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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROCESS

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Rays, 470:by mutual invocation, producing a responsive process which is one of evocation. It is this scienceRays, 470:is only establishing the first stage of his process of realization; he is establishing in his ownRays, 470:also point out that the critical aspect of this process is only arrived at when the distinction isRays, 471:with full awareness, and finally directly. This process constitutes the individual parallel to theRays, 474:undertaken upon the Path of Discipleship) is a process which is followed under certain ancient andRays, 474:- though existent and occult facts in a natural process - are as yet unrealizable. My problem is toRays, 474:yet unrealizable. My problem is to present the process in such a manner that - towards the end ofRays, 475:The fusion of personality and soul is in process, but when it has reached a certain point itRays, 475:and the mental unit - are all involved in the process. Students would do well to learn that thisRays, 475:Students would do well to learn that this process of building the antahkarana is one of the meansRays, 476:ahead and the work of the disciple who is in process of constructing the antahkarana. There is aRays, 477:to undertake the task of bridge building. The process involves much scientific experience in theRays, 478:and continued to make use of their presence. The process of recognizing creative ability and ofRays, 479:thread. This brief summation of the past process is intended simply to give a synthetic backgroundRays, 479:law and the "rounding out" of the evolutionary process. Another summation of the entire process mayRays, 479:process. Another summation of the entire process may be found in the lines from Stanzas forRays, 482:outer objective world. This he does through a process of Intention, Visualization, Projection,Rays, 482:and make a few remarks anent this relatively new process of building the antahkarana. It has beenRays, 482:that we are dealing with a technique and process which are dependent upon the use of the creativeRays, 482:of planned impulse - you have started a creative process which will be productive of major results.Rays, 482:and the reverse is equally true. The whole process is one of establishing constructive relationsRays, 482:of magnetic force. This is the creative process. [483] It is true of the activity of a solar Logos,Rays, 484:and the importance of the revelation which this process conveys. What I am here writing has,Rays, 484:cycle are already beginning to do so. In the process, however, the third divine aspect - that ofRays, 484:- comes into activity. It was so in the creative process where the tangible universe was concerned.Rays, 485:words prove inadequate. I can but outline to you process and method and a consequent hope for theRays, 485:of Initiation The Six Stages of the Building Process I have employed six Words to express thisRays, 485:I have employed six Words to express this process and its resultant condition. It might proveRays, 486:These words cover a building technique or a process of energy manipulation which brings into beingRays, 486:is an intermediate stage. It is also a process whereby - from the angle of the subhuman kingdoms inRays, 487:and an act of the creative imagination. A process of energy gathering or of force absorption, inRays, 487:a mental ring-pass-not, prior to the later process of visualization and projection. [488] A periodRays, 488:[488] A period of clear thinking anent process and intention, so that the dedicated bridge-builderRays, 489:more potent and the clearer the visualization process, the more beautiful and strong will be theRays, 489:strong will be the bridge. Visualization is the process whereby the creative imagination isRays, 489:to work. He endeavors to visualize the entire process, and by this means sets up a definite rapportRays, 490:be employed in this later phase of the building process - find themselves unable to proceed anyRays, 490:Primarily, an inability to use the Will in the process of projection. This process is a combinationRays, 490:use the Will in the process of projection. This process is a combination of will, further andRays, 490:Word of Power. Up to the present stage in the process, the method for all the seven rays isRays, 490:the will aspect, and being consciously aware of process and performance, proceeds now to move theRays, 491:a [491] Word of Power, as in the logoic creative process. This is in reality a reversal of theRays, 491:process. This is in reality a reversal of the process of the Monad when It sent forth the thread ofRays, 491:the means of this anchoring; then came the later process, when the soul in its turn sent forth aRays, 492:themselves of the usual idea of sacrifice as a process of giving-up, or renunciation of all thatRays, 493:is practically all that I can tell you anent the process of projection. It is a living process,Rays, 493:anent the process of projection. It is a living process, growing out of the conscious dailyRays, 494:attention of the higher. This is the technical process of invocation and evocation. There is aRays, 494:means of the path of Light. In considering this process, words prove completely inadequate. At thisRays, 499:as a whole stands ready for a general alignment