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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PROCLAIMED

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Astrology, 343:clearly given when we are told that the Word proclaimed by the soul as it takes incarnation is "LetAutobiography, 51:kind." But - it was not a really kind God that I proclaimed. God was kind to me because He hadAutobiography, 178:world today; there is truth to be recognized and proclaimed and there is no room for muckraking andAutobiography, 274:this rejection and in response to the teaching, proclaimed by the more powerful and moreAutobiography, 290:Spiritual Status The world today is full of self-proclaimed disciples, initiates and Masters; loudBethlehem, 54:not proclaim the final revelation. He saw and proclaimed the next step for the race. The eventsBethlehem, 58:the souls of men. [58] Krishna in ancient India proclaimed this truth in the majestic words:Bethlehem, 101:It was at this initiation that God Himself proclaimed His Son to be the One in Whom He was "wellBethlehem, 179:the happiness of the world that God has always proclaimed it. [180] The Gospel narratives areBethlehem, 180:need. But it is no new thing, and Christ never proclaimed Himself in such terms. He foretold a newBethlehem, 200:lower nature, and this is what Christ has always proclaimed to us from His Cross. We are realizingBethlehem, 226:to "let our light shine." (St. Matt., V, 16.) He proclaimed Himself Man, and then told us that weBethlehem, 259:emerges. He is the founder of that kingdom. He proclaimed its existence and He indicated itsDestiny, 147:importance in all lands. Thus, when Christ proclaimed (as He assuredly did), along with all worldEducation, 86:things? The livingness of the influence and the proclaimed purpose behind the constant appearanceExternalisation, 239:together from the outbreak of hostilities and proclaimed as one voice: This thing must not be -Externalisation, 264:the world have been called to prayer, and this proclaimed appeal of millions cannot be disregardedExternalisation, 517:upon which the Church should stand should be proclaimed, and instruction should be given in theExternalisation, 570:work as members of the human family and not as proclaimed members of the kingdom of God or ofExternalisation, 579:of the atomic age. The occultist has ever proclaimed that the field wherein the Hierarchy works isExternalisation, 604:Rosicrucians and Theosophists have always proclaimed the physical Presence of the Christ, but haveExternalisation, 630:through the stage where everything is being proclaimed from the housetops - as the Christ statedExternalisation, 634:manner, what all the world religions have proclaimed, that - with due preparation and theFire, VII:This experience was the basis of her often-proclaimed but frequently little-understood assertionFire, 455:the race as an essential to advancement may be proclaimed far and wide. Paralleling the incoming ofFire, 814:be there, and the "kingdom within" has ever been proclaimed until H. P. B. came and gave out theHealing, 403:physical rebirth - so many years of absence are proclaimed, dependent upon the age of the departedHealing, 472:This is the first great spiritual concept to be proclaimed as the fear of death is combated. DeathHercules, 44:with light and, therefore, with Christ, who proclaimed himself as the Light of the World. Light,Problems, 59:things? The livingness of the influence and the proclaimed purpose behind the constant appearanceProblems, 144:be on these truths. Life and not death will be proclaimed; attainment of spiritual status throughPsychology1, 302:instead of license. The two laws I have proclaimed, and the two postulates I have above enunciated,Psychology2, 141:a unit. The idea to be dominant in the future is proclaimed in writing and by the voice, by oneRays, 18:adequately grasped by humanity; they have been proclaimed by all the great world religions down theRays, 647:appears. You have here the true reason for His proclaimed Coming or Reappearance. The distinctionReappearance, 5:teachers of the period who have fostered and proclaimed this expectancy and the time has alwaysReappearance, 33:the existence of the Masters of the Wisdom was proclaimed. It has been carried forward in spite ofReappearance, 51:the inner groups. Those groups who have always proclaimed the physical Presence of the Christ haveReappearance, 125:of her papers, issued to her Esoteric Section, proclaimed. Yet what she did was all a part of theReappearance, 179:through the stage where everything is being proclaimed from the housetops - as Christ stated wouldTelepathy, 164:the very night of time His existence has been proclaimed by the Hierarchy and [165] accepted by
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