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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROCESSES

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Astrology, 21:contact and much meditation, to determine the processes of astrological interpretation for thoseAstrology, 95:the creator of those activities, conditions and processes which lead to the manifestation of soulAstrology, 95:manifestation of spirit through the soul. These processes eventually demonstrate the true nature ofAstrology, 95:is achieved." Old Commentary. Through the fiery processes of war and strife, brought to theAstrology, 115:of a Deity who is the product of our mental processes and of devoted idealism (two of the threeAstrology, 119:stages to the faint beginnings of the intuitive processes in Gemini. Then comes a great process ofAstrology, 128:also which, from a different angle, govern the processes undergone upon the Path of DiscipleshipAstrology, 129:hold also that Pisces governs the generative processes. They are essentially correct because once aAstrology, 129:in the higher sense and the physical generative processes should give place esoterically toAstrology, 145:soul) and is eventually so cornered by the life processes that he becomes aware of the futility ofAstrology, 147:[147] he has surmounted the tests of both the processes of incarnation and initiation and so standsAstrology, 149:of the present general trend towards meditation processes which bring about the capacity to beAstrology, 152:The Cardinal Cross in reality governs [152] both processes but this is only understood whenAstrology, 164:but also controlling the experiences and processes of evolution. The reason for this is thatAstrology, 189:evolution and the objective of all incarnating processes. Virgo - Hierarchically, indicating theAstrology, 191:of the fourth ray and also the God of the mental processes, has his power definitely lessened inAstrology, 192:with either his own human personality and processes or with the human kingdom, prior to takingAstrology, 192:both through the exoteric and the esoteric processes and therefore astrology recognizes it as aAstrology, 200:word desire, leading, through the transmutative processes of life experience, to aspiration andAstrology, 202:to understand the nature of discipleship and the processes of stabilization and right direction, weAstrology, 205:carries the test into the region of the mental processes, which is the reflection of the willAstrology, 212:his emotional or desire nature and his mental processes up into heaven. This takes place as aAstrology, 214:somewhat to lose their influence. A study of the processes of death as the sign Scorpio conditionsAstrology, 214:as the sign Scorpio conditions them and the processes of death as we see them working out in theAstrology, 220:to manifest overcomes all other urges, and the processes of incarnation impose themselves upon theAstrology, 224:in connection with humanity and with world processes. Carried forward to its logical conclusion,Astrology, 230:in Gemini or the soul-body realization; the processes of physical incarnation go forward in Cancer,Astrology, 240:or Libra in activity. They mean, finally, the processes of initiation wherein, step by step andAstrology, 244:all the triplicities which condition the processes of evolution and manifestation. It is through aAstrology, 255:Creative [255] Hierarchies and the evolutionary processes which affect the fourth CreativeAstrology, 282:give place in this powerful sign to the natural processes of form production and to the silentAstrology, 286:the tenth sign of the zodiac, for it is the processes of initiation which make the self-consciousAstrology, 287:are applied through daily life and the processes of incarnation; they apply to the "fish swimmingAstrology, 295:and the goal of all present evolutionary processes. The three aspects of the Sun (as dealt with inAstrology, 324:basic indications as to the nature and the processes of the Law of Rebirth. It would appear that asAstrology, 336:or attractive focal point leading to the processes of incarnation. Through the door of CancerAstrology, 338:immersion in form. The pull of form life and the processes of concretization control. The manAstrology, 343:and the breaking of all the bonds which the processes of incarnation have forged. In the WordsAstrology, 354:then the revealer of the life aspect during the processes of the higher initiations, but upon theseAstrology, 366:form, for it is so truly symbolic of the processes of divine unfoldment and therefore most timely.Astrology, 367:call the consciousness-mechanism and of the life processes which enable man finally to be what heAstrology, 371:which) of manifestation, of the evolutionary processes and of the will-to-be or the will-to-live.Astrology, 375:potent manner. Vulcan controls the anvil-like processes of time and strikes the blow which shapesAstrology, 378:each other. That is as far as the evolutionary processes have yet taken humanity and hence theAstrology, 390:completed in Pisces. That which impelled to the processes of involution and evolution (the desireAstrology, 390:aspect of your mind which is much needed in the processes of realization, and which must be calledAstrology, 397:degree, outstanding limitations as regards the processes of spiritual evolution; there are,Astrology, 397:of the organs of speech gives the clue to the processes whereby the disciple must bring aboutAstrology, 398:proving the effectiveness of the evolutionary processes undergone in the great repeated transitionAstrology, 399:activity. The Moon and Taurus activity. The processes, self-applied