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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRODUCE

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Autobiography, 141:the brain and its activity, just as other organs produce their peculiar phenomenal secretion andAutobiography, 266:the outer seeming and point to the causes which produce appearance and effects; they are concernedAutobiography, 279:which the remainder of this century will produce. The student has, first of all, to gain a generalBethlehem, 20:and influences must surely be destined to produce equal effects, not only in the realm of physicalBethlehem, 120:forces of divine life will pour through us and produce what is needed. This may not necessarilyBethlehem, 120:bring about complete immunity from disease or produce financial affluence; but it will mean aBethlehem, 139:or unification which religion should aim to produce, and it is this coordination between twoBethlehem, 144:man to man, will automatically and positively produce that right action which will make theBethlehem, 195:mankind that meditation upon it may be said to produce a condition of at-one-ment with theBethlehem, 215:which bring adjustment, cause restitution, and produce that attitude wherein a man is no longerBethlehem, 259:circumstances in other kingdoms. We can produce, and as a race give birth to, the next kingdom inBethlehem, 279:to give ourselves to such action as [279] will produce results of real value. As long as we look onDestiny, 5:ray. The energy whose major function it is to produce order, rhythm and established, sequentialDestiny, 6:our planet, evoke response - good and bad - and produce the turmoil [7] and chaos, the warringDestiny, 11:to determine natural and human evolution and to produce widely divergent civilizations and cultureDestiny, 13:crisis of the moment. It is the Will of God to produce certain radical and momentous changes in theDestiny, 18:The problem of the Hierarchy at this time is to produce a wise and adequate fusion of the ShamballaDestiny, 25:Earth will then work through the Hierarchy to produce that synthetic living creative response fromDestiny, 42:work of the white magician; all that tends to produce better forms through which the livingDestiny, 51:the art of control and her function has been to produce the first tentative grouping of federatedDestiny, 57:can be sensed as an ideal. The rays in time produce the world pattern which moulds all planetaryDestiny, 64:science of ascertaining those past facts which produce present occurrences. You will note that IDestiny, 64:but also in group formation. This tends to produce an inevitable fusion, blending and producingDestiny, 64:mixed blood runs in all veins, but the effort to produce this is the keynote of certain of the moreDestiny, 64:in the truest sense of the term; it will produce the inevitable recognition of vital human unity,Destiny, 71:types, races, nations, branches and subbranches produce a bewildering kaleidoscope before whichDestiny, 93:has not yet reached its full strength) produce two triangles of force in their interrelations:Destiny, 103:which will reveal all relationships and produce two basic "events in time": The blending in theDestiny, 123:to the animal kingdom and its effect there is to produce in the higher forms of animal life theDestiny, 127:form that has made the last two thousand years produce so disastrously a mismanaged world and whichDestiny, 129:the next task of the worker in magic will be to produce a synthesis upon the physical plane of theDestiny, 130:and of the soul, will qualify his results and produce his creative forms upon the astral plane; heDestiny, 132:The seventh ray influence is that which will produce in a peculiar and unexpected sense the WesternDestiny, 134:the handling of daily life activity. This will produce great changes in the mode of work and laborDestiny, 135:least resistance. This situation may, therefore, produce undue sensitivity and an unbalancedDestiny, 136:center which is humanity itself. It will produce, when over, an increased stimulation of theDestiny, 138:activity of the second ray. This initiation will produce in the initiate a growing sense ofDestiny, 143:ray which teaches the art of living in order to produce a synthesis of beauty. There is no beautyDiscipleship1, XIII:well as the forms themselves. These seven rays produce the seven major psychological types. TheseDiscipleship1, 11:said to the individual may prove most useful and produce much more rapid adjustments than couldDiscipleship1, 22:unity is so firmly established that naught can produce in the group the purely humanDiscipleship1, 42:bring in new and different conditions, and hence produce a new and better civilization. TheDiscipleship1, 42:energy which will, when effectively functioning, produce cohesion or at-one-ment upon earth. TheDiscipleship1, 57:lived through, tolerated and not permitted to produce any limitation. All disciples would do wellDiscipleship1, 65:thought-form and you can, therefore, untidily produce a living, embodied form which can be directedDiscipleship1, 87:to each other and to all the world. It will also produce that telepathic interplay which is so muchDiscipleship1, 109:These will sweep through your whole being and produce a general stimulation that will eventuate inDiscipleship1, 136:so that effective work can be made possible, to produce that inner synthesis and unified effortDiscipleship1, 178:of greater importance. This realization will produce automatically two techniques which later weDiscipleship1, 179:through conflict, and your best technique is to produce this harmonizing influence within yourDiscipleship1, 183:condition the group thinking and in