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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROCESSES

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Problems, 141:action of this transcendent God appeared in the processes of nature; later, in the JewishProblems, 142:a negative, acquiescent attitude to life and its processes, based on continuously renewedProblems, 151:He [151] demonstrated in Himself the processes of illumination and became "the Illumined One".Problems, 154:side; therefore victory is already theirs. The processes of evolution may be long but they areProblems, 179:program; it does not work through the processes of exposing, undermining or attack; it emphasizesPsychology1, 57:in his mental consciousness or in his emotional processes, so God dwells withdrawn in His mindPsychology1, 160:reactions, his emotional habits, and his mental processes - normal and abnormal - are far betterPsychology1, 198:of the animal kingdom. Hence certain initiatory processes are working out on a large scale in thePsychology1, 200:divine qualities as they seek to manifest. The processes of manifestation produce results upon andPsychology1, 222:significance of these words. The objectives and processes of the two highest kingdoms are tooPsychology1, 224:That there are three stages in the evolutionary processes in the mineral kingdom must be borne inPsychology1, 226:this quality is basic and necessary. The processes found in the mineral kingdom are profoundlyPsychology1, 227:of evolution. If you could study the hidden processes which go on under the influence of fire, youPsychology1, 227:itself through the organized systematized processes of the seventh ray. The geometrical faculty ofPsychology1, 234:Secret: Transformation. Those hidden alchemical processes which enable the vegetable growths inPsychology1, 247:The clue to the secret is to be found in the processes of assimilation and in the building forcesPsychology1, 250:and the domesticated animals these two educating processes are still more clearly [251] indicated.Psychology1, 271:have grown out of man's misuse of the natural processes and of his mate, nor to elucidate hisPsychology1, 294:memory to the impartation of information. The processes by which he can integrate his personalityPsychology1, 365:body, of the emotional nature and of the mental processes, or of those ceremonials (inherent,Psychology1, 390:planet. It must be remembered that all natural processes are rightly slow in their tempo, or thePsychology1, 391:produce the inner potency of the evolutionary processes. This pattern-forming tendency is beingPsychology1, 391:emerges later in time and governs the thought processes of the man, the nation and the planet. ItPsychology1, 391:obliterates the two earlier pattern-producing processes. I have here again indicated fruitful linesPsychology1, 424:Secret: Transformation, those hidden alchemical processes which enable the vegetable growths inPsychology2, 19:no divisions or differentiations. During these processes it might be stated that three streams ofPsychology2, 21:the life of God which has been subjected to the processes of growth, stimulation and development inPsychology2, 22:of the triple process which we could call the "processes of unfoldment of the Lemurian, Atlantean,Psychology2, 23:and interrelating of aspects, of rays and of processes, within the time cycle. Such is the programPsychology2, 28:is only the expression of Their energies in the processes of form-making and of the evolution ofPsychology2, 28:as it underlies the sum total of the manifested processes, even upon our little planet. All we [29]Psychology2, 29:choose, there is no free will. Within the vaster processes of the Plan, however, as it includes thePsychology2, 75:Suffering and trouble, apprehension and the processes whereby detachment and dispassion arePsychology2, 77:engrossed his attention. [77] In considering the processes of appropriation, the following phrasesPsychology2, 77:a general and undefined desire for release. The processes, in detail, of appropriating A body orPsychology2, 96:also salvage and underlies all the evolutionary processes and particularly does this emerge intoPsychology2, 104:the disciple, becomes then a series of detaching processes, until he has learnt the lesson ofPsychology2, 111:mind of the aspirant, and so connected with the processes of detachment (at which disciples work soPsychology2, 206:number and gaining in power as our educational processes and our scientific discoveries bringPsychology2, 237:the aeons and have motivated His creative processes. Great Sons of God have come and gone andPsychology2, 238:can be seen? Some lose themselves in thought processes and self-induced imaginings, and the visionPsychology2, 260:life in order to effect a conditioning of the processes of civilization. Or again, they can bePsychology2, 272:between the soul and the personality are the processes of relationship in the periods ofPsychology2, 280:is the Temple of the most difficult initiatory processes. The reason for this difficulty and forPsychology2, 324:Wisdom comes as he becomes coordinated into the processes of time. The mechanism is related to thePsychology2, 326:but are at the same time so engrossed with the processes of the results of experiencing, that theyPsychology2, 328:plane. Consciously focusing attention on the processes involved in the decision to "make anPsychology2, 328:satisfy the demand for existence. With these processes, formulated as theories, we are familiar.Psychology2, 329:of the soul to experience in consciousness those processes which will make it conscious and