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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRODUCE

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Psychology2, 280:energy of the four minor Rays of Attribute which produce the power to make the needed approach.Psychology2, 286:activity of the soul energies (buddhi-atma) produce the unfolding of the outer layer of petals, thePsychology2, 294:the seven ray energies make their appearance and produce their effects, but at the very heart ofPsychology2, 345:initiation, he enters upon a renewed effort to produce a more inclusive fusion and integration, -Psychology2, 369:might only serve to intensify the glamor and to produce fanaticism. [370] The lower psychic man -Psychology2, 373:The crisis therefore is severe, for it has to produce a complete readjustment of the Self to thePsychology2, 380:energies, when rightly related to each other, produce one active force center, through which thePsychology2, 384:it may be, will be of such a kind that it will produce illumination through the evocation of thePsychology2, 386:must, therefore, do the following things and produce the following results: The divine will must bePsychology2, 387:employed by the second ray disciple, will produce the following results: Increased sentientPsychology2, 394:design, of multiple interior organisms which produce an aggregate of living forms, corelated andPsychology2, 403:apparatus of such contact, and seeks to [403] produce right adaptation, correct integration andPsychology2, 405:[405] The Problems of Integration, which produce many of the difficulties of the more advancedPsychology2, 406:through the vital body the impulses come which produce direction and activity upon the physicalPsychology2, 407:among the thinking people of the world, will produce great mental and material changes, with theirPsychology2, 409:His child. The Problems of Integration, which produce many of the difficulties of the more advancedPsychology2, 412:- when brought into relation with each other - produce first of all a period of chaos, of anarchyPsychology2, 416:much concern. These cleavages seem basic, and produce the divisions we find everywhere between racePsychology2, 426:types of energy in order that their fusion might produce a more complete person. May I state herePsychology2, 428:overcome and solved. That the power to produce the needed integration and to end a cycle of sensedPsychology2, 428:scientifically developed and utilized, they will produce the self-releasing of all the problemPsychology2, 433:inner structure of man and those factors which produce the outer appearance and quality andPsychology2, 436:lack of development. When recognized, they produce distress and difficulty and the man becomes inPsychology2, 436:at-oning of the higher and the lower nature will produce results which will be determined in theirPsychology2, 444:that the conflict of energies within a man can produce serious situations. But most of them can bePsychology2, 452:state these effects in various ways in order to produce clarification in the many differing typesPsychology2, 454:arise out of intense mental activity, which produce undue mental focus and emphasis, one-pointedPsychology2, 457:symptom, and an effort will then be made to produce two things: a rounded out unfoldment and aPsychology2, 483:cultivation of that spirit of fight which will produce organization, understanding, and eventualPsychology2, 497:method of "transference") and in his desire to produce what he believes the psychologist wants himPsychology2, 497:what he believes the psychologist wants him to produce, he will frequently draw upon his personalPsychology2, 505:determining the evolutionary process, and which produce eventually the materializing of God's Plan.Psychology2, 515:plus the withdrawal of the old, is apt to produce clearly felt effects upon humanity, as a whole,Psychology2, 521:and the physique of the human being and produce (in the last analysis) the phenomenal manifestationPsychology2, 524:is just enough energy pouring into the center to produce the preservation of life, the smoothPsychology2, 529:knows that the adrenal glands, when stimulated, produce (as a psychological result of a physicalPsychology2, 530:these transferences and interior organization produce normally and naturally turmoil and conflictPsychology2, 532:transferring the energy to ever higher centers - produce problems, disease, and the many and variedPsychology2, 534:(soul and personality) are blended, can and will produce the at-one-ment. The result of thesePsychology2, 535:prone: The awakening of the head center can produce serious trouble if brought about prematurelyPsychology2, 535:in various parts of the body. It can produce also many difficulties connected with the pituitaryPsychology2, 536:the thyroid gland and the para-thyroids. It can produce, when unduly developed or prematurelyPsychology2, 537:for a long time in the mystical experience) produce also a powerful effect upon the blood stream.Psychology2, 539:brought about ignorantly and prematurely - may produce the rapid burning through of the protectivePsychology2, 540:a victim of forces which would otherwise produce a gathering together of that "which is lower" andPsychology2, 548:active prior to rising upward. This will produce over-activity of the organs in the physical areaPsychology2, 550:intense activity of the sacral center will often produce diseases and physiological abnormalities,Psychology2, 553:the pineal gland) and the ajna center will produce serious problems connected with the brain andPsychology2, 554:working through the lower