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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROCESS

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Healing, 470: Esoteric Healing - Chapter V - The Process of Restitution Two Main Reasons for Cremation OccultlyHealing, 471:Here, in esoteric phraseology, the entire process of death is described. It is important to noteHealing, 472: Esoteric Healing - Chapter V - The Process of Restitution Sequence of Events at Death I feel thatHealing, 473:All I can do is to tabulate the stages of the process, leaving you to accept them as an interestingHealing, 474:allowed in order to carry forward the loosening process as smoothly and as painlessly as possible.Healing, 474:loosening of the nadis starts in the eyes. This process of detachment often shows itself in theHealing, 475: Esoteric Healing - Chapter V - The Process of Restitution 3. Next, the organized etheric body,Healing, 476:therefore be apparent that a dual attractive process is at this stage going on: The vital body isHealing, 476:himself. In the case of an advanced person, this process is consciously undertaken, and the manHealing, 476:elemental is so powerful that it can prolong the process of dying. This elemental life willHealing, 477:the etheric vehicle of the planet itself. This process of dispersal is, as I have earlier said,Healing, 477:exceedingly rapid. Once it is accomplished, the process of restitution is over; the man [478] isHealing, 478: Esoteric Healing - Chapter V - The Process of Restitution 3. Two Questions of Importance I haveHealing, 479:to show the normality of this familiar [479] process. The horror which attends death upon theHealing, 481: Esoteric Healing - Chapter V - The Process of Restitution The picture I have outlined of theHealing, 484:attitude have their rightful place in the process. The family of the dead person need a few hoursHealing, 484:of the dense body has taken place. The process of mummifying, as practised in Egypt, and ofHealing, 488:three types of people all use an eliminative process of a similar nature, but employ a differentHealing, 488:but employ a different technique within the process. For the sake of clarity, it might be statedHealing, 489:still only in a somewhat feeble manner. This process is relatively quick and is dependent upon theHealing, 495:that the Law of Rebirth governs the experience-process of physical plane living, and they realizeHealing, 495:life takes place, leading to what is called "the process of descent and calling," wherein the man:Healing, 496:of the art of elimination, and this awareness of process and purpose, in reality constitute theHealing, 496:The general idea has been that, after the process of ridding himself of the astral and mentalHealing, 496:a sort of rest period, a kind of digestive process, in preparation for the undertaking of renewedHealing, 496:and etheric bodies, and as the eliminative process is undertaken, the man is aware of past andHealing, 497:contact eventuates and the manasic vehicle is in process of destruction, he becomes immediatelyHealing, 497:to incarnation and during the continuous process of rebirth. This constitutes a state ofHealing, 497:to elaborate the technique of the eliminative process. Humanity is at so many different stages -Healing, 497:a principle, and the principle of desire; in the process of taking rebirth, this principle isHealing, 497:the reincarnating man. Kamic man, after a long process of attrition, is left standing free withinHealing, 497:of rebirth. The kama-manasic man practices a process of withdrawal and responds to the "pull" of aHealing, 499:light of the soul hastens and supplements the process. The disciple now uses more occult methods,Healing, 500:the soul plays a very small part in the death process, beyond the contribution of a simple soulHealing, 500:own plane until such time as the evolutionary process has brought about a situation wherein theHealing, 500:all forms are made goes forward under natural process and the "karma of matter" is the initialHealing, 502:certain definite stages in the evolutionary process; it is related to the principle whereby theHealing, 503:activity, and the wide usefulness of death as a process in reconstruction. It will convey to youHealing, 509:as to how the others who are as yet only in the process of reorientation can develop an adequateHealing, 509:It is not waste of time, but a very necessary process and one through which every Member of theHealing, 513:off. The second reaction is that of a meditation process or the generation of power, later to beHealing, 514:The soul is now in what esotericists call "a process of reversal." This produces a great interestHealing, 514:succeeds incarnation and the familiar process of death, intervening between cycles of experience,Healing, 521:and the Rules which should condition the healing process must be briefly considered. We have foundHealing, 525:Therefore, the antahkarana must be somewhat in process of construction. The power to establishHealing, 527:and magnetism to aid in the ordinary healing process. These will usually work under the guidance ofHealing, 527:that it renders the effort to apply that healing process entirely futile. From the reverse angle,Healing, 540:remain fully conscious through the death process. You will, therefore, realize the basic necessityHealing, 544:payment of the penalty through the well-known process of death or to the success of the steps takenHealing, 546:good control. It