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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRODUCE

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Discipleship1, 545:past summer. This I know you realize. Such tests produce an inner unfoldment which may be moreDiscipleship1, 573:focus the attention upon the physical body and produce - owing to your mental polarization - anDiscipleship1, 578:esoterically speaking, though its effects may produce exoteric happenings. These latter are (areDiscipleship1, 588:for it as you should and as you can, you will produce in yourself certain definite results of whichDiscipleship1, 591:and can - if rightly and wisely furthered - produce lasting world effects; these details must beDiscipleship1, 596:which will be strong enough and vital enough to produce the needed fusion of soul and personality.Discipleship1, 612:own over-active third ray tendency has sought to produce has engaged your deepest attention.Discipleship1, 613:be a group organizer under the Plan. You long to produce some working scheme yourself, parallelingDiscipleship1, 663:forward through moments of crisis. These crises produce two results: The intensification ofDiscipleship1, 663:the Hierarchy of Servers. They will, therefore, produce an increasing power of control by the soulDiscipleship1, 666:interest and, if rightly appreciated, it will produce fruitful development in your life. I suggestDiscipleship1, 669:rays), reinforce and strengthen each other and produce a triple unit of energy which will be ofDiscipleship1, 685:national policy make it possible eventually to produce a general attitude which will clear the wayDiscipleship1, 689:personality obligation and, at the same time, produce an effect upon the environing world of menDiscipleship1, 698:perception. This triple combination will produce that type of thought which will be effective inDiscipleship1, 699:into activity. These necessarily parallel and produce conflict - the first clash (within the man)Discipleship1, 700:individual; these originate within himself and produce changes and specific effects in hisDiscipleship1, 723:and constitute one of the factors which produce: Hierarchical integrity. Eventual closeDiscipleship1, 735:freedom from those minor preoccupations which produce extension instead of tension. If you are (toDiscipleship1, 742:through the medium of the form so as to produce a divine manifestation. The world today is enteringDiscipleship1, 759:is called a "projector of force" and can then produce results upon the physical plane. His brainDiscipleship2, 4:in full right outer expression. It can and does produce at times a surface turmoil, but this, ifDiscipleship2, 9:to this new seed group a meditation intended to produce coherent relations and a conscious groupDiscipleship2, 13:shine from the Angel of the Presence and thus produce results. Each of you has passed through aDiscipleship2, 53:is the next major requirement. This will produce the right carrying out of the required assignedDiscipleship2, 56:is being rapidly worked out today, and will produce the emergence of Initiation. The intermediateDiscipleship2, 56:intensified, and the objective was to produce a far more dynamic activity. A state of tension hadDiscipleship2, 57:of certain Words of Power were all intended to produce the fusion of the objective and subjectiveDiscipleship2, 65:because the dualism of existence is apt to produce violent strain. The extreme psychical tensionDiscipleship2, 67:and fundamentally the personality life and produce those basic changes which evoke the vocation ofDiscipleship2, 68:economic and social life of the people, it would produce a far more serious cleavage than nowDiscipleship2, 68:or between the classes and the castes. It would produce a pronounced line of demarcation betweenDiscipleship2, 106:importance. These are the major factors which produce group unity; they have, as results,Discipleship2, 113:will to the solar plexus center - will help to produce that telepathic interplay which is so muchDiscipleship2, 127:of the Full Moon (as earlier detailed), you will produce a group fusion of purpose which is for youDiscipleship2, 129:forward with a uniform procedure for this will produce the greatest and most rapid results. It isDiscipleship2, 142:may penetrate the area of the square and produce the inevitable consequence, the germinating ofDiscipleship2, 143:relations will [143] (almost unexpectedly) produce great and transforming results. The MastersDiscipleship2, 164:the year 2025 - a brief space of time indeed to produce fundamental changes in human thought,Discipleship2, 183:upon the physical plane. It must inevitably produce the initiate. It "seals to him the door whereDiscipleship2, 200:and spiritual "discoveries" which can produce the seed of a new creation, or which can open up (forDiscipleship2, 212:some day know; they are the first results which produce success in the three worlds, and which leadDiscipleship2, 218:to change conditions, institute new values and produce the bringing in of an entirely newDiscipleship2, 279:to relate the past and the present, and thus produce effective, phenomenal living today. Wisdom isDiscipleship2, 283:far as the personality is concerned, but it will produce more creative results and lead theDiscipleship2, 296:of God. This, as you can surely appreciate, will produce fundamental changes also in the immediateDiscipleship2, 305:from the sun in regular rhythmic bands and produce a marvelous blaze of color. The background ofDiscipleship2, 312:and the consequent condensation of truth, produce an unavoidable precipitation which occurs in aDiscipleship2, 323:emphasized a phase of human activity (needed to produce revelation) which has hitherto receivedDiscipleship2, 325:of