dynamicPsychology2, 330:the medium of experience gained through the processes of life in a physical body. After appearingPsychology2, 331:evolutionary stage in the great cycle of natural processes, concerned with the form life. ItPsychology2, 344:warrant our attention. One is that covering the processes of the past evolutionary cycle which, asPsychology2, 347:be divided into two parts, dealing with those processes in time and space which bring about thePsychology2, 356:beyond pointing out that all the meditation processes connected with the Raja-Yoga system arePsychology2, 358:of: Alignment The lines of least resistance. The processes of substitution. The alchemy ofPsychology2, 367:and physical). It also lays the ground for those processes of fusion which will blend the rays ofPsychology2, 369:Know Me. Let not the forms of nature, their processes and powers prevent thy searching for thePsychology2, 376:the one who stands in the midst of the building processes, attending to his portion of the task.Psychology2, 382:life of every disciple at this stage. Several processes are simultaneously going on: The mindPsychology2, 390:inflow of supremely high energies is that the processes set in motion by the Technique ofPsychology2, 406:proceeds by a series of integrations, of processes of coordination or synthesis, involving as theyPsychology2, 407:concern ourselves. They are reached through the processes of initiation and of service. The pointPsychology2, 407:the evolutionary urge, the normal processes of living, experience through contact with thePsychology2, 408:field in which they can be studied is in those processes of recapitulatory history of infancyPsychology2, 412:human and the spiritual. Throughout all these processes we see the bringing together of many typesPsychology2, 413:the centers of force in the etheric body, the processes of integration, which bring one centerPsychology2, 414:the early stages, deceived. It is only when the processes of development have been carried forwardPsychology2, 454:Those problems which arise out of meditation processes, which have successfully brought aboutPsychology2, 480:the problem of the method whereby a man, through processes of autosuggestion, throws himself into aPsychology2, 486:souls. The mind nature is seldom invoked and the processes pursued usually render the brain cellsPsychology2, 514:of being handled (as they now are) by imposed processes of rest, by the use of soporifics, andPsychology2, 530:creative life of the human being. During the processes of evolution, the sacral center passesPsychology2, 544:it [544] (note that phrase) in the greatest processes of identification through initiation. ThePsychology2, 544:the intelligent, highly mental man and his processes upon the Path of Discipleship. In dealing withPsychology2, 546:habits. It is brought about in many cases by the processes of transference which are going on. OnePsychology2, 546:force the process, to hasten and facilitate the processes of elevation. Then (under right directionPsychology2, 548:and usually disease. The stage wherein the "processes of elevation" are taking place, producingPsychology2, 549:fluidic and changeable condition produced by the processes of awakening, transference and thePsychology2, 556:is) as man gains control of his mental processes and begins to work (as the conscious Indweller)Psychology2, 614:passing through the stimulating but disrupting processes of reorientation, of recognizing dualityPsychology2, 614:of the personality. As we have earlier seen, the processes of integration bring their own problems.Psychology2, 615:- will do much to control and to determine the processes of unfoldment to which the child and youthPsychology2, 695:a calamitous nature, it will give time for the processes of transmutation, for the dissipation ofPsychology2, 729:readjustments must soon end, and the necessary processes of realignment be completed. This shouldRays, 6:the Thinker grips and holds steady the mental processes and learns to regard the mind as theRays, 38:it might be asked: Do the united mental processes of the group as a whole tend to throw light onRays, 40:separativeness of the form life, through the processes of "the dark night of the soul" and itsRays, 77:which all concentration exercises and meditation processes have been a scientific preparation).Rays, 100:referred to here has, however, no reference to processes of purification, of control or ofRays, 100:considered and are regarded as the necessary processes instituted upon the probationary path, andRays, 121:dictates the trend of all the evolutionary processes today; all is working towards larger unifiedRays, 122:the essential first steps. To this will succeed processes whereby the fusion of the personalityRays, 132:these words in reality cover or deal with life processes and not with form building or theRays, 142:light of knowledge, as the reward of educational processes, is the incentive behind all our greatRays, 146:better understood, explained and amplified, the processes and methods of hierarchical work, carriedRays, 147:and Evocation which underlies all world processes, which is the inspiring energy behind allRays, 161:of the united breath." This deals with the processes of circulation, for the breath is the life andRays, 162:Seven is ever in force. It functions in the processes going on in the seven centers of theRays, 163:physical head. Thus the analogy is complete. The processes of abstraction are (as you may thus see)Rays, 163:and dissolution are in reality naught but life processes. Abstraction is indicative of process,
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