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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROCESS

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Rays, 534:which implement or engineer the initiatory process; these [535] energies are evoked by the discipleRays, 535:It is through his understanding of the word "process" that the disciple discovers the true meaningRays, 535:and have our being. All this is the result of a process and the effect of the inherent livingnessRays, 535:more than names to the disciple. This initiation process governs the dual life of the disciple inRays, 537:is becoming spiritually controlled (or is in process of being controlled), then he is faced withRays, 537:it into a higher fusion with itself. This process of unfoldment creates certain major points ofRays, 538:conferred upon him or given to him. It is a process of light recognition and of light utilizationRays, 539:tension or of initiation; through the initiatory process he discovers a new and more brilliantlyRays, 541:and the Spiritual Triad. The same general process dictates all the desired fusions and producesRays, 542:broad and general lines governing the initiatory process; the work here indicated is followed byRays, 542:Himself, as He submits to a cosmic initiatory process. Such a point of tension, of stupendousRays, 547:use of the antahkarana which the disciple is in process of building; this is rapidly becoming aRays, 551:cycle and has greatly hastened the evolutionary process; it demonstrates its effective work in theRays, 551:is passing (forget not my words, "initiatory process") produces an entire reorganization of all theRays, 552:the microcosm undergoes - in his minute living process - what the planetary Logos undergoes in aRays, 552:- what the planetary Logos undergoes in a cosmic process. When - as is the case today - HumanityRays, 552:- as is the case today - Humanity itself is in process of becoming creative in the higher sense,Rays, 553:of a regenerated intelligentsia. This process received its initial impulse as a result of a groupRays, 554:of energies. All these happenings are part of a process of planetary initiation; [555] such anRays, 556:symbolically presented; the understanding of the process was dependent upon right interpretation.Rays, 557:my words. Initiation is a system or a scientific process whereby the septenate of energies whichRays, 562:and which conditioned him during the initiatory process he has just undergone. He then moves into aRays, 562:of his understanding of the initiatory process upon the outer plane of activity in service. HeRays, 562:initiate enters upon the period of initiatory process possessed of a certain definite energyRays, 563:present which - at the time when the initiatory process is begun - is in reality a composite ofRays, 563:of soul control which will make the initiatory process effective. Rays, 563:integrated energies is (through the initiatory process) confronted with still higher fusions,Rays, 563:still higher fusions, because initiation is a process whereby successive integrations - attended byRays, 564:which He has made by means of the entire process of manifestation. As The Secret Doctrine hasRays, 565:to the progressing initiate to reverse the process which has up till now governed his life. InsteadRays, 566:in fact considering initiation as a planetary process, and not that process as it affects theRays, 566:initiation as a planetary process, and not that process as it affects the individual initiate. ThatRays, 568:of consciousness. At other times, during the process of being withdrawn "to their own place," theyRays, 570:the door admitting them to the first initiatory process. It will be apparent to you why the presentRays, 573:taken on the physical plane, that is, during the process of the first initiation. Its effect uponRays, 574:the seventh ray at the time that the initiatory process is consciously taking place. The effect ofRays, 575:is seventh ray energy which - in the initiatory process between the first and the secondRays, 575:of Idealism and Devotion. In the initiatory process between the first initiation of the Birth ofRays, 577:must solve. He thereby becomes a Master, and the process, as it goes forward from initiation toRays, 577:and the Major Initiations The initiatory process between the first and the second initiations isRays, 581:to human living. The Piscean Age, now in process of passing away, is also closely related to thisRays, 585:groups affected by the progressive initiatory process to which the disciple is being subjected areRays, 588:of activity), constitute a great and applied process of initiatory activity, governing, controllingRays, 589:possible. Some day the story of the evolutionary process will be written by an initiate of theRays, 589:Logos, and each - in time and space - is in process of generating those points of crisis which willRays, 591:come when the antahkarana is constructed or in process of construction. [592] This energy isRays, 592:One stream of energy - during the initiatory process - contacts the mind. This comes from theRays, 592:of the disciple, as he undergoes the initiatory process which is our theme at this time. It alsoRays, 594:carefully remember, for there is no new race in process of appearing, from the territorial angle;Rays, 595:regarded as the initial steps of the initiatory process for