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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRODUCE

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Glamour, 246:to the injunction of his higher self, and to produce, consciously and scientifically, those effectsGlamour, 255:that inner pressure upon himself which will produce definite results. That is why that particularGlamour, 255:needs the directive force of the soul and can produce it with very little teaching. In the AryanGlamour, 256:breath as its agent, can control the centers and produce an ordered purpose in life. Therefore, itGlamour, 257:could galvanize the centers into activity and so produce conditions and events upon the physicalGlamour, 258:but will be psychic in nature. They can then produce lasting psychic trouble, for the emanatingGlamour, 259:extensive than those normally used; this will produce the inspiration which will involve the wholeGlamour, 263:seeks to convey to the physical body, and thus produce effects upon the outer world of experimentGlamour, 263:uncontrolled forces and by the maya which these produce. This he ascertains not by identifyingGlamour, 271:substantial forces, found in the three worlds, produce in the disciple and as they affect theHealing, 6:during their work, a one-pointedness which will produce the needed group rhythm - a rhythm of suchHealing, 12:in nature, and causes those conditions which produce pain (where the sentiency is exquisite andHealing, 18:to certain illnesses and consequent death, or produce in him those conditions which lead to aHealing, 19:karma as a predisposing factor, and its power to produce those readjustments which emerge out ofHealing, 20:with each other under the effect of the catalyst produce a third and different substance - carry inHealing, 28:of the effect of these causes as they produce changes in the outer garment of man, as science hasHealing, 39:and people which today distinguish mankind and produce the above mentioned conditions. The illsHealing, 40:causes of disease and the mental attitudes which produce physical discomfort are at this particularHealing, 42:a purificatory process, carried out in order to produce a purer expression, life aroma, influenceHealing, 49:or to an emotional [49] condition which can produce serious ills. This is inherited from the past.Healing, 50:into a higher level of consciousness. This will produce a harmonizing of all the centers through anHealing, 50:types of force. These types of force produce both bad and good effects, according to the quality ofHealing, 54:proceed those determining conditions which produce ill health, and which, therefore, work out asHealing, 54:mental attitude) of the patient can and will produce either real freedom from physical ills or anHealing, 54:or an intensification of those reactions which produce discomfort, disease or death. In the threeHealing, 66:- extroverts and introverts. These two types produce their own qualities of disease, whichHealing, 69:physician can (I say can and not will) produce or admit is that the psychological attitude, theHealing, 69:large or small - that it is inevitable that they produce an effect upon each other as never before.Healing, 74:you will have a condition of blocking. This will produce congestion in the etheric vehicle, andHealing, 75:which means that some of the energies which produce the form of the center are moving rhythmically,Healing, 84:which, when carried down into the physical body, produce disease of various kinds, the manyHealing, 87:too great a strain upon the nervous system and produce, as a consequence, definite nervous trouble,Healing, 88:soul energy, pouring into the physical body, can produce certain conditions of over-stimulation andHealing, 90:the system of those germs and bacteria which produce the outer forms of malignant disease. WhenHealing, 92:hatred and a sense of frustration can and do produce many of the prevalent toxic conditions and aHealing, 93:the result of thought? Can the power of thought produce healing effects when used by an individualHealing, 97:direct energy and this energy can, in its turn, produce over-stimulation of the brain and of theHealing, 101:a healing group and the person to be healed can produce the cure of disease, provided it is theHealing, 101:which is being radiated upon him may not only produce nervous tension, but may lead to an increaseHealing, 115:their allied and subsidiary effects, can and do produce results where the disciple is concerned; heHealing, 122:and direction of energy do not necessarily produce disease. Always, however, during the novitiateHealing, 122:which precedes all the initiations, they do produce difficulties and problems of some kind orHealing, 122:function and activity always and inevitably produce effects, results, awakenings, disruptions andHealing, 122:of those around them. In the early stages, they produce this unconsciously, and hence frequentlyHealing, 123:emanation and forceful energy inevitably produce problems and difficulties for him; these are basedHealing, 129:affects the glands, and they in their turn produce character difficulties which necessarily, inHealing, 129:difficulties which necessarily, in their turn, produce environmental problems as well asHealing, 134:proceed those determining conditions which produce ill health, and which, therefore, work out asHealing, 136:with forces and of the forces twixt themselves produce the bodily ills of man. The conflict of theHealing, 136:five, and thus the