a purerHealing, 42:is possible. Disease can be a gradual and slow process of dying and of thus releasing the soul. AHealing, 43:the mystic, the aspirant and the disciple, the process of thus definitely changing the direction of
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