this way produce the needed subjective changes. I have told youDiscipleship1, 185:nature and because those rays which are apt to produce separate attitudes in the early stages ofDiscipleship1, 185:to which I here call attention. This should produce effects without physical contact, and thisDiscipleship1, 192:and your meditation practice in alignment will produce in you a greatly increased efficiency. YourDiscipleship1, 201:comes opportunity for your fourth ray mind to produce harmony through conflict, and skill inDiscipleship1, 201:How can this predisposition of yours to produce harmony in spite and because of conflict beDiscipleship1, 201:in action (in order to manifest harmony) will produce the emergence of the inner pattern into theDiscipleship1, 205:to sacrifice and your determination always to produce good out of seeming evil. This latterDiscipleship1, 216:refocusing of energies from the soul plane will produce the transfer of energies, gathered up andDiscipleship1, 216:way change your outer activities but will surely produce a deepened relation to your fellowmen.Discipleship1, 229:these crises occur within the astral body they produce a contraction - which is incident to selfishDiscipleship1, 232:soul force to the personality life will always produce over-stimulation in one or other of theDiscipleship1, 243:self-forgetfulness. The meditation given will produce a needed reorganization of your inner bodiesDiscipleship1, 254:may reveal to you sources of strength and produce clarification. It is of value to know the linesDiscipleship1, 255:of divinity sweeps into expression; it can produce the potency of personality expression but it canDiscipleship1, 260:the way for others, dispel the - loom and produce right reaction, based upon a clear seeing of theDiscipleship1, 260:with and subduing your sixth ray forces - will produce a great stimulation unless you adhereDiscipleship1, 266:of the full moon each month) it will inevitably produce a stimulation and a pouring-in of energy.Discipleship1, 269:or the mental life? What steps did I take to produce a fuller soul experience in order to meet theDiscipleship1, 270:to meet the necessity? [270] Did the crisis produce any definite after-effects of a relativelyDiscipleship1, 286:negate or inhibit your efforts, but which will produce the maximum of results with the minimum ofDiscipleship1, 294:before starting to definite work in order to produce alignment. See to it that, as far as you may,Discipleship1, 316:that of knowledge, and which, when present, can produce illumination. It is that quality whichDiscipleship1, 318:group is planning to work. This may at first produce an intensification of your own point of glamorDiscipleship1, 320:and intelligently expressed. This will also produce a closer fusion between your soul and theDiscipleship1, 321:detachment from physical plane realities; it can produce also the severing of lower contacts unlessDiscipleship1, 327:increased your power to serve. This inability to produce a true picture of things as theyDiscipleship1, 334:they are the most easily contacted by you and produce stimulation - the one of the head center andDiscipleship1, 334:of love. At the same time, it could also produce a tendency to drive apart when handled personally.Discipleship1, 344:combine in himself both fields of activity and produce that psychological synthesis and aDiscipleship1, 344:be found three sixth ray lines of force. These produce that definite drive which tends towardsDiscipleship1, 368:your life and its activities and let discipline produce the instrument [369] which is needed forDiscipleship1, 388:the wise elimination of those factors which produce a useless dissipation of your energy and theDiscipleship1, 390:you. It is said that "thoughts are things" and produce tangible results. It is also said that "as aDiscipleship1, 390:these tangible thought manifestations definitely produce effects in him. In these ancientDiscipleship1, 395:the rhythm and tendency of the mental plane to produce a sense of isolation (which can be enjoyedDiscipleship1, 404:persistence in the face of all that seeks to produce difficulty. Your personal problem is enhancedDiscipleship1, 417:of energy and increased inner work will produce a greater magnetic realization but less physicalDiscipleship1, 423:disciples are full of purpose and are planned to produce certain effects, if faithfully carriedDiscipleship1, 423:potent agitations which can, in their due time, produce definite physical effects? Tranquility isDiscipleship1, 427:of the Angel pouring through it will always produce in you quicker reactions than in the averageDiscipleship1, 429:months as the method to be followed, in order to produce spiritual insulation. I give you no otherDiscipleship1, 446:of your life, you can - if you so choose - produce a definite effect upon those whose lives you areDiscipleship1, 468:less in the personality consciousness. This will produce the expression of love through devotion toDiscipleship1, 470:more specific and focused. The factor which will produce increasing integration between the soulDiscipleship1, 484:I have given you and all my disciples is to produce a greater capacity to serve. I would like toDiscipleship1, 501:of balance which the forces in your nature could produce; this calls for your constant care and yetDiscipleship1, 514:you to eliminate self-pity and this would then produce a harmless handling of the personality. TheDiscipleship1, 538:this, are you prepared? Secondly: it will not produce any outer change in your environingDiscipleship1, 541:be basic, interior and subjective. They will produce (as I told you in my last instruction) no
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