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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROCESSES

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Bethlehem, 233:fault, and their failure to understand the slow processes of nature. Evolution moves slowly, and itBethlehem, 233:The key to the overcoming of death and to the processes of realizing the meaning and nature ofBethlehem, 235:divinity immanent in a human body. Through the processes of evolution and initiation HeBethlehem, 236:of the past were all [236] subjected to the processes of death in some form or other, but they allBethlehem, 243:with its psychical faculties and its mental processes. This therefore can be narrowed down to aBethlehem, 246:he can pass, stage by stage, through the processes of initiation, and tread the path of holiness.Bethlehem, 249:facilities for the training and developing processes, and that again and again we return, until weBethlehem, 258:life and through its critical points, the great processes of initiation (five in number) which lieBethlehem, 263:be part of the process of instituting the new processes of life and the planned work of a vitalBethlehem, 263:need for a coherent understanding of the world processes, and their conscious [264] intelligentBethlehem, 265:people forward. They seek to guide by mental processes and enforcements, and not by that intuitiveBethlehem, 268:with That which is introducing him to the subtle processes of initiation. The first Initiator isBethlehem, 269:It is a power which is generated through the processes of right meditation; it is an expression ofBethlehem, 278:is that of eternity, are eternal in their living processes. This we must remember. Are weBethlehem, 281:is but a futile hope. They are occupied with the processes of self-perfection and self-purificationDestiny, 21:have interpreted, explained and assisted the processes of evoking the latent love in human beingsDestiny, 40:know that man's salvation is determined by the processes of evolution and is not a question ofDestiny, 57:witness to the inner potency of the evolutionary processes. This pattern-forming tendency is beingDestiny, 57:emerging later in time and governing the thought processes of a man, a nation or a race. TheDestiny, 58:obliterates the two earlier pattern-producing processes. If, for instance, the energy of the fifthDestiny, 63:which should (but as yet do not) govern the processes of what is sometimes called the rectifying ofDestiny, 116:the scientists concerned with the theory and processes of evolution accept and study the rayDestiny, 143:Any further intensification of the mental processes just now (except through the general pervasiveDiscipleship1, 81:involves, therefore, a dual attitude towards the processes of initiation: the adapting of oneselfDiscipleship1, 84:at all times to aid humanity and to further the processes of evolution as well as to develop thatDiscipleship1, 89:and to carry out the Divine Plan. All the new processes in meditation techniques (for which the NewDiscipleship1, 96:of proportion as to initiation itself, as to its processes and its states, and this through tooDiscipleship1, 99:methods of educating accepted disciples in the processes of initiation. Above all, I would say:Discipleship1, 102:wisdom and the eye of vision control your living processes and all your undertakings is the desireDiscipleship1, 104:of Love - which is the soul. Steady your thought processes (which for you is not hard) and thenDiscipleship1, 113:as long a period as you can. Watch your thought processes as you do this and note anything new orDiscipleship1, 147:must still continue till solved, and the processes of detaching yourself from too close a contactDiscipleship1, 165:[165] of World Servers. Forget not, all creative processes proceed with a cyclic rhythm. The rhythmDiscipleship1, 241:concerned with the group work and its rightful processes. Your soul will prove your guardian.Discipleship1, 330:and the energy which should go towards the processes of transmutation is turned towards their lowerDiscipleship1, 332:activities. This must be achieved, not by the processes of inhibition, but by a true lack ofDiscipleship1, 346:This involves the renewed activity of the mental processes. Then, by the use of the creativeDiscipleship1, 387:of the life at that time is occupied with the processes of keeping in such physical condition thatDiscipleship1, 396:through deep sorrow, as all of you know. The processes of readjusting the rhythm of her life,Discipleship1, 403:are going on with rapidity in your life and the processes of living will steadily simplify for you,Discipleship1, 446:for the desired unfoldment to stabilize and the processes of spiritual assimilation to proceed,Discipleship1, 493:be called in; for you, the use of the mental processes (which you possess in full measure for yourDiscipleship1, 494:longing to be with and to share with others the processes of living, loving, occult duty. PonderDiscipleship1, 554:is so quick and so intuitive, and your mind processes are so apt rapidly to grip essentials, thatDiscipleship1, 632:transmutation of mental attitudes through the processes of love - processes which in no way negateDiscipleship1, 632:mental attitudes through the processes of love - processes which in no way negate the holding ofDiscipleship1, 632:motivate and universalize them. Through these processes, a mental concept can become a fact uponDiscipleship1, 636:Work is magical work, being a reflection of the processes of initiation whereby the power of theDiscipleship1, 664:are brought in and utilized in the meditation processes followed by all the group. I have nothingDiscipleship1, 686:as it emerges in your consciousness through the processes of meditation and through