initiations taking place. This must perforce produce certain important hierarchical changes; newDiscipleship2, 366:formulas of living which, in their turn, will produce the essential creative patterns. There isDiscipleship2, 389:to discover that which the hint is intended to produce, and to nurture the seed until it flowersDiscipleship2, 398:of these "destructive episodes which produce the freeing of the prisoner of the planet" (i.e., theDiscipleship2, 459:to bring about those conditions which will produce this desirable expanded consciousness. But theyDiscipleship2, 462:in the head, to the throat center. This should produce increased creative output for humanity. InDiscipleship2, 462:will (as you will have undoubtedly noted) produce in the long run the linking up of the threeDiscipleship2, 467:of all creation. The Aryan unfoldment will produce occult identification, the development of theDiscipleship2, 517:disciple which you are, they would be liable to produce a life and karmic expression of a fanaticalDiscipleship2, 531:and engender a separate superiority; they produce impractical attitudes and negative activities.Discipleship2, 541:let that limited love be the seed which will produce the flowering forth of a loving spirit.Discipleship2, 543:if diligently considered for several years, will produce a factual life of real value. Themes forDiscipleship2, 545:- a conflict which is thus planned in order to produce an eventual harmony. Disciples such asDiscipleship2, 547:in the personality upon the astral plane. Then produce stabilization of the light appropriated byDiscipleship2, 554:which the two words "as if" embody that will produce in you a fresh use of the creativeDiscipleship2, 570:and more experienced than yourself will ever produce a stimulation. That stimulation will apply toDiscipleship2, 570:the early stages after reading my instructions) produce a turmoil in your consciousness? I cannot,Discipleship2, 575:exercises are undertaken in order really to produce feeling in the centers and so make the manDiscipleship2, 577:and seventh lines of force in this life might produce a powerfully dangerous form nature in yourDiscipleship2, 578:evil upon the Earth. But this karma will also produce the stimulation of goodwill, and thus lastingDiscipleship2, 603:the activity of the ajna center and which will produce new vision and, above all, integration.Discipleship2, 641:obliterated from your consciousness. To produce this concentration, I will give you a breathingDiscipleship2, 648:work carried forward as a definite exercise will produce in you a deepened available strength andDiscipleship2, 657:inner, spiritual relation which later will produce that outer synthesis for which all men wait. MyDiscipleship2, 657:and achieve a deepening which will, in its turn, produce wisdom and truth. I do not urge you toDiscipleship2, 657:of mine, spiritually dissatisfied for this will produce in you an intensification of the majorDiscipleship2, 658:purifying. Your first ray astral body and mind produce too much of the will nature in all yourDiscipleship2, 684:and not upon the fact of the soul. It would produce an increase of the glamor to which you areDiscipleship2, 697:for the ray of your physical body would easily produce this situation. Not so long, ago - two yearsDiscipleship2, 731:by you in your lower fourfold nature would produce great transforming results. These must beDiscipleship2, 736:initiating of new karma which will, in its turn, produce its inevitable effects later. I call thisDiscipleship2, 736:steps (are you not, my brother?) which will produce effective change. I seek to have you ponderDiscipleship2, 742:the energies with which you are endowed and to produce that ordered rhythm and arranged livingDiscipleship2, 754:behind its rays). You, the real spiritual man, produce the veiling of the lower man. See the raysDiscipleship2, 762:century. The reason is that if the disciple can produce the needed staying power and the requiredEducation, 6:objectives of the coming education will be: To produce alignment between mind and brain through aEducation, 8:then respond to creative impulses to make and produce what he sees and hears. Thus are laid theEducation, 13:responsibility, evoke antagonism or unbelief, or produce depression - three of the most undesirableEducation, 15:upon the physical plane which will adequately produce the idea and bring it to manifestation.Education, 16:aptitude to memorize, to correlate facts and to produce that which will meet man's lower desire -Education, 18:of the egoic lotus are unfolded. The man can produce, through knowledge and creative energy,Education, 22:he can build true to the purpose of his soul and produce upon the earth that which will be hisEducation, 65:and final solar system. Their activity will produce a great spiritual and planetary fusion, ofEducation, 82:why certain actions are bound inevitably to produce certain results and why (given a certainEducation, 95:the stream or flow of consciousness and will produce that continuity of consciousness, or thatEducation, 96:and colleges. It is intended primarily to: Produce sensitivity to the higher impressions. Build theEducation, 96:that between the personality and the soul. Produce an eventual continuity of consciousness.Education, 118:materially if their emphasis is there; they produce a cultural effect subjectively and spirituallyEducation, 121:indicate the form of government and produce an effect upon humanity, as has the Piscean orEducation, 122:upon the physical plane. This will ultimately produce a synthesis of human endeavor and anEducation, 130:time. These will, when grasped and practiced, produce the needed right relationships and eventually
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