will of course be a gradual process, and in the early stages almost imperceptible.Healing, 548:You can see, therefore, how the healing process is simplified when we recognize causes and realizeHealing, 552:mental type, and the approach to the healing process must be through a higher center, the headHealing, 552:the healer and the patient, prior to any healing process. Healers in the New Age will alsoHealing, 555:least intercept the free activity of the healing process. It is a glamor and an illusion and isHealing, 557:you that the healing art is not a vague mystical process, or wishful thinking and simple goodHealing, 562:no normal expression of a natural and universal process, and to whom therefore sex remains aHealing, 576:the modern meaning is only now in process of emerging. It might be said that: In Lemurian timesHealing, 589:energies which underlie the entire evolutionary process and motivate its inevitable consummation.Healing, 593:place under the Law of Transmutation, or the process of lifting up of the forces from one center toHealing, 593:on those below the diaphragm. This is a reverse process to that which takes place when the forcesHealing, 596:does not want to do so. These two phases of the process of dying are indicative of the destiny ofHealing, 601:time that people grasped that fact. The entire process of healing is thought-directed; it concernsHealing, 604:soul energy) and by the potency of thought, the process of radiation ends. This radiation hasHealing, 610:everywhere; the most undeveloped races are in process of achieving education, involving necessarilyHealing, 612:then the divine goal of the entire evolutionary process. This is not an easy point for humanityHealing, 613:of its own; it is not important in the active process, for it is a recipient and not that whichHealing, 623:to the point reached under the evolutionary process, and that the glandular system is simply anHealing, 624:control, this conditioning, and this determining process by the soul; human beings are today atHealing, 624:imaginable stage of development within this process. Healing, 624:It will be apparent to you also that the karmic process in any individual life must therefore workHealing, 631:was inevitable. It has simply been a hastening process. This is not, however, a true occult healingHealing, 632:The healer can help and can hasten the healing process, but the orthodox physician can also hastenHealing, 651:no affirmation and uses no healing mantram. The process outlined here is that of the effect ofHealing, 652:distresses the spiritual man who is aware of the process and the intent of his soul. What is keptHealing, 654:on the Cross could not respond to any saving process (even had He desired to do so) because theHealing, 657:energized. The work of the healer during this process is one of intense quiescence. Having made hisHealing, 658:unconsciously under soul direction, begins the process of withdrawing all consciousness from theHealing, 669:has handled this problem, and is now in process of solving it. It is essentially, however, the mainHealing, 680:that death itself is a part of the creative process of synthesizing. It is essential that new ideasHealing, 681:as the next development. This is an easier process, little as you may think it. This distinction,Healing, 681:may think it. This distinction, relative to the process of obedience, is interesting because theHealing, 681:process of obedience, is interesting because the process of learning by hearing is always slow andHealing, 682:is anchored), and then - as you well know - the process of withdrawal begins. What transpires inHealing, 682:is basically distinguished by the same identical process; the difference exists in the degree ofHealing, 682:of consciousness evidenced - consciousness of process and intention. The result is the same in allHealing, 686:thankless duties of daily life, is a scientific process leading them to higher phases ofHealing, 686:first time with clarity, his part in the whole process of world events and his inescapable share inHealing, 687:one of the factors governing the whole creative process is dependent upon the [688] skill of theHealing, 698:prior to the conscious act of healing: [698] Process One. The healer will definitely andHealing, 698:the solar plexus, always preferably the former. Process two. He will next create the secondaryHealing, 698:etheric body which is related to his soul ray. Process three. He then, with deliberation, performsHealing, 700:ray energy should be employed in the healing process, through what center in yourself, as theHealing, 709:to bring about a cure or to facilitate the process of death or departure. It will, however, beHercules, 5:Upon this path he submits himself to a forcing process, so that the flower of the soul can unfoldHercules, 6:and leaves only the pure gold behind." It is a process of refining, of sublimation and ofHercules, 10:God which is being wrought out in the creative process, and which flowers forth more beautifullyHercules, 10:express the underlying purpose of the creative process and the objective of both the Cosmic ChristHercules, 32:become involved in matter; or it may reverse the process and focus itself in the urge to achieveHercules, 34:Christ in incarnation, as he initiates the process of form-taking, and ultimately brings about theHercules, 34:started its career in matter through the same process of thought. The human family, the fourth
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