the third initiation - far ahead asRays, 596:or its preparatory or subsequent initiatory process. All this lies too far ahead for even advancedRays, 596:are a few who are passing through the initiatory process, prior to taking the fourth initiation.Rays, 598:is now completed. During the initiatory process preceding the third initiation, the mind works in aRays, 600:the consciousness of the initiatory process is not yet over, however for that involves theRays, 600:the recognition of time. During the initiatory process between the second and the thirdRays, 601:Philosophy - ideas - ideals Psychology - in process of modern development [602] This fifth rayRays, 604:this repetition is distinctive of natural process, leaving each stage of man's evolution depicted,Rays, 604:of humanity prove to be, for it is the same process for mankind as a whole as it is for theRays, 606:The time is not yet, but a great awakening is in process; men, however, will only see correctlyRays, 607:do the same in mass formation. [607] This whole process culminates when the fourth initiation, theRays, 607:is already - from the very dawn of the creative process - tinged with karma. There is deep occultRays, 618:through Conflict works (where the initiatory process is concerned) through the heart, or throughRays, 619:of the Christ. This alignment is now in process of being made; it will be brought aboutRays, 624:of the world war; nevertheless, after due process of pain, of [625] re-education and of training inRays, 632:of human freedom, eventually this educational process will prove convincing to the world andRays, 637:and physical activity are integrated or are in process of integration into one functioning whole.Rays, 637:perception and a sound idealism. It is this process of developing mental understanding and a soundRays, 648:thinking and lead to a new type of transmutative process, as far as man is concerned. It must notRays, 653:who should enter his Ashram, plus an esoteric process of blending himself and his Ashram into theRays, 655:initiation will take hold of the evolutionary process and will implement divine purpose. What thatRays, 656:major factors which make possible the initiatory process on Earth among men. This naturally meansRays, 656:cosmic Path which makes the entire evolutionary process possible. Just as a Master Who has takenRays, 657:This our planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara, is in process of doing, providing a definite cultureRays, 658:planetary Logos, it is He Who initiated a new process in seven phases, preparatory to the expectedRays, 660:passes from one initiation to another through a process of continuously leaving behind thoseRays, 660:Men are apt to think that the whole evolutionary process - including the development of theRays, 661:task is the application of the evolutionary process with a view to the preparation of the field ofRays, 661:Sanat Kumara. They are a definite part of cosmic process and particularly of solar evolution, butRays, 663:held in mind, for these initiations indicate the process through which the personality can becomeRays, 665:the spiritual. The ferment of the initiation process goes on all the time, undermining theRays, 665:therefore, is our starting point. The historical process can (and will) reveal the gradual entranceRays, 667:the relative darkness of the lower nature. This process is now being brought to a close, though itRays, 669:and who study the books I have written are in process of preparation for one or other of theRays, 669:the physical creative act into the creative process of producing the good, [670] the beautiful andRays, 670:the transmutation of sex. In that transmutative process men have greatly erred and have approachedRays, 671:sacral and throat centers, as the transmutative process proceeds and the energies of the sacralRays, 671:head center) which brings the transmutation process to a successful conclusion and stabilizes theRays, 671:the relationship within the head. This process may take several lives of steadily intensifyingRays, 674:the Biblical account of that purificatory process. That summarized symbolically [675] the wateryRays, 675:the purely Atlantean form of the initiatory process, giving us the concept of a descent into waterRays, 675:The result, however, of the modern initiatory process is of a much higher order. This statement isRays, 675:fact that the Hierarchy and its personnel in process of assembling will be of a much higher orderRays, 675:this has ever been the case. The evolutionary process covers all that is. Even Sanat Kumara isRays, 676:influence of the Piscean cycle which is now in process of termination, the sixth Ray of Idealism orRays, 676:of man's present point in the evolutionary process) usually the least desirable aspect. All else isRays, 677:in consciousness from the concept that the process of initiation is a consummation of effort, toRays, 677:and these are the aspects of the life process which should condition him. At the close of theRays, 677:condition him. At the close of the initiatory process certain energies and divine aspects should beRays, 680:dictate, under the influence of the evolutionary process, the liberty to decide on the requiredRays, 683:into the heart center. This constitutes a long process which the aspirant is forced to face in the
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