by the awakening Taurian,Astrology, 410:events to their own "appearance" and functioning processes in time and space: The succession of theAstrology, 411:consciousness steadily in the vital unfolding processes of the Path of Discipleship and ofAstrology, 413:the emotional nature in its progress and processes. Several lives may, therefore, be given to theAstrology, 420:upon constant mutation and infinitely changing processes. The statements made by me in this attemptAstrology, 443:culture. This will be based on all the cultural processes of the past and of the present, but willAstrology, 495:by the mind of past experience. These processes, when successfully carried forward, evoke theAstrology, 506:worlds whilst a sacred planet will aid in the processes of affecting the fusion of soul and body,Astrology, 516:sense, apart from the reasoning or logical processes. It comes into activity when the resources ofAstrology, 545:people (as is today the case); of educational processes which fail to educate the developing natureAstrology, 557:the strictly human stages, and the integrating processes of personality development until the manAstrology, 568:and their comprehension of the objectives of the processes to which they have given themselves uponAstrology, 592:This is the basis of all relationships and all processes of interrelation in our solar system andAstrology, 592:a human being who finds his heart's desire. Long processes of evolution precede this fulfilment andAstrology, 613:These are dim reflections of the dynamic processes to which the One Life subjects Itself as itAstrology, 613:of a creative, advanced human being, his thought processes and his achievements. Some understandingAtom, 16:Until, we have further developed our mental processes, and until we are able to think in abstractAtom, 27:own thoughts and to manipulate our own mental processes; we must learn to know what we think andAtom, 41:the ultimate factors in all physical or chemical processes, seems to be capable of easiest solutionAtom, 77:We have seen that our interpretation of the processes of nature necessitates a threefold concept,Atom, 86:within his cycle [86] of evolution the identical processes that the atom itself has followed. JustAutobiography, 43:I had been told absolutely nothing about living processes and this was the foundation of muchAutobiography, 50:it. I know, too, that behind all intelligent processes stands a great Intelligence and that aAutobiography, 72:emerge more rapidly when the right educational processes condition the coming generations; when theAutobiography, 260:this teaching, for it deals with cosmic processes of which she is necessarily ignorant. HerAutobiography, 278:emphasis upon planes, the material building processes and the constitution of the forms. In the newAutobiography, 282:of the occult teaching and upon those rules and processes which will bring about right relations toAutobiography, 283:a willingness to develop and use their mental processes. The need of the more emotional andAutobiography, 288:God Transcendent, is working out through the processes of evolution; these processes eventuallyAutobiography, 288:out through the processes of evolution; these processes eventually reveal the fact of God Immanent.Autobiography, 293:existing religious groups, to aspiration, to the processes of meditation and of occult study. TheBethlehem, 5:this He submitted Himself, and underwent all the processes which are the destiny of every son ofBethlehem, 20:itself to the newer influences, and in the processes of readjustment a period of temporary chaos isBethlehem, 25:possible to enact upon earth certain inner processes known at that time only to the few. Then thatBethlehem, 26:groups who claim an insight into the initiation processes, is that they have not laid the neededBethlehem, 44:with his inner life as are the physical processes in their connection with his outer life as aBethlehem, 66:first of all to submit Himself to the ordinary processes of birth and childhood. Christ came forthBethlehem, 89:so little have we gained from the purificatory processes of modern living. The will to bettermentBethlehem, 107:given perhaps the first real insight into the processes of His innermost mind. The following wordsBethlehem, 113:and liberated from the sins of the mental processes. Such is [114] the will of God for each and allBethlehem, 117:word in any scripture in the world. When the processes of translation are studied this becomesBethlehem, 128:self-initiated discipline; and finally by the processes of integrating the various aspects of theBethlehem, 140:God had been expressing Himself through natural processes, through humanity as a whole, and throughBethlehem, 146:reveals God. Form, the result of active material processes, must express divinity, and theBethlehem, 148:Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 478.) It was these processes, carried on in the form nature, which ledBethlehem, 151:light and its furtherance all of our educational processes and institutions are consecrated. WeBethlehem, 184:of God began to form on Earth. In the long processes of time four great expressions of divine life,Bethlehem, 197:was given to man as a product of the natural processes of the earth, is as old as man himself. ItBethlehem, 204:latent personal resources of the ego, through processes in themselves personal. Where, as inBethlehem, 215:Forgiveness is, however, a result of living processes which bring adjustment, cause restitution,Bethlehem, 231:revealed to us. How Christ rose, what were the processes undergone, in exactly what body He
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