definiteDiscipleship1, 707:a place, however, for long and silent meditation processes, for it is a point of tension where,Discipleship1, 711:which may appear lie in the application of processes according to ray type and the utilization ofDiscipleship1, 714:the soul recapitulates the evolutionary processes of involution and evolution. Soul energy descendsDiscipleship1, 723:yet adept) that the first lessons in these three processes are learned. Whilst this is going on,Discipleship1, 741:higher nature than the purely physical processes of living in the body. A disciple cannot say thatDiscipleship1, 742:and form and he is learning to handle the life processes through the medium of the form so as toDiscipleship1, 747:you tried to carry this out in your current life processes? Is your main objective the building ofDiscipleship1, 749:and of correct organization of his life processes, trends and activities in time and space. He canDiscipleship1, 759:formulas which are then available for directive processes. Being, at this stage, relatively freeDiscipleship1, 759:aware of the simultaneity of the above four processes so that he passes into a new phase ofDiscipleship2, 17:is a certain vagueness in your minds as to the processes which I shall follow in dealing with thisDiscipleship2, 17:as group expansion. I will outline the outer processes in the order of their present importance,Discipleship2, 18:methods of educating accepted disciples in the processes of initiation." You will note, therefore,Discipleship2, 20:etheric body. An understanding of some of the processes of initiation will come from anDiscipleship2, 22:of my work to begin to indicate the methods and processes and the modes of instruction which willDiscipleship2, 22:character building, integration and alignment processes, as well as with laying the foundation forDiscipleship2, 23:constructively or adversely. There are outer processes at work which are effects of innerDiscipleship2, 50:special service in organizing the life forces, processes and forms for the new technique ofDiscipleship2, 58:subsequent definite intensification of the life processes, and a spiritual demonstration upon theDiscipleship2, 101:The rest of [101] you are engulfed in the processes of daily living or else too tired to be moreDiscipleship2, 104:and disciples prepare themselves for the processes of initiation by becoming initiated into theDiscipleship2, 105:reflection then sets in relation to the mental processes which are synchronized with the brain, andDiscipleship2, 125:not given as much attention and thought to the processes outlined in the two parts of the one [126]Discipleship2, 143:the aura and the atmosphere, and upon the processes to be followed. In the meditation which youDiscipleship2, 152:alignment is a term which in reality covers four processes: The alignment of soul and personality,Discipleship2, 154:He must - unaided - penetrate into the thinking processes (by permitted spiritual telepathy orDiscipleship2, 199:meditate (the spiritual expression of the mental processes) [200] focuses itself in certain groupDiscipleship2, 219:Love-Wisdom, through the many extant educational processes and through the modern conflict of ideasDiscipleship2, 220:conditions as they exist today, and with the processes and the methods which are characteristic ofDiscipleship2, 222:214) should help make this clear. But all these processes and the entire scheme of manifestationDiscipleship2, 222:World, through meditation, is carrying forward processes which he instituted in his original,Discipleship2, 224:and leading to responsive results, are the major processes of creation upon all levels and by allDiscipleship2, 224:which he purposes; in so doing, the great processes of Redemption are furthered, to which all WorldDiscipleship2, 237:fifth kingdom in the evolutionary and natural processes of planetary unfoldment. So much has beenDiscipleship2, 243:to the clarification of the vision prior to the processes of initiation, that they have neither theDiscipleship2, 249:This must be done through the medium of living processes. [250] As I cannot show you these formulasDiscipleship2, 255:initiate-disciple develops an attitude to living processes and to world events which is based onDiscipleship2, 261:except to those who are experienced in the processes of initiation to a greater or less degree,Discipleship2, 268:related to the passing Piscean Age and with all processes of "abstraction." These Formulas haveDiscipleship2, 271:the future give anent initiation, its methods, processes and application will appear entirely new.Discipleship2, 294:clear not only what is revealed, but also the processes of revelation, and the methods used toDiscipleship2, 295:peoples long dormant are now convulsed by mental processes. This shift in human consciousnessDiscipleship2, 304:to you that it is suitable for all true thought processes, all mental moods, and all analysis andDiscipleship2, 304:realize the essential simplicity of all divine processes and to note the ultimate fact that suchDiscipleship2, 304:and to note the ultimate fact that such processes culminate in a spiritual identification, provingDiscipleship2, 308:and one of the modes of meditation whereby the processes of revelation can be hastened. Hitherto inDiscipleship2, 308:Revelation in what I have to give you anent the processes of preparing for initiation. It isDiscipleship2, 310:of mine, not strictly education. Educational processes, concerning knowledge as they do, may beDiscipleship2, 313:world of thought, and putting into his power the processes of thought-form creation; he has learntDiscipleship2, 322:but see it) you have an illustration of the processes and interaction of Invocation and Evocation
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