centers; this tends to produce an immense personality success. It isPsychology2, 554:The heart center has a power all its own to produce what is called "occult isolation", because itPsychology2, 578:work to believe evil, to impugn motives, and to produce such a convincing story that the strugglingPsychology2, 579:the result is vastly different. The effort to produce soul contact or to hinder it is working outPsychology2, 593:lower) but direct contact with the soul. It will produce that constant renewing of the body whichPsychology2, 593:the disciple, only in a lesser degree. It will produce rhythmic expression of the divine life inPsychology2, 605:(two forces and one energy) unite and there they produce a powerful expression of focused desire,Psychology2, 618:forms of selfishness and mental pride. These produce results in the physical bodies of the leaderPsychology2, 625:world situation, and of his inability as yet to produce that workable plan which will lead the racePsychology2, 630:To offset these possibilities and yet produce, during the next ten years, the maximum desiredPsychology2, 669:the next few years. This work is intended: To produce a balancing of the forces present in thePsychology2, 675:stand for those attitudes which will eventually produce a third party, free from political andPsychology2, 675:the spread of the principles of good will will produce this third group in world affairs. In a fewPsychology2, 697:also the significance of this law which does produce polar union. What is needed to be grasped isPsychology2, 698:of such moment that, it the right time, it will produce, in its growing momentum, such a potentPsychology2, 705:[705] aspirational desire. These together will produce finally the emergence of the Plan upon thePsychology2, 706:is the creator aspect. This development will produce definite habit changes in the physical planePsychology2, 721:of World Servers definitely react, and they produce a stimulation of the heart center (Betelgeuse)Psychology2, 722:take the bit between his teeth, and this will produce disaster and frequently a temporaryPsychology2, 728:clarity, work with renewed optimism, and thus produce on earth the counterpart of the innerPsychology2, 731:that a united stand will be possible and will produce a synthesis of effort; that this will beRays, 14:levels of consciousness which we call planes, produce reactions and responses, dependent upon theRays, 14:that that phrase implies. As they descend, they produce stimulation; as they ascend, they produceRays, 14:they produce stimulation; as they ascend, they produce transmutation and abstraction, and the oneRays, 21:let him nourish that which is lowest with the produce of the second. For Disciples and Initiates:Rays, 32:force. Where, however, real love exists, it will produce the lessening of the personality will, theRays, 55:on the downward or involutionary arc; these produce the seven planets, the seven states ofRays, 61:has its own note and it is these notes which produce the sounding forth of the three demands whichRays, 74:of the plan and cooperation with that plan produce, and which comes from identification - uponRays, 76:the goodwill of humanity be brought together and produce those conditions in which the new worldRays, 91:family had reached a point at which it could produce the perfect Man, Christ, the "eldest in aRays, 101:this sentence will lead to those actions which "produce the death and dissipation and finalRays, 120:mass response into factual experience and produce the "appearance" on earth of the new, developedRays, 126:aspiration by the discipline of substituting the produce "of the second," and to refrain fromRays, 126:and to refrain from sustaining life on the produce "of the third." By sacrificing the life of theRays, 132:lines which are based upon the past but which produce very different results to those sensed evenRays, 150:They work as life energy, as quality, and produce appearance. Each is presided over by one of theRays, 183:necessarily of seven forces, and these produce the factual and phenomenal aspect (in time andRays, 183:which different aspects of the force needed to produce the desired effects within the veils of mayaRays, 186:it passed through the etheric plane in order to produce exoteric livingness upon the physicalRays, 208:to meet certain unusual requirements and to produce that special effort which entitles them to theRays, 226:group rhythm; these reciprocal activities produce a needed group tension. The stage of emitting theRays, 232:that the same energy or identical force will produce results within the consciousness of a ChristRays, 235:can either affect the Hierarchy itself or will produce reactions in the fourth kingdom and in theRays, 244:be profoundly inadequate as yet to express or to produce in manifested form the beauty of thatRays, 292:and knowledge also fade away and that which they produce can then be seen. Being emerges and unionRays, 294:of working disciples and initiates is to produce that presentation (appearance) of the necessitousRays, 300:of the inner subjective kingdom of God, will produce amazing results. This kingdom, through itsRays, 306:outside the three worlds. This, in due time, may produce a form-reaction to which we may give theRays, 307:may [307] condition humanity. These ideologies produce potent effects in the three worlds. ThisRays, 307:certain characteristics in time and space, which produce effects in the great world religions, inRays, 307:ideologies and with social organizations which produce permanent changes in types, constitutions,
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