process, and that is the spiritual reason which layRays, 500:disciples are occupied with a definite process of focusing their consciousness in the soul. ThisRays, 500:focusing their consciousness in the soul. This process falls into two parts: An intensification ofRays, 500:to its highest individualistic powers. A process of moving forward into the light and of consciousRays, 500:This involves the earlier stage of the alignment process, which is a mode of focused, concentratedRays, 501:mastered the first stage in the needed alignment process. When this has been accomplished, the manRays, 501:to bear on these six stages of the building process. All disciples on all these seven rays use theRays, 501:The Seven Ray Methods used in the Construction Process Until the stage of projection is reached,Rays, 501:the Spiritual Triad and starting the dual process of building from both ends of the bridge (if suchRays, 502:clearly in the mind's eye pictorially. It is a process which is profoundly difficult for them. ItRays, 502:is an essential factor in the building process and one of the major means of focusing, prior toRays, 502:means of focusing, prior to projection. This process of projection falls into three mainRays, 502:personality and soul, as occupied with the process of bridge building. He never for one secondRays, 503:above that this constitutes a definitely planned process of a basic scientific nature, and requiresRays, 503:scientifically speaking, is that the whole process is carried forward upon subjective levels and inRays, 503:tries to master the different stages of the process, but it all becomes entirely automatic whenRays, 503:when once mastered. Here is a summary of process up to the point of definite projection: Intention,Rays, 504:Will. This short tabulation should aid in the process, and you can see how stage grows out of stageRays, 504:so simple as it sounds. Success in the building process is dependent upon the ability of theRays, 506:with the Will aspect. This necessitates a higher process of alignment and the evocation of a divineRays, 507:The astral body also vanishes in the same great process of renunciation, and the physical body (asRays, 508:employed at the projection stage of the building process. Ray One - Will or Power To understand theRays, 509:and the finished product of the visualization process. A focused activity of the will, according toRays, 510:also been giving in human terms the outline of a process which, if adequately followed, will enableRays, 511:you may have a visual picture of the intended process. The following of the process is, of course,Rays, 511:of the intended process. The following of the process is, of course, another matter and its successRays, 511:dependent upon more than a theoretical grasp of process. It is dependent upon your ability to liveRays, 512:tension. A period of clear thinking anent this process of Intention must be attempted. Then followsRays, 518:upon the three final stages of the building process as dealt with and outlined earlier. These threeRays, 521:the sought-for divinity. Its technique was the process of fitting oneself for the revelation ofRays, 523:the Path, symbolically speaking, and by a process of reorientation, the aspirant who is seeking toRays, 526:invocative ranks; His work brought about the process known as individualization. Down through theRays, 528:ascensions. These ascensions are the result of a process, a technique, a method (choose which wordRays, 528:realm of the whole. Previously, I dealt with the process as it applied to the disciple invoking hisRays, 528:the final three of the six great stages in the process we are considering: Invocation, leading toRays, 530:of Initiation The Meaning of the Initiatory Process Before proceeding with our next pointRays, 530:the words I earlier emphasized, "the initiatory process." I have dealt at length with the theme ofRays, 530:apparent that it fits into the evolutionary process as a normal and inevitable procedure.Rays, 530:there comes a climaxing point in the initiatory process in which the disciple's consciousnessRays, 531:to the future externalization of the initiatory process in its earlier stages. When an adequateRays, 532:obvious that these three attempts to define the process of initiation present only the outer formRays, 532:all else in nature, for initiation is a natural process. There is first, its form aspect; then itsRays, 532:the disciple's comprehension of the initiatory process; the consciousness aspect indicates in aRays, 532:of expansion as the disciple has undergone the process; the life aspect permits of extra-planetaryRays, 533:This information concerning the initiatory process is coordinating in its nature and is of serviceRays, 533:or of comprehension of the initiatory process are hinted at in the Masonic Work. The ceremonialRays, 533:higher initiations - those subject to the process called illumination through revelation. Rays, 534:ancient sin of non-response to the evolutionary process. Let us now consider what the initiatoryRays, 534:process. Let us now consider what the initiatory process signifies to the disciple as he seeks toRays, 534:which it demands. You will note that I call it a process in contradistinction to the theosophicalRays, 534:ceremony of a period of training. The initiatory process is in reality the result of the activity
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