seven, plus that which they produce, possess the secret. This is the fifth LawHealing, 143:as yet, know nothing. The four aspects of matter produce the correspondence also to the four divineHealing, 147:the ajna and the throat centers, when combined, produce the highest manifestation of "fire byHealing, 147:energies of the head center and the basic center produce the individual "electric fire" which, whenHealing, 151:this energy inflow and conflict with forces will produce. Healing, 159:recognizes that this gland when over-active will produce the irresponsible and amoral person. AsHealing, 181:preceded by phases and stages of activity which produce constantly changing results and varyingHealing, 182:divinity - man or planetary Logos - meet and produce form. The nature of this divinity is onlyHealing, 191:opposing energies, working within the body, produce what we call disease. To the above factors IHealing, 198:is still non-radiatory. These uneven conditions produce potent effects upon the nervous system andHealing, 198:and other undesirable reactions which inevitably produce disease. Such diseases either arise fromHealing, 201:if unbalanced or if misapplied, will produce some definite type of trouble, frequently of aHealing, 202:the nervous system, condition the glands and produce psychological difficulty and disease in someHealing, 206:or affect the healer's own related glands or produce action in the connected area of his own body.Healing, 208:and distribution, and to the effect which they produce upon the entire ductless glandular system.Healing, 218:glands which, in their turn, guard the body, produce the necessary resistance, keep the bloodHealing, 218:to health and - when rightly interrelated - produce a balanced expression of the spiritual manHealing, 219:on their centers through mental power and thus produce a right reaction from the endocrine system.Healing, 224:code of ethics and standards of the observer, produce an entirely new situation with which theHealing, 238:mental focusing upon the centers will inevitably produce over-stimulation of all the centers, andHealing, 251:of the soil and the subsoil; these can still produce virulent trouble if presented with properHealing, 252:races are resistant to it? Climatic conditions produce certain typical diseases which remainHealing, 254:plus the wisdom of the other healing groups, to produce health among people, to empty ourHealing, 263:of the seed which will (let us pray and hope) produce a better harvest. The outstanding evidence ofHealing, 273:and reputable surgeon) can and frequently does produce a cure or a real prolongation of life.Healing, 277:advance in wise and useful approach; it will produce a basic simplification; it will lead to moreHealing, 283:the stimulation of the solar plexus center may produce a cure, provided that the work done isHealing, 284:used in directing energy in diseased areas. They produce, in the one case, an intensification ofHealing, 294:energies which manifest as dualities and which produce when anchored within one body (whether thatHealing, 297:Taking the necessary physical steps which will produce the conditions which the soul desires. TheseHealing, 299:was and is the power to over-stimulate, to produce accretion, to pile together, to build too manyHealing, 310:No outer condition alone is adequate to produce disease, but the difficulty is that modern medicineHealing, 311:factors, and these, when related and stimulated, produce the appearance of disease. It should beHealing, 316:of energy which over-balance other forms and produce certain serious forms of insanity. Those whereHealing, 322:will fall into two major categories: Those which produce purification and necessitate period ofHealing, 322:to continued life on earth. Those which produce the withdrawal or abstraction of the soul in itsHealing, 326:over a long period of years, will inevitably produce the desired results as far as the glandularHealing, 328:of force and with emotional energy blended, and produce activity, therefore, not only in theHealing, 333:system. They are found in their millions, and produce the sensitive response apparatus throughHealing, 336:the head center (the [336] brahmarandra), produce the raising of the kundalini fire. This, whenHealing, 337:into contact with the energies of the body - produce, as a result (and not before this point) thoseHealing, 342:the brain of course, indicate mental imbalance, produce various types of heart disease and theHealing, 345:those conditions and orientations which will produce harmony within, and consequently and equally,Healing, 345:of one brother in a group may not be adequate to produce harmony in another brother or in theHealing, 345:as possible, and where the interplay of love may produce an effective stimulation. But this is notHealing, 348:almost tangible proof. When unduly potent, they produce acute disease and consequent death; whenHealing, 354:aggregate of bodily cells in massed humanity may produce in certain types of people anHealing, 358:within the body. The more low grade human types produce this kind of healing with facility. This isHealing, 369:or negatively charged, and they are able to produce artificially electrified air; that even an openHealing, 381:and spiritual methods of healing, will produce an entirely new approach to the entire subject; theHealing, 384:are steadily becoming aware, of the causes which produce the effects which meaning reveals. It is
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